The battle with Hades asserted its an initial heroic accident this Sunday ~ above ABC’s Once upon a Time.

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In the antepenultimate episode of Season 5, Emma, Regina, Henry, Robin and also Charming returned to Storybrooke, shortly after Rumple (and Zelena/Hades before him) jumped into the clock tower portal. There, though rejoined with Snow and also other friends and also family, castle nonetheless had actually to contend with Hades, that was operation on a suitable nefarious agenda.

Specifically, Hades aimed to gain back the Olympian Crystal, a family heirloom provided to the by Zeus. Doing therefore would enable him, among other things, to develop a kingdom for him and Zelena to dominion — despite his lady merely wanted a house and also a garden for she daughter come play in. Meanwhile in the Underworld, Hook — with the help of King Arthur, who has been slain by Hades topside (um, why??) — discovered that the same crystal might defeat Hades, information he timeless relayed come Emma by restoring those vital storybook pages.

When Regina and Robin infiltrated the protected mayor’s office come reclaim baby Hood, Hades sneaked increase on them and also went to usage the decision to “end” Regina… yet Robin jumped in front of his love and took the deadly blow himself. Zelena arrived upon the grisly scene, and Hades attempted come lie around what went down. Yet after Regina tackled the god and Zelena choose up the reduce crystal, the evil Witch realized the nothing would ever be enough for him, let alone she love, so she plunged the crystal into the onetime Underworld overlord, transforming him come dust.

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Back in the Underworld, after King Arthur realized his destiny was to reclaim the broken kingdom that the Underworld, Hook decided it was time for him to relocate on. When he desire to execute so, he to be met by Zeus, that thanked him and his friends for resolving the mistake the was his wayward brother. “It is time to take you to where you belong,” Zeus said….

Back in Storybrooke, Emma finally did her appropriate grieving and said a final teary goodbye to Hook in ~ his tombstone, while the various other townsfolk laid arrows top top Robin’s casket at a funeral company — where Zelena called Regina that the only possible name for infant Hood to be “Robin.”

Afterward, Hook manifested at the cemetery, having actually been rewarded by Zeus because that helping loss Hades. Complying with an emotional reunion v Emma, the learned of Robin’s sacrifice. Meanwhile, Rumple retrieved indigenous Hades’ ashes the remnant the the crystal… for what purpose?