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A graphic video played at a hearing Monday to determine whether 2 California police officers must stand trial in the beating fatality of a homeless guy showed lock kicking and punching the holy ghost ill man as he lay top top the ground – screaming in pain and also begging for help.

The victim, Kelly Thomas, passed away five days after the beating top top July 5.

Manuel Ramos, a 10-year veteran that the Fullerton, California, police department, is charged v second-degree murder and also involuntary manslaughter, while Cpl. Jay Patrick Cicinelli faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and felony use of extreme force in the very same case.

Both have actually pleaded not guilty.

The black-and-white video clip was played during a preliminary hearing because that the 2 officers.


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Revealing details that Kelly Thomas' death


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video clip

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Head trauma led to Thomas' fatality

It starts with cutting board – a 37-year-old homeless guy with schizophrenia – sitting and being said by Ramos to put his feet out and also hands ~ above his knees.

The policemans were responding come a call around a homeless male looking into auto windows and also pulling on handle of parked cars.

In the video, thomas is slow to cooperate.

Ramos climate tells him: “You check out my fists? They’re getting ready come f— girlfriend up.”

Thomas, who is unarmed and also shirtless, stands and another officer go over. They hit him with their batons and hold that on the ground together he begs for help.

“Ok, i’m sorry, dude. Ns sorry!” the screams. In ~ one point, Thomas states he can’t breathe. The policemans tell him come lie ~ above his stomach, placed his hands behind his back and relax.

“Ok, here, here, dude, please!” he says.

Other police officers arrive.

in ~ times, tree block the watch of the camera and also it’s not always clear that is act what as police officers pile on peak of Thomas.

One provides a Taser stun gun.

thomas cries the end for help and. Toward the end of the beating, for his father: “Dad! assist me. Help me. Help me, dad.”

His voice it s okay softer and trails off.

by the end of the video, the is lying in a swimming pool of blood as the officers wonder out loud what to carry out next.

One deserve to be heard saying: “We ran out of alternatives so I got to the finish of mine Taser and I … smashed his face to hell.”

cutting board suffered mind injuries, face fractures, rib fractures, and also extensive bruising and abrasions, follow to prosecutors.

The Orange county coroner noted his way of death as a homicide and also said he died after having actually his chest compressed, leaving him unable to breathe.

The FBI is investigating possible civil civil liberties violations in his case.

6 Fullerton officers, consisting of Ramos and also Cicinelli, were placed on paid leave after his death. The instance drew prevalent attention to the police room of Fullerton, located about 25 miles southeast the downtown Los Angeles.