Fun come drive, comfortable, practical, and by all indications rather safe, the new 2022 Honda public hatchback is an appealing vehicle, specifically in sports Touring trim.

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Will over there Be a 2022 Honda public Hatchback?

Yes, there will certainly be a 2022 Honda civic hatchback, which you’ll check out in the photos below. Based on the recently redesigned 2022 Honda public sedan, the new compact 5-door hatch shares plenty through its 4-door sibling. However, unequal the previous-generation civic hatchback, this brand-new one is make in the U.S.A. Instead of the U.K.

Honda offered me chair time in two different versions the the civic hatchback sports Touring. One come in Rallye Red paint and also was equipped v a continuously variable infection (CVT), if the various other featured Sonic Gray Pearl paint and a 6-speed manual transmission. Control impressions follow, and also for more detail around the brand-new Honda civic hatchback, be certain to watch J.D. Power’s full preview that the car.

2022 Honda public Hatchback Price and Release Date

Honda states the 2022 public hatchback price framework is together follows:

LX ($22,900)Sport ($24,100)EX-L ($26,600)Sport Touring ($29,400)

These prices are up to $1,000 an ext than equivalent civic sedans, and Honda charges $1,015 to ship the public hatchback from the Greensburg, Indiana factory that builds it come your neighborhood dealership. V Sport and also Sport Touring versions, a 6-speed hand-operated transmission is standard, through the CVT easily accessible at no extra charge.

I drove 2 different public hatchbacks, each with Sport Touring trim. One had Rallye Red paint and also a CVT ($30,415), the other had actually extra-cost Sonic Gray Pearl paint and a stick shift ($30,810). Both prices include the location charge. With the manual transmission and Sport Touring trim, Honda restricts your repaint color options to black, white, or gray.

The Honda public hatchback went on sale on September 20, 2021, according to the automaker. If you’re interested in recognize a 2022 public hatchback because that sale close to you, you’ll uncover inventory listings ~ above

Independent expert Opinion: internal Design, Comfort, and also Utility


Photo: Christian Wardlaw

Walking up to the new Honda public hatchback, you’ll an alert a cleaner, much more conservative look contrasted to the automobile it replaces. Whether you choose the strategy or not is totally dependent on an individual preferences. I occur to favor the brand-new Civic hatchback’s styling, particularly when perceived from the car’s rear quarters. The still has actually a stubby butt and too lot visual load over the former end, though.

The 2022 Honda civic hatchback interior is essentially identical to what you’ll find in the public sedan – and also that’s a good thing. Differences include the available manual transmission and, of course, the large rear liftgate that offers the civic hatchback an edge as soon as it concerns utility.

Quality and attention to information are pervasive in the brand-new Civic, and Honda has solved the ergonomic flaws that plagued the previous-generation car. The seat are quite comfortable front and rear, providing occupants proper leg support.

As far as lull goes, my family members pointed out two huge misses. First, my much better half complained about the lack of a former passenger’s seat elevation adjuster. Second, as discussed by mine teenager top top a warm and also sunny southerly California day, the civic hatchback lacks rear-seat air conditioning vents.

Open the hatch, and the civic hatchback provides 24.5 cubic feet the cargo space. That’s almost ten cubic feet more than the civic sedan offers. The hatchback’s fill floor isn’t level, though, ramping up to where that meets the 60/40-split earlier seat when it’s folded down. An innovative 2-piece cargo cover help you to easily maximize volume without needing to remove and also store it.

Honda walk not administer a maximum cargo volume measurement for the public hatchback, yet you can expect come cram twice as much into the auto when you fold the earlier seat down.

Independent professional Opinion: Infotainment, Technology, and also Safety


Photo: Christian Wardlaw

Honda equips the new Civic hatchback v the same new infotainment system and next-generation Honda Sensing advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) that you’ll uncover in the public sedan. However, Honda make reservation the an excellent stuff because that the sports Touring trim level.

What perform I typical by that? through Sport Touring trim, you gain a larger 9-inch touchscreen infotainment display and also wireless apologize CarPlay and Android Auto. A 10.2-inch digital instrumentation display is likewise standard with Sport Touring trim, in addition to an outstanding 12-speaker Bose premium sound system, a navigation device with real-time website traffic data, satellite radio, and also wireless smartphone charging. Getting all of this technology is one an excellent reason to upgrade to the sport Touring variation of the car.

The technology works beautifully, including the voice acknowledgment system. It comment quickly and also accurately to my standard testing queries and also commands. However, it could not adjust satellite radio stations come a SiriusXM music genre (reggae) and, evidently, climate system adjustments room not obtainable through voice commands. The screen is placed high on the dashboard, that is simple to obtain to the home display screen tiles to move views, and there is a power/volume knob through tuning buttons right below.

Honda Sensing is a an extensive collection that ADAS. V the debut the the 2022 Civic, it has actually grown to include brand-new features such as website traffic Jam Assist and Low-Speed Braking Control. Naturally, both require the CVT.

