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The showrunners ask actors members a many questions. MTV

According to season-one alum Shanley McIntee, the MTV spreading interviews can get pretty invasive as soon as it involves your an individual life.

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McIntee told Entertainment Weekly in 2014that MTV knows her far better than she to know herself.

Fellow season-one alum chris Tolleson echoed her statements in the exact same interview, saying before the present he "never had actually to ask himself how countless times masturbated in a day."

There's additionally a scientific research behind every perfect match.


The display has part special equivalent methods. MTV

No one is tossing a dart at a plank hoping to randomly complement two complete strangers top top the show.

The display uses a range of methods derived from "scientifically proven compatibility testing," executive producer Tiffany Williams called Entertainment Weekly in 2014.

The show isn't scripted.


It's every real, according to the actors members. MTV

Contrary to famous belief, "Are girlfriend the One?" is no a scripted television series, former actors members said International service Times in 2016.

That means all the the life emotions, temper tantrums, drunken jealousy, and fights were real. Various other than a collection filming schedule, it seems no one tells the cast how to behave or what to say in details situations.

The show will interview her exes.


Things obtain personal. MTV

As a part of the rigorous "Are girlfriend the One?" casting process, "matchmakers" interview contestants, their family members members, and even your exes, follow to entertainment Weekly.

This info is stated to help contestants find their perfect match, due to the fact that what better way to find love than discovering from her past?

The video game apparently has actually no rules.

This can explain the drama. MTV

Other 보다 the target to uncover your perfect match, executive, management producer Williams called Entertainment Weekly in the 2014 interview that there room no rules on set.

People have actually tried to cracked the "Are you the One?" love algorithm.

Many world have tackled the algorithm. MTV

Mathematicians and fans alike have tried to fix the famous love algorithm ~ above the show and some have actually even asserted to have actually figured it out,according toThe Observer.

In 2014 in a Quora post, someone suggested that there is a 2% chance of beating the game. This is only if it"s played completely randomly, however.

After producing an integer, he was able to uncover all matches 89% of the moment after ripe rounds.

Only one season the the show has shed the game.

The season-five cast failed. MTV

So far, cast members on 7 of the eight periods of the present have successfully found their matches.

Unfortunately because that season-five contestants, castle failed in ~ finding every 11 perfect matches. That method they"re the only cast who walked away from the display without the cash prize.

Some couples native the present — including ones that were no a perfect match — are still together.

Ethan Diamond and Amber Diamond (née Lee) have kids. MTV

A few of the couples that met on the reality display have gone after their relationships post-production.

The longest-lasting pair thus much is Ethan Diamond and also Amber Diamond (née Lee) indigenous season one, who were a perfect enhance on the show. Castle now have two children.

Some couples, favor CurtisHadzicki andJenni Knapmiller native season two, were not a perfect enhance on TV but are still together years later.

Contestants aren't allowed to have record and pen in the house.

producers don't want contestants make the efforts to use math to uncover the matches. MTV

In a 2015 Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), previous host Ryan Devlin said that contestants can"t have file and pen in the house, in part to dissuade them indigenous trying to usage math to calculate the matches.

"We don"t enable any record or pens because it"s super boring to see people sit around and draw grids every day. But they still regulate a way to job-related things out -- favor using vodka party to represent the guys and toothbrushes for the girls and all the ... ," that wrote.

The only place in the house that doesn't have cameras is apparently the fridge.

Cameras room everywhere. MTV

Contestants try to sneak far from the cameras, yet it"s not specifically possible.

In the same Reddit AMA, Devilin wrote, " ... The only place without a camera is inside the refrigerator and also I don"t think two human being can right in there ;)."

With season eight, the show made history as the first dating display to have an entire cast of human being who determine as sexually fluid.

Season eight had a cast of individuals who recognize as sexually fluid. MTV

For the an initial time, season eight featured a cast of individuals who identify as sexually fluid, an interpretation there weren"t sex limitations placed on the bag of perfect matches.

As some have actually noted, this renders "Are you the One?" the very first dating show to have a cast of people who determine as sexually fluid.

"What we realized is we have a generation of daters that were stripping far the labels and also not wanting to be put in a box and also to perform it your way. That was inspiring," showrunner Jeff Spangler told E! in 2019, explaining just how the series decided top top this season-eight cast.

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On previous seasons, the present only had couplings of male and female contestants.

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