Dancing through the Stars fans may have felt blindsided by news of Tom Bergeron‘s shooting in July 2020… however Bergeron self did not.

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On a current episode the theBob Saget’s below for You podcast, Bergeron — who abruptly left the alphabet competition series, in addition to co-host Erin Andrews, after Season 28 — spoke more candidly around the situations of his exit, revealing the he “kinda knew” it to be coming.


Bergeron traced his ultimate departure back to Summer 2019, simply a couple of weeks beforeDancing reverted for Season 28. Roughly that time, Bergeron said, there were “personnel changes behind the scenes” in ~ the show, “and those people and I walk not see eye-to-eye about how ideal to present the show,” particularly when it pertained to casting political personalities. Per Bergeron, he felt thatDancing should be “an oasis, because that two hrs every week, from every one of the nonsense and the divisiveness walk on best now, and also let’s not put political people in there.”

Thus, when former White house press secretary Sean Spicer was added to the Season 28 roster, Bergeron feel “quite captured by surprise and taken aback and a bit misled,” specifically after the producers he’d talked with seemed to agree the politics need to stay out of the ballroom. At the time, Bergeron voiced his displeasure about the casting on Twitter, and also as that told Saget, “We differed top top that, i was public around that, and also I don’t think that satellite well through the producer or the network.”

Bergeron walk on come say the by the moment Season 28 ended, “the display that ns left was not the present that i loved,” and because “it was kind of apparent that we were butting heads” behind the scenes, he experienced his shooting coming. Still, the former host — who will next preside end an in-the-works Tic-Tac-Dough remake because that NBCUniversal — stated he looks earlier on his 15-year operation “with really an excellent fondness for the vast majority of it,” and also he encouraged longtime Dancing pan to proceed tuning in in spite of his absence.

“I want people to still clock it and support and also understand that, sure, it’s different, however there’s still very, really talented people who room going to be on her screens,” the said. “I wasn’t surprised the was my critical season, for this reason there to be no blue period.

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Actually, ns think Erin and I had more fun gift fired than basically anybody.”

Dancing v the Stars, now held by Tyra Banks, is right now in that 30th season, airing Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. A unique Tuesday installment airs tonight, additionally at 8 pm, through the second half of this season’s Disney mainly performances.