Furthermore, Honda Sensing operates in a smoother and an ext refined manner than before. And, through the 2022 Civic, Honda drops the old roadway Watch modern technology for a blind-spot warning system. Unfortunately, this critically necessary safety modern technology is accessible only v EX-L and also Sport Touring trim, and a behind cross-traffic warning comes just with an upgrade to the public Sport Touring. This limitation to represent yet an additional reason why obtaining the many expensive variation of the public hatchback is worthwhile.

In use, Honda Sensing is largely unobtrusive, yet not entirely so. Motorists can quickly contact up system settings utilizing a switch on the lower left side of the dashboard and switch points on and also off using a food selection in the instrumentation display. Through the ADAS active, a pictogram appears between the gauges to present a visual depiction of system activity. It additionally notifies the driver once the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals are active.

With the hands-on gearbox, Honda gives a reminder chime once speeds drop below a certain level and also the adaptive cruise manage is no longer operational. For example, if driving in moderate website traffic in fourth gear, the car’s chime reminded me that I required to downshift and take finish control together the traffic ahead slowed come a crawl.

Independent skilled Opinion: steering the 2022 Honda public Hatchback


Photo: Christian Wardlaw

Driving the brand-new 2022 civic hatchback is a joy, but I’ll to make reservation this judgment for the turbocharged models.

With EX-L and also Sport Touring trim, you gain a turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder making 180 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque, the last spread evenly in between 1,700 rpm and 4,500 rpm. This is an improvement over the traditional 2.0-liter 4-cylinder in the LX and also Sport version of the car, which offers 158 horsepower and 138 pound-feet at 4,200 rpm.

Regardless that engine choice, most civilization will acquire a civic hatchback through a CVT. In the turbocharged EX-L and also Sport Touring, this isn’t to their detriment. Many of the time, girlfriend won’t an alert it. And also when girlfriend do, the droning is pretty muted. Through Sport Touring trim, the EPA prices this infection to return 33 mpg in linked driving. My an outcome was 32.1 mpg, which is in the appropriate neighborhood.

As a steering enthusiast, my choice is for the hands-on transmission, and it’s terrific. Throws are short, gates are nearby (maybe a small too close), and the clutch is a happiness to modulate. Unfortunately, Downshift rev-matching is absent, however perhaps the upcoming civic Si and Civic type R variants will sell it. The stick’s main EPA fuel economic climate estimate is 31 mpg in merged driving, and I averaged 30.2 mpg.

In usual driving situations, the public Sport Touring feels firm however not uncomfortably so. Prefer the sports trim, the sport Touring rides on appeal 18-inch aluminum wheel wrapped in 235/40 continental ContiProContact tires. Obtain the sports Touring ~ above a favorite mountain road, and also it proves fairly fun to drive – approximately a point.

While the turbocharged engine’s level torque curve put a laugh on a driver’s face, and the manual gearbox provides it basic to snick between gears, the suspension have the right to feel a little soft top top undulating pavement. Nevertheless, the civic Sport Touring is tossable, predictable, and also enjoyable to journey on a favorite stretch the road.

However, if you’re thinking you’ll purchase a sport Touring come rip approximately in ~ above twisty 2-lane roads, understand that the 11.1-inch front and also 10.2-inch behind discs room not an ideal for repeated tough application as soon as running under a mountain grade. Deer Creek Canyon Road near Malibu cooked them. So as soon as you begin to feel them fading, back off since they go pretty quick.

Ultimately, the public hatchback sport Touring’s surname is appropriate. Because that outright driving pleasure, and performance you deserve to count on, you’ll still have to wait because that the Si or type R come arrive.

Independent skilled Opinion that the 2022 Honda public Hatchback

Consumers room buying small crossover SUVs in droves, therefore the compact flower segment is dry up.

Subaru still provides the Impreza with standard all-wheel drive. Toyota still provides the Corolla with an ext standard power 보다 the Civic. And Mazda still offers the Mazda3 with more standard and easily accessible power and also an obtainable AWD system. But, of this list of alternatives, the artistically designed and decidedly upscale Mazda Mazda3 poses the greatest threat to the civic hatchback’s success.

But Mazda inexplicably battles to attract attention, so Honda should have no trouble dominating the Mazda3 in terms of sales. And the new 2022 Honda civic hatchback has much more than just brand recognition and nameplate consideration going for it.

Aside native its greater price and also nose-heavy figure from specific angles, that is the far better version that the automaker’s renowned compact car. Fun to drive, comfortable, functional, and by every indications quite safe, it’s an appealing vehicle. Just remember, Honda reserves all of the best feature contents for the most expensive sports Touring trim level.

One critical thing before you go: if you uncovered this 2022 civic hatchback review helpful, be sure to read our an ext detailed 2022 public sedan review.

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