once Upon A Time: 10 hidden Details around Captain Hook’s Costume you Didn’t notice Once top top A Time has some incredibly intricate costumes. Right here are 10 tiny details you probably never noticed about Killian Jones AKA Captain Hook"s.

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Killian Jones a.k.a. The notorious pirate, Captain Hook, recognized from the Peter Pan tale, was a prominent component of the fairytale series, Once ~ above A Time. The was brought to life by ireland actor Colin O"Donoghue and he play the part of the pirate just and the romantic lead once his personality became connected with Emma Swan.

Aside indigenous O"Donoghue"s impeccable acting, part of what made his swagger and pirate persona ooze off the display was his costume. It ended up being just as iconic as the character himself.

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The best part is he was able to wear different iterations of his pirate garb end the 6 seasons of the present he was a part of. And also within each iteration were surprise details that not all pan noticed. Below are the 10 covert details about Captain Hook"s costume that the Oncers may have actually not noticed before.

The costume room of Once top top A Time created some serious masterpieces over the seven seasons the present was top top the air and also Killian"s wardrobe was no exception.

Captain Hook"s costume was additionally a really important part of what do him that he was: a fearsome, vengeful pirate captain. Choose anything in the television and also film industry, there is inspiration attracted from other moments in pop culture to develop the costumes for a display like Once. For Hook"s pirate costumes, castle took motivation from none various other than Depeche Mode, the "80s English band.

9 The adjust Of His Earring occurred For A Reason

component of Captain Hook"s costume had a lot to execute with his jewelry just as lot as the clothes he would wear. Even if it is it was his necklace, his many rings, or his earrings, he was always decked out in his treasures, so to speak.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a slight change in one of his jewelry pieces in season 2, despite not plenty of actually spotted the change initially.

He had, up until the episode "Manhattan", been wearing a clear rock as an earring. But unfortunately, it broke during the production of the show. They then replaced it v a black rock earring i m sorry was first seen in the previously mentioned episode.

Sometimes, you need to make sacrifices in comfort to wear the latest fashions the make you look snapshot perfect. Transforms out, the same goes because that our fearsome pirate since Captain Hook"s iconic pirate coat weighed a whopping fifty pounds.

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We honestly can"t imagine just how exhausting and an overwhelming it must have been for Colin O"Donoghue to sports that coat work in and day the end while still perfect executing his scene in the an initial three seasons. Lucky for him, they made a large change to his wardrobe beginning in season 4 that permitted him to wear a much an ext lightweight variation of his leather coat.

7 Killian’s Wardrobe adjusted When He started Dating Emma

Once upon a Time Hook and Emma
What to be so an excellent about the town hall Killian Jones" story arc play the end over the course of the collection was the readjust in him the began due to the fact that of his love, Emma Swan. He started out as a serious villain the heroes had actually to take down and also soon came to be a hero in his own right.

Regardless of even if it is he was a rogue or hero, he constantly had significant feelings for Emma. So when they truly began to date at the beginning of season 4, Hook decided he required an update to his wardrobe to really sweep her off she feet. It additionally depicted the adjust in that we had actually seen and also brought his hero story arc complete circle.

that was totally tragic when Emma and also her son, Henry, had to leaving Storybrooke in the middle of season 3, successfully wiping your memories of everyone they had actually known there. Consisting of Hook.

The Captain took it very hard and also decided he would do everything it required to get ago to her and also reunite her v her family. The did this by commerce his ship to gain a magic bean to transfer him come the Land there is no Magic.

In the scene through him clutching the bean, we see he has a ring top top his index finger. If friend look closely, you"ll watch a love engraved ~ above the side through a silhouette of a swan"s head, which was a significant foreshadowing the his partnership with the fair Emma.

5 The Wedding Tux the Wore reflect His Personality

Who might possibly forget the musical episode of Once in season 6? The really same illustration that lastly had Emma and Hook vowing come love each other for the rest of their stays in a marital relationship ceremony.

It to be a large moment because that Captain Swan fans and also though they were largely excited to view their favorite personalities married once and also for all, they also were excited to view what they would certainly be wearing.

Though Emma looked gorgeous in she feminine, lace wedding gown, Killian nearly stole the display with his all-black, velvet tuxedo. Producers of the present said castle couldn"t just go through a boring, continuous tux for his wedding day. They required one come reflect his pirate persona.

When creating a show with many of action, there are bound to be means to stop injury when performing stunts, also when it comes to the props lock use.

Which is a huge part of why they had actually to have actually three different hooks created Killian to wear in different varieties of scenes. They had actually one hook the was totally made of steel that was solid, sharp, and heavy. Presumably because that scenes whereby it would certainly be up close and also needed to look much more realistic.

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They additionally had one the was aluminum and also would be a little lighter come use. Finally, because that stunts, they had actually one the was made the end of rubber therefore there was no hazard of cutting someone.

3 Red Vest Vs. Black color Vest

A fan-favorite costume information was in the vest Captain Hook would certainly wear both in the past and the present. Though over there were major differences in between the two.

In plenty of flashbacks of Hook, we check out him put on a stunning velvet red vest with black brocade details. That would constantly bring us back to his pillaging and plundering knavish pirate days.

But in the existing version the Hook, us would check out him wearing a black color leather vest. Though he was originally a villain when he come in Storybrooke, the turned self around and also we pertained to recognize the distinctions in his vests between his an excellent self and his poor self.

prior to Emma Swan, Killian had fallen in love with one more woman in his early on pirating days. Her name was Milah, and she had originally been married to Rumplestiltskin prior to she left him and her child to be with Killian.

Eventually, Rumple a.k.a. The Dark One, take it revenge on she leaving him for the pirate and also crushed her heart - literally. He likewise took Killian"s left hand the same day. Killian was heartbroken to lose her, i beg your pardon is why once you watch his tattoo for Milah, the is more than simply her surname on his appropriate wrist.

It additionally depicts a heart with the Dark One dagger going v it, indicating he planned to avenge her death by killing the Dark One.

1 A secret Detail In His Pirate Necklace

We"ve speak a bit around Hook"s jewelry and also the means it represents that he is and also what he loves before. However there is another piece the his pirate jewel that gives a lot an ext insight right into his family and his past.

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See, the Hook household coat of arms has a details detail the you might recognize in Hook"s costume. It has the style of three fleurs-de-lis, i beg your pardon is additionally shown ~ above Killian"s pirate necklace the he frequently wears. It shows the ties the still has to his family, even if he had actually a turbulent childhood, to say the least.