Now the you know how come eat protein-rich foods items to promote an ext muscle-building and also muscle-toning benefits, you’re likely on the lookout for basic recipes. For a quick—and delicious—way to power your following bout of load training, it doesn’t acquire much less complicated than whipping up a smoothie.

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Not just any smoothie, though. You’ll desire a recipe the delivers a an exact mix that protein (about 30 grams every serving) and the crucial amino mountain leucine (at the very least 2.5 grams every serving) to totally stimulate teenage muscle protein synthesis.

Need inspiration? read on for 3 super-fast smoothie recipes the not just earn high nutrition marks, but also score major flavor points native the toughest that critics: Teenage athletes. Those more, each recipe combines common ingredients that are probably currently in her kitchen. We think you’ll agree: Fueling your body for your following workout never ever tasted so good.

“Shake It increase Baby” High-Protein Smoothies

Each smoothie recipe listed below builds on teen favorites—peanut butter, berries, bananas and also beyond—to deliver the nutrients that working muscles demand, including protein and also leucine. You’ll also find an ingredient-by-ingredient breakdown for protein and also leucine, so you deserve to see simply which ingredients room delivering this muscle-building fuel … and how much.

Peanut Butter Moo Smoothie(30 grams protein | 2.6 grams leucine)


2 cups chocolate milk, low-fat (15 g protein | 1.4 g leucine)1 medium banana, frozen (1 g protein | 0.1 g leucine)2 tablespoons peanut butter (8 g protein | 0.6 g leucine)1/3 cup rolled oats (4 g protein | 0.3 g leucine)1 tablespoon head cheese (2 g protein | 0.2 g leucine)1½ come 2 cups ice cubes


Place all ingredients in a blender and also mix because that one minute. Enjoy!

Yo’ Berry Smoothie(33 grams protein | 2.3 grams leucine*)


1½ cups milk (15 g protein | 1.4 g leucine)6 ounces Greek yogurt, vanilla, non-fat (17 g protein | 0.9 g leucine*)½ cup blueberries or other berries, frozen (0.6 g protein | negligible leucine)1 cup ice cream cubes


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend because that one minute.For a sweeter flavor, add 1-2 teaspoons the honey, if desired. Enjoy!

*The leucine content of Greek yogurt is based on the leucine contents of level yogurt due to the fact that the USDA national Nutrient Database walk not include the leucine contents for Greek yogurt, which might be higher.

Banana Crunch Smoothie(32 grams protein | 3.4 grams leucine)


1 cup low-fat milk (10 g protein | 0.9 g leucine)1 banana (1 g protein | 0.1 g leucine)1 scoop (about 1 ounce) whey flour (18 g protein | 2.2 g leucine)1 cup ice cream cubes2 tablespoons almonds (3 g protein | 0.2 g leucine)

Label reading Hint

To uncover the exact amount of protein and leucine in your favorite brand the whey protein powder, check out the Nutrition facts panel on the label. Plenty of brands additionally include the amino mountain content, including leucine, somewhere else on the label.)


Place every ingredients, other than almonds, in a blender and also blend for around one minute or till thick and smooth.Add almonds, pulse blend because that a couple of seconds therefore nuts are still a bit chunky.For a sweeter flavor, add 1-2 teaspoons that honey, if desired. Enjoy!

Nutrition Nugget

Adding a scoop the protein powder to a smoothie is another method to rise the leucine content. Because that example, powdered forms of whey protein (about 3.1 grams the leucine every 1-ounce serving), casein (about 2.3 grams the leucine per 1-ounce serving), dry milk (about 2.2 grams leucine every 1-ounce serving) or soy protein (about 1.8 grams the leucine every 1-ounce serving) can aid boost the leucine content of your favorite smoothie.

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Work hard, pat hard, study difficult … and have fun!

Lorna Williams, MPH, RDCo-author, Eating for A’s

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