There is at least one gyeongju term that automatically inspires respect, and also even awe, from people with deep authorized in the gyeongju industry and also from those with little knowledge of the sport – the Triple Crown.

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The an obstacle of capturing the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and also Belmont Stakes, at three distances, on three tracks, all in the expectations of five weeks can not be overstated.

The job is such a tall order that only 13 horses have completed it in the much more than 145 years that the collection – and until American Pharoah conquered all 3 races in 2015, no horse had actually done it since Affirmed in 1978.

So just who space these talented and tenacious Thoroughbreds?

Find all the details on each Triple Crown winner listed below, a hallowed group of Thoroughbred racing greats.

1. Sir Barton (1919 Triple Crown winner)


Blood-Horse Library

Jockey: Johnny Loftus

Trainer: H. Man Bedwell

Owner: J.K.L. Ross

Career record: 31-13-6-5

Career earnings: $116,857

Earnings in today’s dollars: $1,594,922

Pedigree: Star shoot – Lady Sterling, by Hanover

Color: Chestnut

Fun facts: teacher Barton lost all of his 6 starts together a 2-year-old, and the Kentucky Derby was his 3-year-old debut, therefore he was a maiden until he winner the Derby. The colt also won the Withers in between the Preakness and Belmont, but would it is in overshadowed later that year with the appearance of 2-year-old guy o’ War, a steed many believe to be amongst the best of all time. Sir Barton was offered to the U.S. Mounties after his stud career and lived out his years on a Wyoming ranch.

2. Gallant Fox (1930)


Keeneland Library

Jockey: Earl Sande

Trainer: James E. “Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons

Owner: Belair Stud

Career record: 17-11-3-2

Career earnings: $328,165

Earnings in today’s dollars: $4,639,880

Pedigree: teacher Gallahad III – Marguerite, through Celt

Color: Bay

Fun facts: The Preakness to be run prior to the Derby in 1930, and Gallant Fox won all three races in a 29-day span. He was sired by teacher Gallahad II, one of the first prominent europe stallions imported to the U.S. Gallant Fox would come to be the first, and also only, Triple Crown winner come sire a Triple Crown winner v his child Omaha.

3. Omaha (1935)


J.A. Estes (Collection owned by Blood-Horse)

Jockey: Willie Saunders

Trainer: James E. “Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons

Owner: Belair Stud

Career record: 22-9-7-2

Career earnings: $154,755

Earnings in today’s dollars: $2,667,197

Pedigree: Gallant Fox – Flambino, through Wrack

Color: Chestnut

Fun facts: like his sire, Gallant Fox, Omaha was a Triple Crown winner bred and owned through Belair Stud in Kentucky and trained by “Sunny Jim” Fitzsimmons. Omaha lost the Withers ~ the Preakness, yet rebounded to win the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown. Omaha began his stud job in Kentucky but was relocated to a farm in Nebraska in 1950. He to be later hidden at the now-defunct Ak-Sar-Ben gyeongju Track in Omaha.

4. War Admiral (1937)



Jockey: Charley Kurtsinger

Trainer: George H. Conway

Owner: Samuel Riddle

Career record: 26-21-3-1

Career earnings: $273,240

Earnings in today’s dollars: $4,480,358

Pedigree: man o’ war – Brushup, through Sweep

Color: Dark brown

Fun facts: A son of the great Man o’ War, that skipped the Kentucky Derby but won the Preakness and also Belmont, battle Admiral captured the Triple Crown after ~ stumbling and also getting injured at the begin of the Belmont. That famously shed a enhance race with Seabiscuit in 1938 however went on to sire 40 comb winners indigenous 320 starters, a exceptional 12.5 percent.

5. Whirlaway (1941)

Blood-Horse Library

Jockey: Eddie Arcaro

Trainer: Ben Jones

Owner: Calumet Farm

Career earnings: $561,161

Earnings in today’s dollars: $9,013,658

Pedigree: Blenheim II – Dustwhirl, by Sweep

Color: Chestnut

Fun facts: Whirlaway perfect in the money in each of his 42 starts as a 3- and also 4-year-old, including the Triple Crown sweep, Travers Stakes, Brooklyn Handicap and Jockey society Gold Cup. He was the very first of eight Kentucky Derby winners and two Triple Crown winners for Calumet Farm, through a penchant for closing from the clouds. After his gyeongju career, he was marketed for stud duty to France.

6.  Count Fleet (1943)

BloodHorse photo

Jockey: Johnny Longden

Trainer: Don Cameron

Owner: Fannie Hertz

Career record: 21-16-4-1

Career earnings: $250,300

Earnings in today’s dollars: $3,416,219

Pedigree: Reigh counting – Quickly, through Haste

Color: Brown

Fun facts: count Fleet was almost sold prior to he do it come the races as result of his gangly conformation, however he finished up winning 10 of 15 starts together a 2-year-old because that his owner-breeder. He to be undefeated together a 3-year-old, walk off together the odds-on favourite in each of the Triple Crown races and winning the Belmont by 25 lengths. At stud, the sired two champions and also Kentucky Derby winner counting Turf.

7. Assault (1946)

Keeneland Library

Jockey: Warren Mehrtens

Trainer: Max Hirsch

Owner: King Ranch

Career record: 42-18-6-8

Career earnings: $675,470

Earnings in today’s dollars: $8,176,041

Pedigree: Bold venture – Igual, by Equipoise

Color: Chestnut

Fun facts: Nicknamed the “club-footed comet” as result of a malformed ideal front hoof resulting from one injury as a foal, attack went off at 8.20-to-1 in the Kentucky Derby but won by eight lengths. He continued to race until he was 7 years old after proving infertile at stud and also later retirement to King Ranch, the same place he to be foaled.

