Our seeks treatment facility staff at expect By the Sea is composed of caring professionals committed come excellence. We occupational together to carry out a safe and also confidential setting while interacting with client one-on-one and in group settings to aid them achieve their seeks recovery goals. Ours staff utilizes a team strategy to ensure the all clients receive a comprehensive, thorough treatment experience. Each customer works through a pick group of professionals over the course of his or she addiction therapy to attain the best results. Our staff takes proud in the success of ours patients and the numerous ways our Orange county drug and also alcohol rehab benefits your lives.

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The staff at expect By the Sea provide experienced drug and alcohol counselors who have efficiently worked the restore tools, the accuse of i m sorry are found in the Twelve Step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and also Narcotics Anonymous. These employee members provide meaningful examples of what can be completed with sobriety if the procedures are do a component of the person"s daily routine. In addition, there room trained, expert staff members who have actually seventy-five years of merged experience working in the field of seeks treatment. The breadth of this experience have actually shaped our team"s thorough understanding of the challenges, accomplishments, and needs of patient undergoing drug and alcohol treatment.

Hope through the Sea"s skilled staff includes a licensed clinical psychologist and also a license is granted marriage and also family therapist. All employee members room hired, first, since of their capability to show love and also compassion and, secondly, because that their experienced expertise. With these priorities, we think our staff has as much, if not more, experience working v substance abuse together any double diagnosis recovery program. Our employee members are ready and willing come talk v interested parties around our goals, methodology and treatment services for assorted addiction and behavioral health and wellness issues. Us will never ever be too busy to describe our roles and also philosophy. We will always be easily accessible to listen to and guide our clients and also their families. That is why we have been important in help patients get rid of drug and also alcohol abuse and form new and healthy ways to manage life and it"s ups and downs.

Our staff members believe strongly in our patients" success. Client instantly feeling our employee members" genuine concern and dedication to the recovery of our patients. Our id in every patient"s ability to succeed means a lot to our clients and their loved ones. Our employee understands why trends of medicine abuse occur, why lock are daunting for individuals to stop, and also what measures anyone deserve to take the will result in lasting life changes - start at our California drug and alcohol rehab.

Chad Carlsen Chief executive, management Officer

Chad Carlsen is the co-founder of hope By The Sea. The has worked in the ar of chemistry dependency since 2000. Together a recovering addict and also alcoholic he bring his personal experience the triumph though adversity and also is a true role-model come the clients. The has substantial experience in the ar of health and fitness, with certifications in nutrition and fitness. Not only does Chad offer as the executive Director, that personally works through clients top top their education and learning of health and fitness as related to their recovery.

Penny Carlsen Chief executive, management Officer

Penny Carlsen is a graduate the Loma Linda University college of Nursing. ~ graduation she spent the next few years working at Loma Linda college Medical facility on the Neurosurgery, Neurology and Rehabilitation Units. She later on served together the service manager for medical Imaging Specialists, Inc. She has substantial background in both clinical and administration. She is a warm and loving person and also is thought about by the clients to be the "resident mom".

Candy Carlsen, RNChief operation Officer

Candy Carlsen has functioned in the field of education for numerous years. She functioned at UCLA Medical center in the neuro/surgical trauma ICU and additionally at Hoag Memorial in the cardiac ICU. She has comprehensive training in psychopharmacology and also works very closely with Hope through the Sea’s physicians. She educates clients and families top top the importance of appropriate medication management and compliance, when necessary.

Kelly Carlsen Vice president of Finance

Kelly Carlsen has actually been through Hope by the Sea because its inception. She spent several years working as an intervention aide for troubled elementary students before transforming her emphasis to help adults through addiction. She right now is the head that the insurance money Billing department and oversees the human being Resources division.

Cyndie Dunkerson, CADCII CA, CCS Vice president of program Services (Certification # A051090118/12079)

Cyndie has actually been through Hope by The Sea since the beginning and holds a solid passion because that the field of addiction. Together the Vice chairman of the routine Services Department, she help potential clients and their households to take it their an initial steps in the restore process. She stop a Bachelors degree and also is right now state certified with the California combination of Alcohol and Drug Educators as a chemical Dependency Counselor and Clinical Supervisor. She has been functioning in the ar of addiction since 2002 and also brings to the table her own journey of recovery. Since starting in the ar of addiction she has actually maintained success working through the criminal justice mechanism in gaining defendants sentenced to treatment in lieu the jail. Cyndie is currently working towards obtaining she Doctorate in Forensic Psychology. Cyndie enjoys speaking at conferences and also guest lecturing in miscellaneous colleges.


Valeh Karimkhani, D.O. Psychiatrist

Dr. Valeh Karimkhani, D.O. Is an adolescent and also adult psychiatrist. She is board certified in Psychiatry and also Addiction Medicine. She is the founder that Orange county Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Karimkhani is dedicated to serving the psychiatric needs of she community. She has extensive experience in substance abuse, dual diagnosis, PTSD, mood and also anxiety disorders, and also emergency psychiatry. She is likewise one the a select few psychiatrists supplying TMS treatment.

In addition to clinical duties, Dr. Karimkhani is one adjunct professor, teaching medical students during clinical rotations from Midwestern University.

Dr. Karimkhani is additionally a major in the military Reserves, completing 3 tours of duty in the center East. She is devoted to helping and also healing our equipped forces and their families.

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Sandy Busby Office Manager

Sandy bring her superior organizational and also communication skills to the complex world of restore to the facility. She has a driven perspective in work-related ethics and her experience reflects it well. She join the team shortly after she own an individual recovery journey began with hope By The Sea in 2008. She take it on office monitoring with ease and her area that expertise consists of administration, accounting, finance, and also insurance. Her expert manner, personal experience, and also love because that the ar of recovery make her one invaluable asset come both ours clients and also staff.


Frank Buffa Bio-Psycho-Genealogist

Working in the field since 2005, Frank concerned Hope by The Sea bringing v him his understanding of the Co-Occurring Disorder population. He specializes in working through clients who endure from sexual trauma and also anger manage issues. In addition, that enjoys help clients determine and adjust old habits patterns to implement healthy adjust and produce a solid base to proceed successfully right into their future.

Dale Tatum Ordained pastor Spiritual Guidance and Christian Counseling

Dale has actually a remarkable love because that people and a desire to facilitate their spiritual growth. He bring the love that God v His son Jesus Christ to every customer on a an individual and individual basis. Dale believes that to lead clients to effective recovery, God"s grace, forgiveness and also love should be conveyed at the deepest spiritual level. Once asked why he loves this calling the responds simply, “I desire to execute for others what God has actually so lovingly done because that me!”