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Police in Santa Monica, California, are seeking an individual who collection a resting homeless male on fire around 11:35 p.m. October 16. The strike left the male with burns on 50 percent that his body.

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"A homeless masculine was asleep in Ozone Park as soon as he to be doused through an unknown liquid, then set on fire," Santa Monica Police room (SMPD) sublievenant Rudy Flores stated in a push release.

Ozone Park is a little neighborhood park around one mile eastern of Venice Beach.

Police didn"t relax the victim"s name. However, they claimed the man also had a 2-inch laceration ~ above the optimal of his head, probably from blunt pressure trauma. The victim is at this time in steady condition and recovering in ~ a neighborhood hospital.


Officers through the Santa Monica Police room are in search of a doubt who set a homeless guy on fire, leaving 50 percent the the victim"s body spanned in burns. PamWalker68/GettySMPD officers defined the assailant together a man between 5"6" and 5"8" tall. Top top the night the the attack, the attacker wore a hat, a long-sleeved white shirt and also dark shorts. Police have actually asked anyone with details to call them.

When a human body is collection aflame, the flame deserve to run hundreds or thousands of levels Fahrenheit, according to The Los Angeles Times. If a person"s clothes capture fire, the can cause the flames come burn hotter and also deeper.

The flames cause the skin and also muscle underneath to shrink, due to loss the water and also blood. If the flames with the fat great under the skin, the fat deserve to feed the fire. The flames additionally consume adjacent oxygen when releasing poison carbon monoxide fumes. Victim are periodically left gasping because that air as they try to extinguish the flames.

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People v burns ~ above 50 percent of your bodies will most likely stay in the hospital for about three months and also undergo 10 come 15 surgeries, the Times added. The initial surgeries eliminate all burned and also deadened tissue. Together patients heal, their burns are covered in protective, medicated coverings to stop life-threatening infections.

Survivors will certainly then have to undergo skin-graft surgeries that leave irreversible scarring. Survivors additionally have to attend to psychological trauma.

In March, police in Oakland, California, uncovered a homeless male who to be doused v a flammable liquid, then collection on fire after an argument with an additional man, The mountain Francisco Chronicle reported. The victim had burns ~ above 80 percent of his body.

He was taken to St. Francis Memorial Hospital burn center in san Francisco in an essential condition. That later passed away there from his injuries.

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In July 2020, two strangers slapped one 89-year-old mrs walking in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, then collection her clothing on fire, WABC-TV reported. She had the ability to pull up her hair so that wouldn"t ignite. She then extinguished the flames on her earlier by rubbing against a wall surface to smother them.