US chairman Donald Trump has signed into law a bill the supports pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

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The person Rights and Democracy act mandates an annual review, to examine if Hong Kong has enough autonomy to justify its special condition with the US.

Mr Trump said he signed the legislation "out the respect for President Xi , China, and the people of Hong Kong".

China's foreign ministry endangered "counter measures" if the US ongoing "going under the dorn path".

Mr trump card is currently seeking a deal with China, in order to finish a trade war in between the 2 countries.

"The US has actually been disregarding facts and also distorting truth," a Chinese foreign ministry explain said.

"It openly backed violent criminals that rampantly smashed facilities, set fire, attacked innocent civilians, trampled top top the rule of law, and jeopardized social order."

The international ministry summoned the united state ambassador to need that Washington stop interfering in Chinese internal affairs.

Hong Kong's government additionally reacted, saying the American bill would send the not correct signal and also would not assist to ease the situation.

But a vital activist in the Hong Kong protest movement, Joshua Wong, stated the US legislation was a "remarkable achievement" for "all Hongkongers".

Mr Trump had previously been non-committal around whether that would authorize the bill, speak he was "with" Hong Kong but additionally that grandfather Xi to be "an remarkable guy".

Image source, Reuters
President Trump stated he signed the bill "out that respect because that President Xi , China, and also the human being of Hong Kong"

However, the bill had widespread congressional support, which meant that also if the vetoed it, lawmakers might potentially have voted come overturn his decision.

The president also signed a second bill, i m sorry bans the violin of crowd-control munitions come the police in Hong Kong - consisting of tear gas, rubber bullets and stun guns.

" room being spread in the hope that leaders and representatives that China and Hong Kong will have the ability to amicably settle their differences, resulting in long-term peace and also prosperity because that all," grandfather Trump said.

The invoice was introduced in June in the beforehand stages the the protests in Hong Kong, and was overwhelmingly authorized by the residence of Representatives last month.

"The shall assess whether China has eroded Hong Kong's civil liberties and also rule of legislation as defended by Hong Kong's basic Law."

Among other things, Hong Kong's one-of-a-kind trading status means it is not affected by us sanctions or tariffs inserted on the mainland.

The bill also says the united state should allow Hong Kong occupants to acquire US visas, even if they have been arrested for being part of non-violent protests.

Hong Kong's protests began in June against a proposed legislation to enable extradition to mainland China but it has since transformed right into a bigger pro-democracy movement.

The protests have additionally seen significantly violent clashes, v police gift attacked, and also officers shoot live bullets.

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On Sunday, Hong Kong held local the supervisory board elections that were viewed as a barometer of public opinion towards the government and the protesters.

The elections witnessed a landslide success for the pro-democracy movement, with 17 that the 18 councils now managed by pro-democracy councillors.

On Thursday, authorities moved right into the Polytechnic college days after it had been the site of a fierce standoff between student activists and riot police.

The police searched the campus because that dangerous items, to gather evidence and also to watch whether any students to be still left top top the site.