Update, Saturday, October 2: will certainly there be a brand-new episode the Saturday Night Live tonight, October 2? Yes, and also it is about time. Season 47 starts this evening with organize Owen Wilson with music guest Kacey Musgraves kickstarting the brand-new season.​​​​​​

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Previously: will there be a new episode the Saturday Night Live tonight, may 22? great news is the there will be a new episode! The poor news is that it's the last illustration of the season. Thankfully, the display is going out v a bang, as Anya Taylor-Joy is taking over hosting duties, while Lil Nas X​ will certainly close up the season together the musical guest. ​​​​​​

Carey Mulligan's hosting duties complied with that the Daniel Kaluuya's top top April 3, and the Promising Young Woman actress kicked points off memorably in her opening monologue through real-life husband Marcus Mumford that the tape Mumford & boy making an illustration in the audience to pitch himself together a potential music guest because that the episode. Additionally, Mulligan poked funny at the "lesbian period drama" subgenre with films like Portrait of a Lady top top Fire and Ammonitein a brand-new sketch starring cast members Heidi Gardner and also Kate McKinnon.

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The last show prior to SNL went top top a month-long hiatus was hosted by Nick Jonas. Among the highlights of Jonas's February 27 illustration was a sketch about a instance of mistaken identity involving Prince Charming and also Cinderella's glass slipper, an appearance native Jonas's brother, Kevin Jonas, and an remarkable sketch about women who love Netflix murder shows. And, as if Jonas running about the SNL stage performing in multiple sketches wasn't enough, that was also the February 27 music guest, too.

Jonas's hosting gig capped off a rather terrific February because that SNL. Prior to Jonas, SNL was organized by Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page. Page showed turn off his comedy chops through a Bridgerton sketch, a saucy opening monologue, and also a sketch specialized to the transformative strength of the brothers accent. Page's hosting gig was among the best episodes thus much in Season 46, v episodes organized by Regina King andS chitt's Creek alum Dan raise coming in nearby behind.

Saturday Night Live airs ~ above Saturdays in ~ 11:30 afternoon ET/8:30 afternoon PT. Every previous episodes of Saturday Night Live Season 46 are easily accessible to present on Peacock and also Hulu.

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