how Much Who desires To it is in A Millionaire organize Jimmy Kimmel won On The display In 2001 Jimmy Kimmel is the current host of Who desires To be A Millionaire but previously appeared as a contestant back in 2001; here"s just how much the won.

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Here"s exactly how much current Who desires To it is in A Millionaire organize Jimmy Kimmel won as a contestant top top the show ago in 2001. The original collection of Who desires To be A Millionaire debuted in 1998 in the UK, hosted by chris Tarrant. The format sees contestants confronted with one increasingly daunting series of concerns as lock climb in the direction of the titular cash prize. The show might be nail-bitingly intense, and the principle soon walk global, with various takes top top the show getting here in Russia, Australia, India and also many other countries.

The U.S. Variation of Who wants To be A Millionaire landed on ABC a year after the show"s UK debut. The late, good Regis Philbin to be the very first host, and the present has been around in miscellaneous incarnations ever before since. After ~ Philbin, various other hosts the the American version include Cedric the Entertainer, kris Harrison and also The Expendables star terrycloth Crews. It"s fair to see the success of Who wants To it is in A Millionaire permeated pop culture in a very noticeable way, which had parodies top top The Simpsons if the regimen played a significant role in the plot of Danny Boyle"s Slumdog Millionaire.

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The U.S. Variation of Who desires To it is in A Millionaire appears unkillable, as regardless of being cancelled an ext than when - through the most recent canning being in 2019 - it always comes back. Comedian and also chat present host Jimmy Kimmel is the recent to front the show, i m sorry debuted in April 2020. This iteration is more celebrity-focused, i beg your pardon is rather fitting together Kimmel himself was a contestant on a celebrity version held by Philbin means back in 20o1. That did pretty fine for self too, together he netted $125,000 because that the Doug Flutie Jr. Autism foundation.

who desires to be a millionaire 2001 jimmy kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel was best known because that The male Show once he appeared on this comedy variation of Who desires To be A Millionaire. He regulated to price twelve inquiries correctly, nabbing $125,000 indigenous the question "On the TV collection "Sesame Street" large Bird always remains what age?", v the exactly answer being six. The did pretty well on the Who wants To it is in A Millionaire game, and also in later years became much better known because that hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which started in 2003.

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The revived Jimmy Kimmel Who desires To it is in A Millionaire showed to be a hard ratings success, bring about a 2nd season. A 3rd season that the display has yet to be greenlit, however, but given the show"s longevity, the feels somewhat inevitable.