You don’t desire your dog to obtain fleas. Ticks space no picnic either, and they can bring disease.Some dogs have actually pretty significant flea allergies, which complicates matters also more.

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Unfortunately, traditional flea and tick products are simply chemical pesticides. You can be thinking, “Well, OK, castle chemicals. Yet can they really be that bad? ~ all, I gain these from mine vet” …

… Well, let’s take it a look at 4 common energetic ingredients found in medicine flea and also tick products and you have the right to decide how you feel about their safety.

4 Harmful ingredient In Flea and Tick Meds because that Dogs

You’ve most likely been told that commonflea and also tick preventatives favor chewables, sprays and also spot-ons room safe for her dog. However there is more and an ext evidence the ingredients in these commodities can do much more harm than good.

Watch for these usual ones.

1. Fipronil

Dr Deva Khalsa VMD, citing the EPA’s Pesticide Division, claims that fipronil enters the body and can be had in the fat, organs, urine and also feces the dogs.

Plus, follow to Khalsa, rap tests have presented that with long-term exposure at low doses, fipronil has actually the potential come cause:

worried system and thyroid toxicitythyroid canceraltered thyroid hormone levelsliver toxicitykidney damageconvulsionswhiningbarking or cryingloss of appetitelocomotor difficultyreduced fertilityfetus mortalitysmaller offspringloss that hairmoist inflammationchemical burnitching

Freaked out yet? Well, that’s no all.

When exposed to light, fipronil breaks down right into a moleculecalled fipronil-desulfinyl which, according to the EPA, is ten times an ext toxic than the fipronil itself. This way you don’t desire to put the plastic vials that fipronil products in the sun, don’t let your dog bake in the sun after application and avoid the sunlight for short-haired dogs making use of fipronil products.

Products containing fipronil: Frontline Plus, PetArmor, Sentry and also FiproGuard

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2. Pyrethrins and also Pyrethroids

Pyrethrins are natural compounds native the chrysanthemum plant and also pyrethroids room their artificial counterpart. So many human being assume they need to be much less hazardous than fipronil. Sadly, that’s no the case.

The facility for publicly Integrity uncovered that indigenous 2003 with 2008 at least 1,600 pet deaths native pyrethroid spot-on treatments to be reported come the EPA … as well as an ext than 25,000 reports the pet reaction to the drug. That’s nearly double the variety of reported fatalities connected to flea and also tick products without pyrethroids. CPI’s job was based upon an analysis of 90,000 adverse reaction reports. Keep in psychic that countless adverse reactions room not report … so the really number can be lot higher.

Pyrethroidspot-on products additionally accounted for more than half of all major pesticide pet reactions, including brain damage, heart attacks and also seizures.

In addition:

Pyrethrins can cause life-threatening allergic responses including heart failure and severe asthma, mind damage and seizures.Pyrethrins can reason anemia and disrupt the common functioning that sex hormones.

Products comprise pyrethrins and pyrethroids choose permethrin, pyriproxyfen and etofenprox: BioSpot energetic Spot-on, defend EXspot Treatment, Zodiac FleaTrol point out On and K9 Advantix II, Vectra 3-D.

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3. Imidacloprid

Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide in flea and tick products that action as pest neurotoxin. It belongs to a course of chemicals called the neonicotinoids.

Neonicotinoids room insecticides the act ~ above the main nervous system of insects … supposedly with lower toxicity come mammals. In laboratory studies, imidacloprid has actually been found to reason thyroid lesions and liver toxicity, increase cholesterol levels (common in the bloodwork of hypothyroid dogs), and can damage the kidneys, liver, thyroid, heart, lungs, spleen, adrenal, mind and gonads.

In fact, after ~ the introduction of imidacloprid in 1994, researcher found an increase in the frequency of bear defects as soon as it to be tested ~ above rats, mice and dogs.

Products comprise imidacloprid: Advantage II, Seresto Flea and Tick Collar and K9 Advantix II.

4. Amitraz

Amitraz is provided in flea and tick collars. It death ticks through interfering with their concerned systems and also can be deadly to dog (or their household members) who eat or chew on your flea collar! Amitraz is likewise used together a treatment for demodex and also sarcoptic mange.

