How countless youth are living on our streets? What risks do castle face? find out the concerns - from foster care to son trafficking - that influence and journey youth homelessness.
The issuesHow plenty of youth room living on ours streets? What risks do lock face? learn the concerns - from foster care to kid trafficking - that affect and drive youth homelessness.
Teen Homelessness Statistics

Covenant House and the commitment House Institute strive to be understanding leaders in the ar of homeless youth solutions by share what we have learned end our an ext than 40 year of experience. We share statistics on homeless youth in America in hopes to educate other organization providers, impact policy decisions and also engage human being like girlfriend who desire to assist us fairy a war on youth homelessness.

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Every Year, more Than 2 Million children in America Will confront a period of Homelessness

Behind the confront of every homeless young human being is an additional heartbreaking story – a teenage boy abused by his alcoholic parent, a pregnant girl garbage by her guardian, or a teenager trying come escape gang membership or a life of forced prostitution.

In case after case, the main reason of youth homelessness is physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse from parents or guardians.

The facts about homelessness room staggering ... Yet acknowledging the depth the the problem is the first step in addressing it.

57% the homeless children spend at least one day every month there is no food.According come a study of youth in shelters, virtually 50% report intense dispute or physical damage by a family members member together a significant contributing factor to your homelessness.More than 25% of former foster children end up being homeless within two to four years of leaving the system.50% of teens aging the end of foster care and also juvenile justice systems will be homeless within 6 months since they are unprepared to live independently and have restricted education and no society support.Almost 40% of the homeless in the United claims are under 18.

In addition to these heartbreaking statistics, a examine issued through the covenant House institute revealed that:

41% of agreement House kids witnessed action of violence in your homes.36% of agreement House children indicated that someone in their household used medicine regularly.19% of agreement House youngsters reported gift beaten v an object.19% of commitment House children reported that they have sustained sexual abuse.15% of agreement House children reported that someone close to them had been murdered.

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That"s why covenant House functions day and also night to carry out shelter and also support for children who have sustained lives that abuse, neglect, and homelessness. In 2015, commitment House noted services to much more than 51,000 of this kids. Our Residential and also Community business Center program cared for 29,987 homeless kids, and also Covenant residence Street Outreach teams served an additional 21,186 homeless and also at-risk youth on the highways in the 21 urban where covenant House operates.


Covenant House

commitment House build a bridge to hope for young civilization facing homelessness and also survivors the trafficking with unconditional love, absolute respect, and relentless support. Our doors are open up 24/7 in 31 cities throughout six countries and our high-quality programs are designed to authorize young world to rise and also overcome adversity, today and also in the future.

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