DANCING v The Stars look at a tiny different for fans when it pertains to hosting.

Prior come the start of the show's 29th season, it to be revealed the long-time host Tom Bergeron to be fired and also then replaced by the current host.

Tyra banks started hosting Dancing through The Stars throughout the show's 29th seasonCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Who is the hold of Dancing through The Stars 2021?

Dancing with The Stars organize Bergeron was changed with Tyra Lynne Banks, also known as BanX, throughout the show's 29th season and also she has since continued the duty for the show's 30th season, i beg your pardon premiered ~ above September 20, 2021.

Born December 4, 1973, Banks, 47, is known as an American television personality, model, businesswoman, producer, actress, and writer.

Since debuting as host, banks has had a controversial run, through fans slamming her wardrobe choices in October 2021.

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Viewers dubbed her an "epic failure" together ratings reached a lower-than-usual level.

She also received hefty criticism from pan who declared she to be "not prepared" for the role.

Despite the criticism, a resource told E! News that Tyra doesn't allow judgment from the public to stroked nerves her, stating: "She tunes the end the noise and doesn't hear to society media critiques."


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Why was Tom Bergeron fired?

Bergeron offered as the organize of Dancing with The Stars because that 28 seasons prior to he was let go, prior to that, that was likewise the organize of America's Funniest residence Videos.

Over one year ~ it was revealed he was fired, Bergeron opened up about the situation on Bob Saget's below for friend podcast and also revealed he had a emotion he wasn't going to be around much longer.

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Bergeron said: "In every candor, the show that ns left was not the display that ns loved.

"So, the finish of the season that turned out to be my critical season , I sort of knew.

"So ns took everything out of mine dressing room that i really wanted … the was sort of apparent that we were kind of butting heads."

Bergeron additionally went top top to add that he is not dwelling on the past after formerly stating the would never ever return to the franchise.

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He continued: "It's pretty much in the rearview winter for me. I'm top top to various other stuff."

Many fans have since criticized Tyro Banks' fashion selections on the showCredit: Getty

How do I watch Dancing through The Stars?

Dancing v The Stars airs live on alphabet on Monday in ~ 8pm EST.

The display can additionally be streamed with Hulu v Live TV and also fuboTV.

Season 30 features 15 pairs including the show's very first ever same-sex matchup v JoJo Siwa and also Jenna Johnson.

This season has additionally seen dramatic eliminations in mainly four.

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