Shady roadway Wagons regularly carries, in stock, refurbished carriages, wagons and sleighs of every kinds because that sale.

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Restoration solutions are also available for your own horse drawn vehicles, neck or contemporary.

Please contact or visit us for an ext information about our restoration process.

Whn contacting us around a certain carriage or article on this website, you re welcome be certain to refer to the brochure number detailed in red.

SLEIGHS because that SALE


#2049 - "Merry Christmas" Vis-a-Vis Sleigh, comes through lamps, pole. An option of colors. Call for price.


#2549 - steed size sleigh, shafts v bells. Very great condition: $2150.00


#2464a- Albany sleigh through shafts: $1800.00


#2568 - 2 sit Sleigh - Comes with wheel frame and also draft shafts: $3750.00


#2026- Two-seated sleigh, with equine size shafts New: $4775.00. Include Wheels: $1025.00


#2025 - Single-Seat Sleigh - New, painted red with environment-friendly velveteen seats. Wheels available.

Comes in mini, pony, cob, horse and draft horse sizes. Other sleighs and passenger sizes available. Choice of color and fabric.

$3495.00 / Wheels: $600.00


#2027 - Vis-a-vis Sleigh - obtainable in various colors, through shafts and/or pole and also wheels: $5675.00 / Wheels: $1195.00


#2528 - Wagonette sleigh, cushion seats, comes with pole only: $1200.00


#BELLS - Brass sleigh bells, avialable in 6, 12 and also 29 bell straps. Speak to for Prices.

Options on tradition sleighs include: your an option of paint and fabric colors; pin-striping; hydraulic brakes; to run lights;

patent animal leather fenders and also dashes; cup holders; rein rails; patent leather pillar wraps; storage boxes; shafts or poles; and more.

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We also carry forcarts. See our contact page for more information around in-stock vehicles and also saddles!

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