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Honda fully redesigned its innovative unibody pickup truck because that the 2017 version year, and as a reward because that a task well done
The brand-new Honda Ridgeline has won the 2017 north American van of the Year. (Photo: Honda)
is being called 2017 north American van of the Year.The Ridgeline has actually long been lauded for providing crossover SUV-like handling, journey comfort, and also fuel economy in a functional pickup van package, however the mid-size design goes much further to success over would-be buyers than that.Like that is predecessor, which come on the scene in 2005, Honda has actually taken a an extremely different tack with this mid-size entry. The new second-generation Ridgeline additionally features a crossover-SUV-like unibody style albeit with a closed-boxed frame incorporated within, combining lot of the towing and hauling toughness of a rugged framework with the taut framework of a monocoque body shell.What’s
The Ridgeline’s refined internal is a an excellent match to its superb drive quality, every helping it victory NATOTY. (Photo: Honda)
more, that is industry-exclusive double Action Tailgate both lowers in the usual fashion and swings sideways so that doesn’t should be detached as soon as clamping on ramps design to job-related with ATVs, motorcycles, ride-on mowers, etcetera, or accessing that trunk. And yes, the innovative pickup truck proceeds to attribute Honda’s lockable In-Bed Trunk beneath the cargo bed, yet one more industry-exclusive.For 2017, the cargo box sidewalls are totally flat so as to adapt more easily to aftermarket canopies and campers, when the cargo bed is made from a scratch- and also dent-resistant composite referred to as SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound/Composite), a glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin material, and also therefore doesn’t require a bedliner. Additionally, the Ridgeline boasts the world’s an initial Truck Bed Audio System, right for tailgate parties.The
Innovations choose a stems under the cargo bed set the Ridgeline apart. (Photo: Honda)
2017 Ridgeline likewise receives a full assortment the Honda Sensing active safety gear as traditional equipment, including adaptive cruise control, front collision warning, emergency autonomous braking, lane maintaining assist, lane exit warning, and more, every one of which would an outcome in a optimal Safety Pick+ rating from the insurance money Institute for Highway safety (IIHS) because that every trim if the U.S.-spec truck being tested came with as lot standard kit as our Canadian version.

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Of note, the Ridgeline is the only 2017 pickup truck to obtain such safety accolades.This is Honda’s second consecutive year of peak honours, v the Honda civic winning the 2016 north American automobile of the Year. What’s more, this 2017 compensation is