Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and her companion Tristan Ianiero to be eliminated during the Halloween illustration on Sunday night after their jazz power to “Ghostbusters” by beam Parker Jr. Also though all of the judges i agree it to be entertaining, the act wasn"t enough to bring the duo into the following round.

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Alana broke down crying after finding out she wasn"t advancing. Even her fellow contestants couldn"t think it, and also they every huddled about to comfort her.

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Many viewers at home were also upset, with numerous of them taking to Twitter saying they were going to avoid watching the show. "I’m no interested in city hall anymore because Alana is gone," one human being wrote. "I"m excellent watching it," claimed another. Others assumed it was a "dumb" decision by producers.

People were likewise quick to call out just how the absence of live voting provides things "unfair."

"Alana friend did great so sorry you gained voted off. This is why we should have actually been maybe to vote on #dwtsjuniors website! that wasn"t fair that the show audience was only ones could vote," a fan tweeted. "Okay
DWTSJuniors let us at home vote!!!!! love husband Boo Boo must not have gone home," chimed another.

While we"re sad to watch Alana go house as well, we recognize she"s got a lot from this experience. "I"ve adjusted a lot. Ns can contact myself a dancer now, and also I never thought ns could speak to myself a dancer," she proudly asserted to previously this month.

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