If your housing instance is uncertain, you deserve to find help throughout NYC. Check out the resources below to find a safe place to stay, get cost-free and confidential assistance for your health and also well-being, and access what you require to aid reach her goals.

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Find a location to stay

If you require a safe location to stay, resources are available. Youth ages 16 – 20 may be able to find emergency sanctuary at situation Services program throughout NYC. To acquire connected:

Call or prevent by among the drop-in centers below

If you’re over 20, you have the right to go come a drop-in center below to gain a referral. Anyone end 18 in NYC can also go to adult shelters.

Youth drop-in centers

Drop-in centers in all 5 boroughs offer a safe ar for youth eras 14 – 24 to hang out, fee your phone, discover clothing and food, and also take care of various other needs. Friend can also get a range of services, from health care to job support (most drop-in centers sell these after ~ an input conversation v staff).

Find out just how to accessibility centers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Please contact to verify times of operation and also intake.


Cardinal McCloskey ServicesAddress: 333 E 149th St, Bronx, NY 10451 Contact: 718-993-5495 , 718-993-5495 ,Drop-in hours: 24/7


SCO family of ServicesAddress: 774 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211Contact: 718-277-6403Drop-in hours: 24/7


Ali Forney CenterAddress: 321 W 125th St, new York NY 10027 Contact: 212-206-0574Drop-in hours: 24/7

The DoorAddress: 555 Broome St, new York, NY 10013 Contact: 212-941-9090Drop-in hours: 11am – 6pm (Mon – Thurs)

Safe Horizon Streetwork HarlemAddress: 209 W 125th St, brand-new York, NY 10027 Contact: 212-695-2220Drop-in hours: 12 – 6pm (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sun)


Sheltering eight – Safe space – JamaicaAddress: 89-74 162nd St, third Floor, Jamaica, NY 11432 Contact: 718-526-2400 ext. 2077Drop-in hours: 24/7

Sheltering eight – much RockawayAddress: 1600 central Ave, much Rockaway, NY 11691 Contact: 718-471-6818 ext. 2123Drop-in hours: 2pm – 8pm (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 7pm ( Fri) & 12 -8pm (Sat)


Project HospitalityAddress: 27 harbor Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302 Contact: 718-876-4752 , YDICOutreach
projecthospitality.orgDrop-in hours: 24/7 hours for new client intake: 24/7

Shorter-term housing

Youth ages 16 – 20 who need a safe location to continue to be may find shelter and also support solutions at dilemm Services programs for approximately 120 days. To obtain connected, most youth visit a drop-in center and ask because that a referral or contact 311.

Longer-term housing

Youth 16 – 20 who don’t have stable real estate may find a supportive place to continue to be for as much as 24 month at Transitional Independent living (TIL) programs. TIL programs likewise offer solutions including education programs, project help, counseling, and life skills. To acquire a referral, youth normally go come a dilemm Services routine first. To begin the process, you must visit a drop-in center and ask about residential programs. If you’re 21 – 24 years old, you have the right to go come a drop-in center above to gain a referral. Anyone end 18 in NYC can likewise go to adult shelters.

Housing for families

Find permanent housing

Though real estate in NYC is expensive, girlfriend may have the ability to get aid finding a stable place to live. Most drop-in centers have the right to assist through supportive real estate applications and other permanent real estate options, and also you can enter an affordable real estate lottery.

Learn just how to discover an apartment in NYC

Need wifi or a phone call charge?

LinkNYC kiosks in all five boroughs sell high-speed wifi, USB charging, phone call calls, a touch-screen tablet computer to discover City services, and also more—all for free. Find a LinkNYC close to you.


Food & nutrition

If you need food now, you can:

Learn more about Emergency Food Assistance and how to get groceries at a food pantry or a cooked meal at a neighborhood kitchen. Friend can also reserve a spot at food pantries using the abundant app.

Physical & sexual wellness services

From safe and also affirming services for LGBTQ youth to afforable insurance and complimentary condoms, NYC has actually resources to help you stay healthy, no matter your capability to pay, immigrant status, or housing and family situation. If you plan to acquire health services, keep in mind:

Anyone over 12 in NYC can get confidential sexual wellness services, such as STD/STI testing, without consent from a parental or guardian

NYC YouthHealth Centers

NYC YouthHealth Centers transparent the City provide healthcare because that young adults eras 12 and up, nevertheless of whether or not you can pay. You don’t require an meeting for sexual health services, yet you can for various other services.

Sexual health and wellness Clinics

NYC Sexual health and wellness Clinics throughout the City carry out no- to low-cost confidential services for STIs, including HIV. Clinics see people on a first-come, first-served basis, and you don’t require an appointment.

