What would it be like to be a quarter of an customs tall? Moviegoers in the summer the 1989 were passionate to discover out. Lock flocked to theaters come watch as the Szalinski and Thompson children dodged refrigerator-sized autumn of water, befriended a huge ant, dealt with a fearsome scorpion, and feasted ~ above a substantial cream-filled cookie. Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids, starring rick Moranis, is frequently viewed together the quintessential live-action Disney film, but its roots space firmly in the horror movie genre. Below are a couple of surprising facts around the film, i beg your pardon is around to gain a reboot courtesy that Disney—with Moranis returning.

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1. Stuart Gordon, the horror director behind Re-Animator, came up with the idea because that Honey, i Shrunk the kids.

Stuart Gordon no the very first filmmaker one would think the to straight a Disney film. Through a background in experimental theater—including a trippy, in-the-nude variation of Peter Pan—he made his name through campy horror films like 1985’s Re-Animator, around a scientist who brings the dead back to life, and also 1987"s Dolls, about a murderous arsenal of dolls (tagline: “They Walk. Castle Talk. Lock Kill.”). After ~ he became a father, Gordon chose to make a kids’ movie. Along with Brian Yuzna, who had functioned with him on Re-Animator, and also Dolls writer Ed Naha, Gordon come up v an idea for a film around a hapless inventor who accidentally shrinks his children and also throws castle out with the garbage. He pitched the idea come Disney, who loved it and gave Gordon the environment-friendly light to direct.

2. Honey, i Shrunk the Kids"s initial title was Teenie Weenies.

The title was a nod to wilhelm Donahey’s comic strip from the early 1900s, which complied with the adventures of a tiny, inoffensive tape of characters. Disney executives hated it, thinking the title would rotate off adult moviegoers. So Gordon and company adjusted the title to Grounded, climate The Backyard before deciding to borrow a heat of dialogue the Wayne Szalinski utters to his wife, Diane.

3. Disney was yes, really nervous around Honey, i Shrunk the kids.

Although Disney to be excited around Gordon’s idea, lock weren’t specifically confident the fear director can deliver a family-friendly feature. "Disney was concerned that i was going to death all the kids," Gordon said in one interview. "And I kept saying, "No, I’m no going to death them. But I want the audience to think they might die."" Disney’s trepidations prolonged to the movie’s biology effects—most notably Anty, the heroic ant.

The studio told Gordon they want Anty come look much less like a real ant and more like E.T. "I said, "Well E.T. Scared an ext kids 보다 an ant does,"" follow to Gordon. To convince the brass, Gordon invite them come the workshop whereby crew members were placing the finishing touches on the robotic puppet. Gordon made Anty nuzzle him like a horse to show how trusted the creature can act. And just choose that, the executives to be convinced.

4. Joe Johnston changed Stuart Gordon together Honey, ns shrunk the Kids"s director in ~ the 11th hour.

Just as manufacturing on the film was collection to begin, Stuart Gordon became sick and also had to leaving the set. Unable to hold-up the shoot, Disney carried in Joe Johnston, a visual results specialist that had functioned on Raiders of the lost Ark and also all three Star Wars films. It was his first directing job. ~ the success that Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids, Johnston went on to straight The Rocketeer, Jumanji, Jurassic Park III, and, many recently, Captain America: The first Avenger. Gordon, meanwhile, lastly got his shot at directing Honey, i Shrunk the Kids—albeit 10 year later, helming one episode of the tv show, i m sorry ran because that three periods in the so late 1990s.

5. Honey, ns Shrunk the kids to be filmed in Mexico City.

If you thought the Szalinskis"s suburban California neighborhood and backyard looked prefer the actual deal, well, think again. The entire set—including numerous houses, finish with white picket fences and manicured lawns—was put up on a back lot at Mexico City’s Churubusco Studios. Created in 1945, Churubusco was the epicenter of mexico film production in the 20th century and also a favorite of cost-conscious American producers, with scenes from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Total Recall, Free Willy, and numerous other films shot there. The set work is an extremely convincing, yet there are a couple of seams showing: If girlfriend look carefully in the scene where the mailman is wade the neighborhood, you deserve to see the beams in the ago lot wall, which had been painted blue to was standing in as the sky.

6. Anty took as much as 12 workers to operate.

The heroic ant, that befriends the pint-sized Szalinski and also Thompson kids and also (SPOILER ALERT) tragically dies fighting turn off a scorpion, took a lot of of initiative to lug to life. The special results team constructed multiple version of Anty, consisting of a miniature for stop-motion computer animation sequences. Many of the scene in i m sorry Anty interacts v the actors connected a huge robotic puppet who legs, eyes, head, and antennae were all managed by separate crew members. “It bring away somewhere in between seven and 12 civilization to do the ant run," Peter Zamora, the film’s miniatures assistant, said in a making-of documentary.

7. Watch closely and you might notice that Marcia Strassman"s hair was two different colors.

Two weeks right into filming, Marcia Strassman, that played Diane Szalinski, received a keep in mind from Disney head Jeffrey Katzenberg requesting she adjust her hair color from reddish-brown to blonde. Strassman complied, and she kept her hair that color for the sequel, 1992’s Honey, I blew Up the Kid. "We said, "But we"ve to be shooting for 2 weeks,"" Strassman called The Philadelphia Inquirer. "And said, "No one will notice." and also no one did. Nobody noticed that my hair is two entirely different color in that movie."

