Stage and screen actor best known for playing Pussy Galore in the 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger and also Cathy Gale in TV’s The Avengers


Many actors could have objected come being connected throughout their careers with a character referred to as Pussy Galore. Yet Honor Blackman, who has died aged 94, revelled in the notoriety that the function of the aviator she play in the James Bond movie Goldfinger (1964).

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Having to be knocked out with a tranquilliser gun by a hench- man, the an initial thing bond (Sean Connery) sees once he regains awareness is Blackman’s face leaning over him. “Who room you?”, that asks. “My name is Pussy Galore,” she says. “I have to be dreaming,” he replies. Later, ~ trying a few judo move on every other, they fall into a different kind of clinch.


Honor Blackman and also Sean Connery in Goldfinger. Photograph: Allstar/United ArtistsBlackman therefore became, and remained, follow to most polls, the optimal Bond girl, aided to a details extent by the double entendre name. The producers assumed about an altering the character’s name but decided against it. However, the us censors refused to enable Pussy Galore to appear on advancement materials and she was consequently billed as miss Galore. Throughout promotion in the US, Blackman, who had currently found call in Britain as the agile, black leather-clad Cathy Gale in the television series The Avengers, took delight in embarrassing interviewers by repeatedly discussing the character’s name.

Born in Plaistow, east London, Blackman always called herself a cockney. Her father, Frederick, a civil company statistician, who believed he to be passed over for promotion due to the fact that of his accent, was identified that his four kids should have much better opportunities.

For Honor’s 15th birthday, he readily available her the choice between a bicycle and elocution lessons, and she decided the latter. “My teacher was wonderful,” Blackman recalled. “She introduced me to poetry and also plays and also convinced mine father that I had some talent. So, ~ attending north Ealing main school and also Ealing ar grammar college for girls, I checked out the Guildhall institution of Music and also Drama, though just one evening a week.”

At the age of 22, Blackman began to obtain ingenue parts, palely loitering in mostly J Arthur rank films. Among her far better early duties was that of a middle-class girl hoping the her fiance (Dirk Bogarde) will obtain his idea of coming to be a concert pianist out of his mechanism in the The alien Corn illustration of the anthology movie Quartet (1948); and also Susie Bates, among the three title functions in the quite dated A Boy, a Girl and also a cycle (1949).

In A Night to Remember (1958), Blackman was among the first-class passengers on the Titanic, figured out not to leave the ship without her husband, and also she was Norman Wisdom’s love attention as a secret agent in the second world battle farce The Square Peg (1958). Her last pre-Goldfinger movie was together the Greek goddess Hera in Jason and also the Argonauts (1963), bickering v her husband Zeus on mount Olympus.

In 1962, together Cathy Gale, who could get the much better of any type of villain in a fight, Blackman join Patrick Macnee in the 2nd season of the TV collection The Avengers, setup the pattern because that intelligent, stylish and also assertive females who adhered to her in the show and also elsewhere on films and also television. The song that she taped with Macnee, Kinky Boots, did no make a an excellent impression as soon as released in 1964, yet fared much better as a item of 1960s nostalgia once reissued in 1990.


Honor Blackman and also Patrick Macnee on the set of The Avengers. Photograph: terry O’Neill/Rex FeaturesBecause the The Avengers, Blackman was actors as Pussy Galore. She later declared that as soon as she was play the function of Pussy, she knew she character had actually been written as a lesbian in the novel, uneven in the film where, in spite of claiming to be immune to his charms, she is ultimately bedded by Bond.

Her early on demure days at Rank long behind her, Blackman resolved into a variety of secondary “other woman” roles. In Life in ~ the height (1965), Blackman was seductive and also sly together a TV commentator that lures Joe Lampton (Laurence Harvey) far from his wife, and also as the unfulfilled wife of a pompous aristocrat (Jack Hawkins), she has a tumble in the hay v Bosky Fulton (Stephen Boyd) in the mediocre British west Shalako (1968), though the leads to be Connery and also Brigitte Bardot.

After a topless step in the unremarkable Canadian-set drama The age of Innocence (1977) and also appearing in the creaky gothic horror film The Cat and the Canary (1978), Blackman to be not checked out on the large screen for another two decades.

Meanwhile, she was showing up regularly on television – principally as a glamorous, young-at-heart, man-eating mother in all 96 episodes of the sitcom The top Hand (1990-96) – and consistently on stage.

Blackman’s West end appearances included Wait until Dark (1966) and also The Deep Blue Sea (1977) and transfers that Broadway musicals, as the baroness in The Sound that Music (1981), Peggy in On your Toes (1984), grandm Higgins in My fair Lady (2006) and Fräulein Schneider in Cabaret (2007). She spent many of 1987 as mother Superior in the music Nunsense at the happiness theatre.

Her return to attribute films in the so late 90s had a portrayal of joy Adamson in come Walk through Lions (1999) and also roles in Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) and Cockneys vs zombies (2012), a horror-comedy in which Blackman, return to she roots, is a gun-toting senior citizen. In her late 80s, she toured with her one-woman display Honor Blackman as Herself, in i m sorry she sang songs , recited and also told an individual anecdotes.

Blackman, a keen for free Democrat, was never ever afraid to express her political views. In 2002, she refuse a CBE since she was a supporter of Republic, the campaign to replace the monarchy.

“They ring you forward to asking if you’d like to accept, and also I think they were quite shocked when I declined,” she commented. “But due to the fact that I’m a republican I believed it would be rather hypocritical to pop as much as the palace.” She always had sharp things to say about Margaret Thatcher’s period as prime minister and even take it Connery to task for his condition as a taxes exile.

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Blackman was double married and also divorced. She is made it through by 2 children, Lottie and also Barnaby, from her 2nd marriage, to the gibbs Maurice Kaufmann.