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Former U.S. Women"s national Soccer Team player hope Solo is make headlines this particular day after she claimed her teammate Megan Rapinoe would certainly "almost bully" various other team members right into kneeling throughout the national anthem.

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However, Solo left the team in august 2016 and Rapinoe very first started kneeling throughout the national anthem in September 2016.

"I"ve watched Megan Rapinoe virtually bully players into kneeling due to the fact that she really wants to stand up for something in her specific way, but it"s our right as american to do it in whatever method we"re comfortable with," she said while top top All that Us: The U.S. Women"s football Show last Tuesday.

Hope Solo claims Megan Rapinoe would "Almost Bully" to Kneel throughout Anthem
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Hope Solo claims Megan Rapinoe would certainly "Almost Bully" to Kneel throughout Anthem

She added: "Right currently what I"ve watched is there"s to be so lot debate about the kneeling, around the not kneeling. I know most world stand versus discrimination.

"And ns live in the south, ns live in a an extremely conservative area below in phibìc Carolina in the south. Obviously, I have actually friends top top both sides of the aisle, but I think the kneeling thing have the right to be an extremely divisive."

Solo"s comments have caused a enormous stir among U.S. Soccer fans this morning, top her name to come to be a trending object on Twitter.

The previous goalkeeper was one of the nationwide team"s most prominent and outspoken players for much more than a decade but her contract to be terminated through the federation on respectable 24, 2016, because that ​​"conduct that is respond to to the organization"s principles."

Solo referred to as members the Sweden"s team "a bunch the cowards" in ~ the Rio Olympics after the U.S. Team"s defeat following a punish shoot-out.

Rapinoe stated she to be "very disappointed" through the case at the time however this event was the latest in a wire of controversies associated with Solo.


US Women"s nationwide Soccer football player Megan Rapinoe and Hope Solo are interviewed by media at beyond Soccer, powered by streetfootballworld, in ~ SFJAZZ center on June 23, 2016 in san Francisco, California. Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Rapinoe is listed for kneeling throughout a familiar game versus Thailand in Columbus, Ohio on September 15, 2016—weeks after Solo"s departure—and was among the most influential national athletes to follow the example collection by Colin Kaepernick together a an answer to gyeongju inequality and also police brutality.

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Kaepernick an initial started kneeling ~ above the sideline in ~ games during the nationwide anthem in 2016—the very first time it was picked up by the media is mainly reported together being on respectable 26 of that year prior to a Packers-49ers preseason game.