8. Honey, i Shrunk the Kids"s set designers provided a most foam.

From gigantic broom bristles come towering chisels of grass, the movie’s collection designers were masters at fashioning latex and polyurethane foam right into outsized execution of everyday objects. To present the kids getting swept into Wayne Szalinski’s dustpan, developers attached the huge foam bristles come a hanging display screen that swept throughout the stage. The huge cream-filled cookie, meanwhile, was also made the end of foam, with globs of yes, really cream mixed in because that the children to shovel into their mouths.

9. Honey, i Shrunk the Kids"s bumblebee trip required some technological wizardry.

By 1980s movie standards, and even existing ones, the bumblebee ride that Nick Szalenski and tiny Russ Thompson take it is impressive. Creating the sequence forced a gigantic bee model for close-up shots v the actors, together with an expanded shot by a camera that zipped and also dove roughly the Szalenski backyard. Pretty conventional stuff, but visual effects lead Tom Smith included a 3rd element: a small, $30,000 robotic bee v miniatures the the actors on top. The fine activities of the robotic bee were spliced in through the close-up shots against the environment-friendly screen, climate touched up v some included digital impacts in post-production to create the final sequence. “We to be able to cut them easily enough and mix them up so that it provides the incredible sense of trip when you watch it,” smith said.

10. Honey, i Shrunk the Kids"s animated opening credits were groundbreaking.

The movie opened up with an man sequence mirroring two tiny kids running from a record needle, a typewriter, and also other menacing day-to-day objects as title credits cleverly materialized. Follow to the graphic style site art of the Title, the sequence—created by Kroyer Films—was one of the an initial to combine hand-drawn animations through 3D models. The team that produced the sequence included Andrew Stanton, that would go on to work on Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and WALL·E, together with Eric Stefani, an acclaimed animator and brother the Gwen Stefani. Kroyer walk on to produce animated sequences for two other movies that year: Troop Beverly Hills and also National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

11. Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids"s opening credits were also grounds for a lawsuit.

The music score that accompanies the man credits, written by James Horner, sound very comparable to the 1937 song “Powerhouse,” by jazz composer Raymond Scott—a little too close, by part estimations. Scott’s estate sue Disney for failing to credit the composer. The studio worked out the situation out that court and made sure the estate got its same share that future royalties.

12. Honey, ns Shrunk the children was a surprise hit.

Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids’s $14 million haul on opening weekend was the best opening ever for a Disney movie—by a lengthy shot. That was additionally a surprise for the studio, considering the movie no a sequel, and had received blended reviews from critics. "Our tracking proved that there was awareness the the film out there, yet there was nothing to make united state think it would carry out what it did," then-Disney head Jeffrey Katzenberg said at the time. In all, Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids would certainly earn much more than $130 million domestically and also $92 million in worldwide release.

13. Batman contributed to Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids"s success.

Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids opened up on June 23, 1989—the same day as Tim Burton"s Batman, which perfect number one at package office and had fans lining up approximately the block to see it. Follow to the Los Angeles Times and other sources, countless theatergoers that couldn’t obtain in to view Batman opted to see Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids instead, helping to boost that movie to number 2 at the box office.

14. Disney revived the long-dormant animated brief with Honey, i Shrunk the Kids.

Those that saw Honey, i Shrunk the Kids in theaters may remember the animated quick Tummy Trouble, starring i get it Rabbit, that preceded the film. The seven-minute romp—which also features baby Herman, a swallowed rattle, and also a trip to the hospital unable to do awry—was the rebirth of the quick films that studios often played before a attribute presentation. It was Disney’s very first “short” in practically 25 years, and also one of number of that the studio exit aimed at raising the popularity of classic personalities like Mickey Mouse and also Donald Duck through younger viewers.

Given the popular of Who Framed roger Rabbit, released the vault year, Disney figured the goofball hare would additionally boost viewership for Honey, i Shrunk the Kids. Indeed, Disney provided the two productions equal room on promotion posters and also print ads, despite the distinction in run times.

15. Honey, ns Shrunk the children earned an award for bad grammar.

As any English significant could call you, Honey, i Shrunk the Kids is no a grammatically correct title (it need to be “Shrank”). This earned public ridicule native SPELL, the society for the conservation of English Language and Literature, i m sorry awarded the film its Dunce lid Award for 1989. A Disney executive was rapid to fire ago that the mistake to be deliberate, together it’s taken native a line of dialogue in the movie (and the error certainly didn"t execute anything to hurt the movie"s crate office haul).

16. That took two decades for Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids"s soundtrack to be released.

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Aside native the film’s opened theme, which came to be tainted through controversy, the music native Honey, i Shrunk the Kids isn’t particularly memorable. Thus the film’s score wasn’t consequently released together a soundtrack. But composer James Horner, who had actually previously scored Aliens and Cocoon, came to be increasingly famous in the years to come as he scored films like Field the Dreams, Braveheart, Titanic, and also Avatar. Need for the score additionally rose as Honey, ns Shrunk the Kids ended up being a reliable cable rerun. Therefore in 2009, tiny music brand Intrada put out a restricted run that 3000 copies of the Honey, i Shrunk the Kids soundtrack. It’s marketed out, however if you simply have to have actually such standard tracks as “Watering the Grass” and “Lawnmower," you can nab a supplied copy for roughly $60 on Amazon. Sadly, Horner was killed in a airplane crash in 2015.