Alana Thompson flourished up on truth TV, starting with Toddlers and also Tiaras, moving on to she spinoff Here come Honey Boo Boo, and then to she mother"s present show, Mama June: road to Redemption. For this reason viewers have obtained to view a lot of Thompson over the years, from her confident boy pageant personality to the hardships she challenged with she family. And also she"s come a long way since she rose to fame practically 10 years ago. Now, Thompson is practically 16 years old and making it clean she wants to burned the "Honey Boo Boo" name.

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Thompson newly spoke to Teen Vogue around her life together a teenager, gift a kid who thrived up top top TV, and more. Check out on to view the truth star now and to listen what she had to say about her beforehand fame.

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In the Teen Vogue interview, Thompson said that she recognized that points she said on TV in she childhood will follow her—Honey Boo Boo had her share of catchphrases—but the she sees her reality personality and herself currently as two different entities. "They are completely two various people," she said. "I would certainly say that I execute like this Alana now, quite than the younger Alana."


The teenager Vogue story explains that Thompson would like to end up being a neonatal nurse, and that she is proceeding to carry out reality TV now since she knows it"s an excellent money. "I want to have actually a life, girlfriend know?" she said. "I desire to be able to support my kids when ns do have actually kids and also stuff favor that. It"s definitely something the is great for the moment being, good for afterwards in life."

She stated of she outlook on life at the moment, "I desire to be the best I deserve to be, and also I desire to do my money, and I also want come make directly A"s, so i just shot my hardest."

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In the interview, Thompson mentioned how human being on society media slam her for having long pond or wearing fake eyelashes on social media. "There room so many folks on mine Instagram that do not choose my nails or mine eyelashes," she said. "But I carry out not care. As lengthy as I choose myself, I"m good."

On Instagram, Thompson recently shared a photograph of it s her sticking her tongue out v the caption, "i don"t care, ns live my WAY" along with an emoji the a hand with long nails. In another post from earlier this year, she wrote, "folks will certainly hate about anything."

She likewise spoke with confidence about her body in the interview and also specifically took her generation to task for toxically using a human body positivity mindset. "Everybody"s all around body positivity, human body positivity, till they see a body they don"t like," Thompson called Teen Vogue. "I don"t know why civilization think this way. Just due to the fact that I obtained a small bit of extra meat on my bones, you want to dislike me? I"ll never get body shaming. Like, I understand I"m beautiful, and also I recognize I acquired a banging body, so… ns don"t care."


Thompson"s partnership with she mother, June Shannon, is no as solid as it once was because of Shannon"s drug use. "A many folks in this human being do not realize how many civilization are actually really influenced by drug and also alcohol " she told the magazine. "It"s very, very hard. It"s miscellaneous I"d wish on nobody, for real." Now, she states she and also her mom are getting "back top top track." everything so far has been recorded on the WeTV show Mama June: roadway to Redemption, including just how Thompson ended up living through her sister Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon.

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"When my mama obtained real poor with her , ns didn"t know where ns was walk to finish up," Thompson told Teen Vogue. "I"m proud of myself for how much I"ve come."

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