School-Based health and wellness Centers (SBHCs)

All students in ~ a college with a SBHC can acquire healthcare services, even if castle don’t have insurance. Some high college SBHCs also offer psychological health and also reproductive care. Learn more about sexual health and also other services

Mental health

NYC fine is your link to cost-free and exclusive mental wellness support. You deserve to reach out to a counselor by phone, text, or chat and get aid with stress, depression, anxiety, or drug and alcohol misuse. Come get assist 24/7 and also in more than 200 languages:

Text: Text “WELL” to 65173 to text with a counselor.

Learn much more about counseling and also mental health and wellness support in NYC

Health insurance allowance & medicaid

No issue your situation, girlfriend have choices for complimentary or low-cost health insurance and also people that can assist guide you through it. To find out if she eligible because that public wellness insurance programs like Medicaid, visit a medical allowance office near you. to learn more about affordable alternatives and exactly how to understand health and wellness insurance, visit the physicians & Insurance topic page. You can also get cost-free help with insurance with GetCoveredNYC. To find insurance options that can work because that your immigration status, visit HRA’s Office the Citywide wellness Insurance accessibility website.

School & Work

Finishing high school

By law, students without stable housing should obtain the same access to high school education and learning as student in irreversible housing. If your housing case is make it difficult to proceed at school, you have the right to reach out to employee at your college or an professional in the NYC room of Education’s office for students in short-lived housing. Castle can aid you:

Enroll in school appropriate away, even if girlfriend don’t have the forced documents, such together proof that residencyGet totally free transportation affix to food and other services to aid with school

For information on High school Equivalency (HSE) prep, transfer schools, and also more, visit the Finishing High school topic page.

Going to college

The appropriate support have the right to make it easier to achieve your education and learning goals. Examine out the resources below to assist you choose, apply to, and also pay because that college.

Financial Aid

Financial aid, consisting of loans, grants, and scholarships, can aid ease the expense of college. To discover someone to assist you through the process, visit a drop-in facility or reach the end to your school’s experienced in the office for students in short-term housing. Learn much more about other methods on the paying for school topic page.

For more information ~ above going to college, visit acquiring into College and also Spotlight top top CUNY.

Finding a job

Whether you’re looking to start your job or you must earn money after school, NYC has actually resources to help you discover the best job. Countless drop-in centers have actually job programs the you have the right to take component in because that free, or you can get associated to jobs or internships through the City. For information on just how to prepare for work, various kinds the jobs, and also jobs opportunities, visit the Employment topic page. To discover out more about getting the ideal to occupational as an immigrant, visit the Immigrant Youth object page.

Get support at college

Once you acquire into college, it’s crucial to discover a safe ar to sleep and good food to keep your energy up. Countless schools have actually resources the can aid you.

Did you recognize you don"t require a permanent deal with to get an IDNYC?

IDNYC is accessible to all NYC inhabitants 10 and over—even if friend don’t have actually a irreversible address. IDNYC offers you accessibility to NYC services, programs, benefits, and also discounts throughout the city. Learn exactly how to apply.

Financial Help

From City benefits that assist with money and also food to financial counseling and also other services, friend can find support in NYC to assist you support yourself now and also get where you desire to be in the future.

Benefits & Programs

You may be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition aid Program (SNAP) to help you to buy food and Cash aid to aid with costs, including emergency rent help and your safety or health. If you setup to apply, store in mind:

Home address: friend don’t need a permanent deal with to apply.Youth under 21 year old: friend can apply for SNAP benefits and also Cash assistance on your own. You may be default if you’re 16 or older, nothing live with your parents or a legit guardian, and you accomplish the remainder of the eligibility requirements.Youth 16 and also 17: You might need an assessment to make certain you’re in a for sure living situation prior to you can apply on your own.

You can apply for SNAP online through AccessHRA, submit documents through your smartphone, and also complete an interview over the phone. To apply for Cash Assistance, visit an HRA Job center near you. To find out what various other benefits and programs you might be eligible for, visit access NYC. To learn an ext about applying for benefits as an immigrant, visit HRA’s website.

Financial Literacy

Interested in learning more about how to create a budget, open a bank account, boost credit, or conserve for the future? You can get complimentary financial counseling at Financial Empowerment Centers throughout NYC. Make an appointment by booking online or calling 311. Learn an ext about managing your money top top the Budgeting page and the banking & Credit page on Generation NYC.


It’s essential to feel safe and accepted while her living instance is in transition. LGBTQ youth can obtain referrals, access services, and also build neighborhood at centers transparent NYC. Well-known centers include:

For support concerned housing, visit a drop-in center. For an ext information on other resources accessible to LGBTQ youth in NYC, examine out the Unity task page.

Generation NYC is committed to protecting the privacy that children. If you room under period 13, you might not provide any personal information come this website. If you are between 13-17 year of age, by making use of this site you stand for that you have permission to perform so the your parent or guardian, uneven you space a legally emancipated adult.

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