8. Citation (1948)

Blood-Horse Library

Jockey: Eddie Arcaro

Trainer: Horace A. “Jimmy” Jones, despite his father, Ben, was trainer of document for the Derby

Owner: Calumet Farm

Career earnings: $1,085,760

Earnings in today’s dollars: $10,637,700

Pedigree: Bull Lea – Hydroplane, by Hyperion

Color: Bay

Fun facts: Citation won eight of ripe starts together a 2-year-old and also began his sophomore season v two wins over older horses. He challenged just 5 others in the Kentucky Derby and 15 full in all three Triple Crown races, yet completed his 3-year-old season with 19 victories indigenous 20 starts. He came to be racing’s an initial millionaire in 1951.

9. Secretariat (1973)

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Jockey: Ron Turcotte

Trainer: Lucien Laurin

Owner: meadow Stable

Career record: 21-16-3-1

Career earnings: $1,316,808

Earnings in today’s dollars: $7,002,779

Pedigree: Bold leader – Somethingroyal, through Princequillo

Color: Chestnut

Fun facts: Secretariat was named equine of the Year as a 2-year-old ~ winning eight of ripe starts and also was syndicated because that a record $6.08-million at an early stage in his sophomore season. The chestnut colt shed the hardwood Memorial however proceeded to set the stakes document in every of the three Triple Crown races, consisting of an American record 2:24 in the Belmont, a race he winner by 31 lengths. Belmont Park has because installed a blue and also white pole 31 lengths from the finish line, signifying the size of Secretariat’s win.

10. Seattle Slew (1977)

Coglianese Photo/Blood-Horse Library

Jockey: Jean Cruguet

Trainer: william H. Turner, Jr.

Owner: Mickey and also Karen Taylor and Dr. Jim and also Sally Hill

Career record: 17-14-2-0

Career earnings: $1,208,726

Earnings in today’s dollars: $4,709,623

Pedigree: Bold thinking – mine Charmer, by Poker

Color: Dark just or brown

Fun facts: Seattle Slew to be the very first and stayed the only undefeated Triple Crown winner till Justify join him in 2018. He sustained the first loss that his career in his following race after ~ the series, Hollywood Park’s Swaps Stakes. Together a 4-year-old Seattle Slew won 5 of seven starts, including a win over other Triple Crown winner Affirmed in the 1978 Marlboro Cup. At stud, he sired horse of the Year and also prolific sire A.P. Indy and much more than 100 various other stakes winners.

11. Affirmed (1978)

Coglianese Photo/Blood-Horse Library

Jockey: Steve Cauthen

Trainer: Laz Barrera

Owner: Harbor watch Farm

Career record: 29-22-5-1

Career earnings: $2,393,818

Earnings in today’s dollars: $8,669,109

Pedigree: Exclusive native – i will not ~ Tell You, through Crafty Admiral

Color: Chestnut

Fun facts: Affirmed’s rivalry with Alydar, the second-place finisher in every of the 1978 Triple Crown races, is among the most famous rivalries in the sport. Despite he shed to Seattle Slew in the year’s Marlboro Cup, Affirmed was named 1978 horse of the Year, and also he would duplicate the title in 1979 with six straight class 1 wins. He was the an initial $2-million earner in Thoroughbred racing.

12. American Pharoah (2015)

Eclipse Sportswire

Jockey: Victor Espinoza

Trainer: Bob Baffert

Owner: Zayat Stables

Career record: 11-9-1-0

Career earnings: $8,650,300

Earnings in today’s dollars: $8,650,300

Pedigree: Pioneerof the Nile - Littleprincessemma, through Yankee Gentleman

Color: Bay

Fun facts: In 2015 American Pharoah finished the longest drought in Triple Crown history when he became the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years. Jockey Victor Espinoza had twice remained in the position to complete the triple (2002 and 2014) and trainer Bob Baffert had tried 3 times before (1997, 1998, 2002) once American Pharoah completed the sweep. American Pharoah shed his an initial start prior to breaking his maiden in a grade 1 race and also winning eight continually races. Like six that the last 7 Triple Crown winners, the colt had been called 2-year-old champion in 2014. He wrapped up his career v a win in the Breeders" Cup Classic against older horses and also was later named equine of the Year. That has due to the fact that taken increase stud duty in ~ Ashford Stud in Kentucky.

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13. Justify (2018)

Eclipse Sportswire

Jockey: Mike Smith

Trainer: Bob Baffert

Owner: China steed Club, WinStar Farm, Starlight Racing, Head of plains Partners

Career record: 6-6-0-0

Career income (to date): $3,798,000

Earnings in today’s dollars: $3,798,000

Pedigree: Scat dad - phase Magic, through Ghostzapper

Color: Chestnut

Fun facts: Justify came to be the very first horse due to the fact that Apollo in 1882 to victory the Kentucky Derby without racing together a 2-year-old. He started his career in mid-February 2018 and won three races, including the Santa Anita Derby, prior to sweeping the Triple Crown. He is just the second Triple Crown winner to perform so if undefeated, and also his trainer Bob Baffert ended up being only the second person come train a pair that Triple Crown winners. Justify was bought together a yearling (1-year-old) for $500,000 and was own by a group of sector power football player in China horse Club, WinStar Farm, Starlight Racing, and Head of levels Partners. After maintain a minor injury in summer 2018, he was retired come stud duty in ~ Ashford Stud.