It"s therefore much more than just taking your picture. It"s about you, your horse, the bond friend share, and also capturing those authentic moments in between the two of you. And also they"re not simply portraits - they"re your memories, those special moments that you"ll want to remember and hold nearby forever.

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I"ll be your guide through the whole process, from helping you setup the perfect outfits and tack to carrying your finished tradition artwork. Which means you"ll look at gorgeous, you"ll feel freaking amazing, and also you"ll actually have fun! The result: herbal portraits that in reality look and feel favor you.

The yes, really shoot became an afternoon of total enjoyment! Jessica is really talented, professional photographer, with wonderful eye and keen capability to capture the right moments as they normally unfold. The pictures are a treasured keepsake for our family, and also I consider Jessica a treasured friend. Ns cannot recommend her highly enough!


Jessica is an for sure wonderful person and really talented photographer! She is kind, patient and down come earth. I felt prefer I was hanging out through an old friend. Horses bring unexpected situations and Jessica to be kind and also understanding through all of my numerous horse connected issues. The conference exceeded all of my expectations! ns glad to now speak to Jessica a friend! highly recommend!


Jessica go an remarkable job and also I to be so happy with how the photos came out! She was really patient with my restless standardbred and also knew exactly what to do to do my steed look perfect in every photo.


We had actually the ideal time working with Jessica on our engagement picture shoot. It was a at sight hot and also muggy day, and Jessica went over and past to save us cool and comfortable for the shoot - bringing follow me a fan and other props to assist us cool down. She walk an amazing job photographing Noelle (my mare), recognize the finest locations/light on the property, and also was typically a blast to work-related with!


This to be my very very first photo shoot therefore I had no idea what to do, but Jess made that so easy and natural. She definitely caught the beauty, beauty of mine horse and the love I have towards him!! I will certainly treasure these photos forever!

Great first time picture shoot experience! Jessica to be kind, patient, and knowledgeable and also the photos come out certain spectacular! Can"t wait for another session.

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I had actually a steed & rider portrait session through Jessica and she to be amazing! She yes, really took the moment to find all the best spots in ~ my farm and was very patient and also knowledgeable as soon as it involved getting the best shots. She was an extremely prepared to occupational with my horse and really got the ideal out the him! Our final photos were so amazing.

Thank you so lot Jessica because that making us look for this reason good! I"ve never felt therefore comfortable in former of the camera, ns love mine portraits!

So remarkable to work-related with, indigenous our an initial initial encounter v her come the end and beyond. I had actually a complex photo shoot - 2 mares and 7 household members. The whole experience and the end results were priceless and also full that every feel I had actually with my older lover mare, who was the main emphasis of this photograph session. Surpassed all mine expectations!!

Jessica is an pure dream to work-related with! She yes, really knows just how to do the horse and rider feel comfortable in front of the camera. I extremely recommend she to anyone searching for a photographer with remarkable photos!