Luxury houses aren"t brief of amazing features and also with safety and also security much more important 보다 ever, it"s no wonder that exclusive survival house are now top of our dream residence wish lists. Indigenous a mega-mansion with its own nuclear bunker come a convert radar station with one air-raid shelter, these palatial properties for sale each come complete with an impenetrable hideaway, designed to weather the worst.

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Secluded estate, Georgia, USA: $479,900 (£393k)


Set on that picturesque acre on the outskirts of Dalton, Georgia, this remote luxury home offers bothseclusion and easy access to amenities. The superior property has a totally stocked fishing pond,endless forest trailsand abundant wildlife, also astwo idyllic the end porches where you cansoak up the surroundings.

Secluded estate, Georgia, USA: $479,900 (£393k)


Built in 1982, the home is cosy however spacious, with decorative hardwood floors throughout. The key living room wows through a soaring double-height ceiling, a roaring log fire, rustic stonework and also classic hardwood panelling. The airy, open layout uses the perfect balance between characterful, rustic features and also fresh modern-day touches.

Secluded estate, Georgia, USA: $479,900 (£393k)


Listed with genuine Living Elite for $479,900 (£393k), this four-bedroom heritage is how amazing affordable considering itsamenities and also scale. And also two complete bathrooms, there's likewise abright sunroom and also a state-of-the-artkitchen worthy of any kind of foodie. Elsewhere, you'll finda detached three-car garage, complete with a 900-square-foot finished loft space, which might easily be offered as second living room or guest annexe.

Georgia, USA: $479,900 (£393k)


The modern timber farmhouse has comprehensive security system in place, when nestled in the grounds, you"ll discover a exclusive underground shelter. Fitted v ultra-strong storm doors the were made come withstand even the many brutal conditions, the bunker is currently set up through wooden storage shelves and a furnace, but could conveniently be adapted to fit a selection of needs.

Bespoke survival home, Arizona, USA: $699,000 (£573k)


If you're in the sector for the ultimate survive property, watch no additional than this stunningArizonahouse that's developed likea fortress.Constructed in 2013, the tradition dwelling isn't short of defense features, with aneight-foot-high security wall surface surroundingthe home'stwo-acreperimeter, as well as4,825 square feet of deluxe living space.

Inside, the residence is impeccably finished, with exquisite double-height hardwood ceilings and also a spacious open-plan layout. In the imposing great room, quirky woodwork and a spectacular custom staircase make from lumber from the grounds produce a thoroughly unique interior that doesn't scrimp top top style.

Currently because that sale withRE/MAXfor $699,000 (£573k), the sprawling home featuresfour large bedrooms andfour bathrooms, as well asa games room, one office andnumerous exterior buildings, consisting of a steel storage container. But the home's best surprise is tucked out of sight...

Hidingunderground beneath the key home, there's an 800-square-foot heavy concrete survival bunkerlocated in thelarge basement. Stocked with enough food to keep a family members going for years, the for sure shelteris equipment out through a back-up generator, so you'd never ever be without power during your time in isolation.

If you're searching for a home that provides space,seclusion and also security in one, then inspect out this unique property inMaryland, USA. Sit in over 28 acres of personal land in Dickerson,Montgomery County, this expansive rural compoundoffers everything youneed come live a secure life in style.

Constructed in 1984, the homestead isn"t brief on space, through a 7,421-square-foot internal plus number of exterior balconies whereby you deserve to take in the captivating rural surroundings. Once it comes to accommodation, the property offers five bedrooms, three full bathrooms and also two half bathrooms.

The inner is a playful blend of timeless country décor and modern elegance, special double-height rock fireplaces, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, newair conditioning and also heatingsystems, granite kitchen counters and also cathedral ceilings finished v exposed redwood beams. In the sprawling grounds, the estate additionally hasa number of sheds and also barns that would be perfect for conversion.

Beneath the key property, there's a big walk-out basement and also an tremendous underground bunker that's perfectly equipped to store you both safeand entertained need to disaster strike. Zoned into different living areas, the wouldn't be a hardship to be holed increase here! This comprehensive rural retreat is ~ above the industry withLong & Foster actual Estate for$995,000 (£814k).

This extraordinary residence conversion was once a radar terminal that played vital role in the British nationwide defenceduring the second World War. Constructed in 1938, the former military site was supplied as acommunications centre till 1991.After lying abandoned for many years, the remote building was rescued in2017 and also transformed right into a stunning, one-of-a-kind residence.

After a full restoration, the former radar terminal is now a luxurious family members home with breathtaking summary views over the English Channel. The inner is effortlessly stylish, through oversized photo windows, industrial-style boil concrete floors and also Scandi-inspired architecture touches transparent the substantial living areas.

For sale viaSpence Willardfor$1.2 million (£995k), the stylish home attributes four bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and also one large, open-plan reception room. Giving 2,195 square feet that indoor an are to play with, accommodation is spread out acrosstwo floors.Outside, there's a large decked terrace overlooking the rugged landscape – the perfect spot because that kicking ago in the summer months.

Despite its thorough makeover, there room reminders of the site’s army past everywhere. Fencing and also security gates enclosethe three-acre property, making it together safe currently as it was in its heyday. In the garden, there's additionally a an enig hideout,which was once component of the radar system itself. Currently a storeroom, the abandoned bunkeris equipped v electricity and lighting, supplying no end of opportunities.

