Beijing has tightened its tight on Hong Kong in recent years, dimming wishes that the financial facility will ever become a full democracy.

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Daniel Wong Kwok-tung, a lawyer, is arrested through Hong Kong police in January 2021. Tyrone Siu/Reuters
Before the British federal government handed over Hong Kong in 1997, China agreed to allow the region considerable politics autonomy for fifty years under a structure known together “one country, two systems.”In current years, Beijing has actually cracked down on Hong Kong’s freedoms, stoking mass protests in the city and also drawing international criticism.Beijing imposed a national security law in 2020 that offered it broad new powers to punishment critics and also silence dissenters and could fundamentally transform life for Hong Kongers.


China pledged to maintain much of what provides Hong Kong distinct when the previous British nest was handed over more than two years ago. Beijing claimed it would provide Hong Kong fifty year to store its capitalist system and also enjoy countless freedoms not discovered in mainland Chinese cities. 

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But it appears that these guarantees are fading. In recent years, Beijing has actually taken what movie critics say are brazen steps to encroach on Hong Kong’s politics system and crack under on dissent. This moves sparked huge protests in Hong Kong and have drawn international condemnation. In 2020, Beijing happen a controversial nationwide security law and arrested dozens the pro-democracy activists and also lawmakers, dimming hopes that Hong Kong will certainly ever end up being a full-fledged democracy.

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Is Hong Kong part of China? 

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Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic that China that has actually been largely totally free to control its own affairs based upon “one country, two systems,” a nationwide unification policy occurred by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s. The ide was intended to assist integrate Taiwan, Hong Kong, and also Macau v sovereign China while maintaining their distinctive political and economic systems. After much more than a century and also a fifty percent of early american rule, the British government returned Hong Kong in 1997. (Qing dynasty leaders delivered Hong Kong Island to the british Crown in 1842 after ~ China’s defeat in the first Opium War.) Portugal returned Macau in 1999, and also Taiwan remains independent.