Captain Hook isn’t always scary and silly. In Disney’s once Upon a Time, this actor to be dashing and turned good after falling in love.

However, this personality is actually much older than the key character native this series, Emma Swan. This is what we know about Captain Hook and also his estimated age.


‘Once ~ above a Time’ Episode titled ‘The final Battle part 1 & 2’ | Jack Rowand/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

Who is the Captain Hook gibbs from ‘Once top top a time?’

ABC’s drama series, Once ~ above a Time, featured numerous fairy tale favorites. Over there were characters like Anna and Elsa native Frozen, Belle indigenous Beauty and also the Beast, and even few of the 7 dwarfs native Snow White and also the 7 Dwarfs.

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In this series, Captain Hook, finest known together the villain from Peter Pan, appeared reasonably different native the Disney man film. Here, he had actually his sights set on gift with one more character called Emma Swan.

The actor Colin O’Donoghue depicted this character, Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones, for several seasons. The later showed up in productions favor Trollhunters: tales of Arcadia, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, and The right Stuff.

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How old is Hook in ‘Once top top a Time’?

Captain Hook averted the first curse placed on this town, yet was then placed under the third “curse.” although the personality never clearly states his age, once Upon a Time Fandom reports that this character was born in 1811. That provides him over 200 year old.

However, it’s still unclear specifically how he came to be that age. One viewer listed that time was “frozen” in this story because that 28 years, due to the curse. Another stated that Hook to be under a different curse from the various other characters.

“Hook is older,” one fan on as soon as Upon a Time Fandom wrote. “He stole Rumple’s first wife prior to Rumpelstilskin to be immortal. Rumpelstilskin was choose 40 in ~ the time and Hook late twenties, and I don’t think he saw Neverland before that, also though didn’t he tell Milah stories of it.”

Rumpelstilskin, together a resident of Storybrooke, is technically immortal, and aging doesn’t really apply. This character is estimated to be about 300 year old, follow to an interview v the actor for Entertainment Weekly.

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Hook fell in love through Emma Swan

When fans an initial meet this fairy tales character, he went by the surname of Killian Jones. He showed up as the Sheriff that Storybrooke, but his ultimate goal to be to avenge his previous lover and also kill the Storybrooke resident, Rumpelstilskin.

However, as periods went through he fell in love through Emma Swan, the daughter of snow White and also Prince Charming. He ultimately abandoned his thirst because that revenge and focused on his partnership with “the chosen One.”

Hook showed up in nearly every season of ABC’s drama series until Once upon a Time premiered the last episode in 2018. Now, fans have the right to watch most episodes top top the streaming platform, Disney+.