Alana Thompson, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo, prospered up before our eyes together a TLC pageant queen on the hit show Toddlers and also Tiaras. If storage of that show, which was canceled in 2016, do you cringe, you"re not alone. There were some really controversial moments, instigated more by parents than by the little contestants, due to the fact that spray-tanning a toddler ain"t everyone"s cup of tea!

But numerous of the itty-bitty stars made large names for themselves and also perhaps no one had such a successful launch from the fact TV world than Alana and also her family. Instance in point: We gained not one, yet two spin-off reflects in the type of Here come Honey Boo Boo and one the chronicled she mother, June Shannon, in Mama June: From no to Hot.

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Mama June has had actually her own challenging journey together she"s struggled with addiction, and also so Alana isn"t living v her anymore. Instead, Alana"s larger sister, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, is increasing Alana together with her husband, Joshua Efird, and also daughter, Ella, follow to E! News.

Happily, as of this writing, Mama June is closing in on practically one year sober, the outlet noted, and also even desires to work at a treatment center. In spite of these happy turns, Alana is still living v her big sis and looks like she"s thriving. In fact, she"s documenting her delight on Instagram, yet some of her looks are transforming heads. Here"s why.

Alana Thompson shared a fun selfie v fans top top Instagram in mid-January 2021 captioned, "purrr! (we"re gonna neglect the fact my nails are damaged okay!)" She to be rocking a look v dramatic lashes, lengthy nails, together she warned us, and gave the cutest pucker.

But not everyone was a pan of the look, thinking it was too mature for her age. Because that the record, Alana was born on Aug. 28, 2005, follow to she IMDb bio, so she is still simply a teen. In irradiate of this, one person commented, "YOU DON"T need LASHES and NAILS AT her AGE... WHERE"S THE education AT??? be A tiny GIRL PLEASE."

Alana it s her clapped back at this person, saying, "y"all are funny y"all think simply cus y"all are hating top top me ima take them off?" rather rushed in, including parents. One said, "As a parental I"d need to say 15-16 year old is suitable to have actually nails and also makeup done." Alana"s partner jumped in too. One teen responded, "wearing nails and lashes doesn"t take away her childhood, I"m 16 and wear nails and lashes and my childhood was simply fine."

People also jumped in through a defense for Alana"s sister, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, that stepped in to assist raise her. One human being said, "Pumpkin has done a wonderful job at being her parent!" Yessss, we room loving all this support! but that wasn"t the just pic Alana common that got hold of some major attention.

Alana Thompson wasn"t stopped for a minute through the shade she obtained from trolls on society media. She gained busy through selfies top top Instagram and also shared a cute one shoot in the vehicle and added the do not be afraid caption: "they don"t prefer it , however they gon" respect it." Amen!

Fans love the confidence and also support flooded in: "OMG correct GIRL therefore PRETTY," who wrote. "You space perfect," another person added. One pan touched ~ above Alana"s past and the family struggles she"s unable to do through: "Alana you have actually grown so much... Friend look great considering you have to deal with... So sorry for the case you gained put v you deserve better."

Alana is not shy come speak around her very own situation, especially when it comes to her guardianship. As soon as she obtained shade in the vault Instagram post around who was elevating her, she clapped back, speak she doesn"t treatment what people have to say around her and that she"s absolutely not it s okay with civilization coming ~ her mom or sister. "y mommy is currently sober of virtually a year & ns couldn"t be prouder of her & correct i"m elevated by my sister however hey ns think she act a damn good job at it!"

But this isn"t also over. She got referred to as a "hot cheeto girl" in one Instagram post and it was not a compliment.

Alana Thompson has actually been busy on society media serving part looks and even though they"re gorgeous, several of her watch are transforming heads and also getting some shady comments.

Alana common some selfied on Instagram featuring her large lashes and long nails, v the caption, "as ns should!" There was a lot of positivity however one person commented, "hot cheeto girl." If this ax is new to you, don"t worry, we have the right to explain. Urban Dictionary specifies this term as someone who probably "wears thrasher sweatshirts," Vans shoes, and also hoops. She"s "always prepared to fight," and also of course, eats hot Cheetos. Hmm, not the nicest thing ever before to speak to someone.

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But Alana didn"t ago down even from this. Together In Touch Weekly noted, she replied, "I could be one, but I"m tho a poor bleep ." when she might get some obnoxious remarks on society media, at least Alana herself is interlocutor in clapping earlier and obviously has a fleet of pan who are eager to run in and also support her.