Other side impacts include short blood pressure, decreased body temperature, high blood glucose, dilated pupils, slow heart rate, vomiting, diarrhea or seizures. Amitraz has even been classified as a potential carcinogen.

Products comprise amitraz: flea and also tick collars like Preventic, Certifect.

Not a genuine pretty picture, is it? So, is your just option come let your dogs endure with the damaging discomfort the a flea infestation or the condition risks the ticks lug … or poison him v pest manage products? Fortunately, no. There space options. Keep reading for part flea and tick avoidance tips and also recipes.

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Keep your Dog Healthy To prevent Fleas & Ticks

A big holistic motto is: healthy dogs entice less fleas. When that may be frustrating when you’re in the center of a major flea infestation, it’s a great place to start as soon as you’re not in the thick of things. Right here are some methods to make your dog less appealing to all kinds that parasites:

prevent chemicals, consisting of pesticides, fertilizers and also toxic home cleaners.Minimize vaccines and also pharmaceutical medicine (including flea and tick preventatives!).

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Natural Flea and Tick Repellent Recipes

Essential oils have the right to often pertained to the rescue as soon as it involves repelling fleas and also ticks. The two kinds that insects are repelled by various oils, for this reason if her dog needs protection versus both, use one of the adhering to blends in the morning and the other in the afternoon to protect against over-application.

Application frequency depends on how healthy and balanced your dog is. Extremely healthy dogs eat a organic raw diet may only require an application as soon as a week. You can tell if you need to reapply the protection as soon as you can’t odor it on your dog any type of more.

These important oil recipes are fromHolistic Aromatherapy for Animals: A comprehensive Guide come the use of important Oils and also Hydrosols with animals by Kristen Leigh Bell.

Flea totally free Essential Oil Blend

1 ½ oz basic oil such as hazelnut or sweet almond4 autumn clary sage important oil1 fall citronella necessary oil7 autumn peppermint important oil3 autumn lemon essential oil

Blend all oils and also store in a dark glass dropper bottle. Apply 2 come 4 drops topically to the neck, chest, legs and base that tail. You can also include the drops come a bandana or cotton collar. If you usage a bandana or collar, it’s best to remove them while your dog’s indoors.

Flea cost-free Spritz

1 tsp vegetable glycerin½ oz grain alcohol or vodka1 tsp sulfated castor oil10 fall grapefruit seed extract7 oz distilled or feather water4 autumn clary sage necessary oil1 autumn citronella crucial oil7 fall peppermint essential oil3 drops lemon necessary oil

Blend the ingredients and also shake well before use.

This will certainly make 8 oz that spritz. Store in a dark or opaque glass spritz bottle. A spritz provides it basic to use the repellent … or you can rub the on with your hands.

Goodbye tick Spritz

1 tsp vegetables glycerin½ oz grain alcohol or vodka1 tsp sulfated castor oil10 autumn grapefruit particle extract7 oz distilled or spring water2 fall geranium essential oil2 autumn rosewood crucial oil3 autumn lavender essential oil2 fall myrrh important oil2 fall opoponax necessary oil1 drop only leaf necessary oil

Blend the ingredients and also shake well before use. This will make 8 oz that spritz. Keep in a dark or opaque glass spritz bottle. Spray or use with her hands prior to walks in lengthy grass or wooded areas.

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Goodbye Ticks necessary Oil Blend

1 ½ oz base oil such together hazelnut or sweet almond2 autumn geranium important oil2 drops rosewood crucial oil3 fall lavender vital oil2 drops myrrh vital oil2 drops opoponax important oil1 drop only leaf important oil

Blend all oils and also store in a dark glass dropper bottle. Use 2 come 4 drops topically come the neck, chest, legs and base that tail. You can also add the drops to a bandana or cotton collar. Eliminate the bandana or collar once your dog’s in the house.

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Make The move To natural Flea & mite Products!

Chemical flea and tick commodities really are dangerous. So avoid using them on her dog because that pest prevention.

Get your dog off to the finest start by complying with the steps over to store him as durable to pests together possible. Then usage some natural solutions to aid keep the bugs away..