If you're in search of a classic mountain retreat where you'll be safe in the event of a worst-case scenario,this deluxe lodge could be the perfect buy. Obtainable through Christie's global Real Estatefor $1.2 million (£995k), the residential or commercial property offers more than just comfortable accommodation. Sit in 40 acresand bordering densenational woodland land, small Pipestone Creek runs v the love of the estate, giving a an useful water supply need to disaster strike.

Dating ago to1987, the timeless 4,092-square-foot dwelling attributes plenty the rustic, eye-catchingdetails, including huge stone fireplaces, hardwood panelling and also custom woodwork. Thanks to a recent inner renovation, the deluxe log cabinalso services from 3 remodelled bathrooms, brand-new carpets and also fresh paintwork transparent the life spaces and also the home's 4 generous bedrooms.

However, the home"s most intriguing feature lies outside. Nestled into a rocky verge, you"ll discover a perfectly hidden 10,000-square-foot security shelter constructed into the hillside itself. The vast facility includes four RV parking bays, a 2,500-square-foot concrete bunker and escape tunnel, a two-storey total vault, 2 1,000-gallon propane tanks and its very own water system.
The huge underground retreat has actually the potential to be converted into four secure apartments to market emergency shelter for family and also friends too. Ideal in the occasion of a sudden disaster, the facility has a complete kitchen, bathroom and also laundry space, as well as plenty that light. Developed from concrete and fitted through impenetrable steel doors, we recognize where we"ll it is in heading if doomsday roll around...

Located in among the many sought after areas in Tunbridge Wells, England, this beautiful period property, shrouded in greenery, is the ultimate country escape.Listed withFine & Countryfor $1.7 million (£1.4m), theelegant house might look reasonably traditional, however it'sharbouring anextraordinary secret...

As well as an attractive south-facing garden that's perfect positioned to make the most of the brother sunshine, the house likewise features a spectacular subterranean domed bunker. Complete with an impressive history, the 277-square-foot hideout is believed to have actually once been supplied to store ice for regional businesses and also served together an air-raid shelter throughout the 2nd World War.

Elsewhere in the home you"ll uncover four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and also three light-filled reception rooms. One of the bedrooms is at this time arranged together an interior annexe, making it the perfect private room for guests. The kitchen is one of the most beautiful rooms in the property, v plenty of organic light, top-of-the-line appliances and also baby blue cabinetry.
Offering 2,653 square feet of inner space, the considerable home extends across three levels, with the lower ground floor collection up as a basement and also playroom. Linked to the grasp bedroom, there"s likewise a stunning dressing room on the peak floor the comes complete with its very own private balcony – not also shabby!
As secure together it is luxurious, this exclude, property have the right to be uncovered safely guarded inside the Calder Ranch community in Menifee, California. Surrounding by one and a fifty percent acres of land, the residence sits in ~ the end of a quiet cul-de-sac behind exclusive gates. And a 4,500-square-foot key house, this property likewise comes with a detached four-car garage and a separate 480-square-foot studio apartment.
Built in 2009, the main residence offers 5 bedrooms and also four bathrooms, as well as a formal life area, a dining room, a chef"s kitchen through a walk-in pantry, a to wash room and also a large home theatre with a custom bar and popcorn machine. Meanwhile, the grasp bedroom supplies a tranquil retreat, v a cosy fireplace and also a 300-square-foot extended balcony the benefits from significant views.

Outside, you'll uncover a custom pool v a hot tub, grotto and also slide, and also an out bar and also kitchen,lounge area,fruit tree orchard andbasketball court. It's no wonder thenthatRE/MAXisasking$1.5 million (£1.2m) because that this seemingly endless estate! That's no all though together this mansion because that sale has actually a massive secret hiding beneath a fortified hatch door in the grounds...

Stretching 1,100 square feet, this secure underground bunker is together plush as they come. The significant shelter contains a grasp bedroom, 18 bunk beds, two kitchens and two bathrooms, and luxurious life areas, and can accommodate between 20 and also 60 people. It even has its very own micro-grid therefore you"ll have actually power also in the event of a national outage. Survivalist dwellings don"t acquire much an ext luxe than this!

If you're seeking something altogether an ext opulent, thenthis how amazing listing might just pique your interest. For sale through Sotheby’s worldwide Realty because that a lining $7 million (£5.7m), this extravagantmansion lies in 4 acres of soil in ft Lee, brand-new Jersey, a mere stone's litter from central New York City. With five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and an fastened three-car garage, this propertyoozesVIP appeal.

With dramatic proportions and also exquisite finishes, the bespoke 13,500-square-foot residential or commercial property is perched high top top the Palisades Cliffs, giving spectacular views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. The main double-height life room is akin come a high-end hotel lobby thanks to swathes of practice windows and also a floating steel staircase the leads as much as an elegant gallery level.

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The home is designed to be completely wheelchair available andcomes kitted out with elevator access to all four floors. Theultimate party housefor entertaining and hosting,it additionally featuresnumerous warm tubs, both inside and also out, two standalone guest apartments, five high-end kitchens and range of outdoor living locations decked out with luxury furnishings. However, the doesn't end there...

If all thatwasn't luxurious enough, there's additionally a alcohol cellar and also a fallout shelterthat was designed to make it through a atom attack. Though not as striking together the main residence, the plush panic room comes through every amenityyou could need in the occasion of a disaster, consisting of a unyieldingmetal door that'spainted come mimicwood. Not a bad room to ride the end a an international catastrophe!