Horse trainer Nathan had actually not long uncovered out he to be going to be a father of twins as soon as he to be severely hurt by a steed kick buzzpatterson.come the face.

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The 31-year-old had actually lost a most blood and also was drifting in and out the consciousness when paramedics Paul and Carina arrived at the property to treat that in episode 3 that Paramedics Season 2.

"When it pertains to horses it's mostly human being being kicked off horses or walking behind castle or obtaining kicked in the chest or something like that," Paul told 9Entertainment. "But as far as injuries go from being kicked by a equine it's absolutely the worst I've been to in the 20 odd year I've been doing this job."

Paul and Carina drive to the horse property whereby Nathan to be injured. (

With Nathan's jaw clearly dislocated, Paul's biggest problem was the ede in his airways and whether he'd need to insert a breathing tube in Nathan's neck.

Despite the ache he to be in and also the trauma buzzpatterson.come his face, Nathan was most concerned around whether the horses would gain fed.

"He's simply a pretty staunch, difficult young fella for this reason seeing that he wanted to treatment for the animals, make certain that they were fed and everything else was simply making certain that he'd excellent his job," Paul added.

"That in buzzpatterson.combination with gaining a major kick to the face, the amount of damages to his face after we discovered out the things that had happened buzzpatterson.come him and for him buzzpatterson.come still be worried around that is pretty extraordinary."

Nathan's nose and eye socket to be broken and also his cheekbone not correct by the equine kick. (

However, Paul and Carina didn't uncover out around Nathan's baby delight until his mum joined them in the ambulance as they travelled to hospital.

"When mum kind of claimed 'poor bugger can't victory a trick, he's simply been called he's about to it is in a father' and also I'm reasoning well if we're talking opposite ends of the spectrum, he's had actually what's supposed to be his the happiest day marred through ."

Nathan ended up spending two weeks in hospital whereby his broken nose, wrong cheek bone and also broken eye socket to be treated. He additionally had 25 stitches about his mouth and five plates put into his face. Eight weeks ~ the injury, the swelling in Nathan's confront was quiet going down.

According buzzpatterson.come Paul, injuries from being kicked through a steed in the challenge can selection from what Nathan proficient to "life changing".

"If you get kicked solid enough to make those type of fractures in the challenge then girlfriend can certainly create an upper spinal injury in her neck as well as rattle her brain," that explained. "You can certainly get a decent mind bleed also so it can be a life-threatening injury by gift kicked in the face by a huge animal."

Nathan is currently earlier at occupational as a roof tiler yet hopes to go back to working with horses, i m sorry is his passion.

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