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Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson is opening up around her relationship with her mother. Alana and also Mama JuneShannon speak withET"s Lauren Zima, around where lock stand, June"s journey to sobriety and also what the was prefer being the Beach sphere onThe masked Singer.

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"I feel prefer right now, we"re absolutely working on us and also trying to solve the relationship," Alana said of the recurring rift between her and her mother. "Idon"t feel favor it"s 110 percentfixed, however it"s absolutely getting there, that"s for sure."

Mama June"s also moved closer to her family in an initiative to be in her children"s lives more as they movie the following season of their we tvseries, Mama June: roadway to Redemption, informing ET that she makes an initiative to be v them "every day."

"We watch a many each other throughout production,because we film five days a week, and also so, ns live probably15 minutes from there now," June explained.

The pair thrived that much closer through starring together on the singing competition series, i m sorry June called an "emotional" suffer for the both the them.

"It was very emotional. It to be kinda good that it was coming from our 10-year anniversary of gift on fact TV,that occurred Oct. 12 the this year, simply last month and now we"re ~ above TheMasked Singer, i m sorry is substantial for both that us because Alana did Dancing through the Stars, andfor us, it"s one of the biggest things the we"ve donein our career," the 42-year-old TV personality shared."So, I"m hope that v everybody seeing that,we deserve to do an ext projects similar to this one."

The mother-daughter duo donnedthe disguise that a coast ball, wherein they required to the phase to supply an to chat performanceofMiley Cyrus" "Party in the USA."

Alana defined what that was prefer inside the coast ball, telling ET that the pair nearly fell turn off stage.

"Inside the beach ball, it was hot, it was an extremely dark. I can barely check out where Iwas relocating the beach ball too. I might not really know inthe an initial place, why us were in a big beach ball, there to be not really much to sing space, like I had eyeballs yet Icould barely watch out that them because they had stuff ~ above them," Alana explained. "It to be very difficult but we acquired it done."

Mama June was in the back of the beach ball, v her daughter guiding the both that them approximately the stage.

"What that meant, was Alana had to steer around, because we tried to placed me in the front and I am blind, and also we nearly went off the phase a couple of times," June revealed. Icould not turn it the right way. For this reason Alana was like, "Let me sit in front.""

Alana continued, "I mean, it was scary due to the fact that if we would have actually gone turn off the stage it was like, ns did not understand where us were walk really. I knew we were going to be on stage, a rolling coast ball."

The pair pulled it off and they controlled to keeptheir appearance on the show a secret from their family and also friends too. And also while it to be a special minute they maintained close to their chest, it was made even much more special that they did that together, together June celebratedtwo years of sobriety with her daughter by her side, a milestone she revealed toThe masked Singeraudience.

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"Itreally felt good," June admitted of having the audience"s support and also applause. "The last time us were in California law a project together, I was in my addiction,so I actually thought around it a pair of nights before we went on stage and so that"s againwhy i wasso emotional, is that i realized the was the an initial time I had actually been and also done a job with Alana, a substantial project, in L.A., in L.A. At that, and also been sober."

The masking Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT top top Fox.


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