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mary Berry judged the first seven seasons of "The great British Baking Show." BBC/Netflix

Before she left the present in 2019, judge mar Berry well balanced out fellow judge Paul Hollywood"s intimidating persona for seven years.

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Fans of Berry will certainly be happy come hear the she seems to be together lovely in genuine life as she appears on television.

Season-four baker Ali Imdad recalled a time once the "lovely" referee comforted him during a complicated moment also though they weren"t being filmed.

"I remember as soon as I was having a panic strike because mine ganache just wasn"t setting," the said. "There were no cameras, however she still simply came approximately me and gave me a hug and said, "Just remember, it"s just cake.""

Sue Perkins and also Mel Giedroyc"s well-meaning antics in the time could additionally get annoying


Sue Perkins and also Mel Giedroyc on "The good British Baking Show." BBC/Netflix

Sue Perkins and also Mel Giedroyc, who held the an initial seven periods of the show, were recognized for happen a details comedic flair to every episode. But some bakers didn"t always have time for their antics in the middle of a stressful challenge.

Imdad also competed ~ above the 3rd season that "The good British Baking Show: Holidays," and he recalled a moment when the hosts interfered through the bakers" focus.

"I was with Cathryn Dresser," the told "Her bakes weren"t going very well, and also Mel and Sue came and also they were simply sort of having a laugh and also a joke, and I psychic Cathryn speak to me, "I just need to finish up my bakes. Can they simply please leave me alone?""

He continued, "So if you"re having actually a negative time, it"s more than likely a tiny distracting and also annoying. Yet obviously, they always mean well — minus Paul."

Contestants favored Sandi Toksvig, however one said she didn"t it seems to be ~ to have much of a sweet tooth


Sandi Toksvig and Antony Amourdoux ~ above "The good British Baking Show." Channel 4

Despite being a copresenter on a baking-competition show, Sandi Toksvig doesn"t seem too keen top top sweets herself.

"None the the judges ever spat the food the end to avoid weight gain, yet I think Sandi sometimes didn"t shot bakes," season eight"s Stacey Hart called "I don"t think Sandi"s acquired a an especially sweet tooth, but she loves cheese therefore she always ate anything through cheese."

But her lack of a sweet this doesn"t protect against her from being a type host. Hart claimed Toksvig is a "lovely woman" that the contestants fondly described as "Auntie Sandi."

Prue Leith apparently takes residence leftovers from the show to feed her pigs


Prude Leith has actually been judging "The good British Baking Show" due to the fact that season eight. BBC/Netflix

Fans regularly wonder what the show does through all the leftover baked products after a full day that shooting.

According come Hart, the bowl are usually shared among contestants, hosts, judges, and the crew. And also since she join the present as a judge in 2017, Prue Leith has actually apparently taken care of the leftovers.

"They spread out it all out on a table and whatever scraps room left end Prue supposedly takes house to feed she pigs," Hart said "That"s what ns was told."

Although Leith has previously spoken about feeding scraps indigenous the present to she neighbor"s pigs, she later on said she stopped after discovering it can make lock sick.

Copresenter Noel Fielding takes a vested interest in the contestants

Noel Fielding and Antony Amourdoux on "The good British Baking Show." Channel 4/Love Productions

Copresenter Noel Fielding join "The an excellent British roasted Off" for season eight in 2017.

His strange comedy often tends to lighten the mood in the tent, and, follow to former contestants, he"s kind and supportive off-camera, too.

Hart called the he makes a point to get to understand the contestants prior to they even arrive top top the set.

"In the beginning, the first day us walked into the tent, anyone was nervous," she said. "Noel come up and gave united state a big hug. That knew everything around me."

Some bakers stated Paul Hollywood"s bad-guy persona acquired annoying

Paul Hollywood ~ above "Bake Off." BBC/Netflix

Paul Hollywood seems pretty intimidating top top the show, but some former contestants claimed he can be much more annoying 보다 scary.

"Paul do the efforts to put on this persona of, friend know, simply sort of lingering behind you and also trying to record you out," Imdad told "And it"s cute the first time around, yet after a while, it"s like, "Could you simply go away?""

He continued, "I guess: v it"s cute when you"re city hall on TV, yet when you"re a contestant, you just sort of want to push him off."

"I gained a little annoyed," Hart said "In the semifinals, Paul make a few comments i didn"t like. He came to my workspace and also said, "Oh, acquired a little bit of a mess on here. A confusing table is a messy baker" or something like that, and also I"m like, walk away. I"m simply trying to perform my job."

But the doesn"t fear everyone, and sometimes he"s pretty helpful

Despite Hollywood"s reputation as the tougher judge on the show, not everyone dreads encountering him.

"Some may fear Paul Hollywood, but he does not scare me," season seven"s Rav Bansal called

Hart additionally said she wasn"t fazed by Hollywood"s persona, informing, "Paul do the efforts to it is in intimidating, however he didn"t scare me."

She continued, "He"s pretty enough. I just liked him once he preferred my stuff. I didn"t favor him when he didn"t."

Season nine"s Antony Amourdoux said the scariest thing about Hollywood to be being judged by him due to the fact that he"s together a talented baker.

"He is technically so sound, he"s unbelievable," Amourdoux said. "I would say he is the scariest judge because he can appropriate tell you off if that goes wrong."

Luckily, Hollywood is happy to give bakers pointers.

"As lot as that is scary, that does aid bakers v his tips and also tricks," the contestant added. "Bread week, he come alive. Other weeks he"s not typically in the tent as much, however bread main he"s walking approximately spending an excellent time in the time watching every single baker."

One contestant said Hollywood"s appearance might get distracting

Paul Hollywood intimidates part contestants top top "Bake Off." BBC

Amourdoux claimed that the judge"s handsome look at were occasionally distracting.

"It"s pretty daunting. Especially when Paul Hollywood is staring down at you through these blue eyes," the said. "One side of my mind is saying, "This man is for this reason hot. Simply kiss him." and also the other side of mine mind is saying, "This man is so complicated and scary.""

Overall, Hart said most of the hosts and judges are pretty friendly and welcoming

Noel Fielding was specifically welcoming to the brand-new bakers. Channel 4/Love Productions

Hart said that the judges and hosts she communicated with to be pretty welcoming and also kind in its entirety but the Hollywood didn"t seem rather as friendly.

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Recalling her very first time in the tent, Hart said, "They all come in and also made us feel good. The one person who didn"t? Paul. He continued to be outside."

She continued, "I didn"t have any type of communication v him till the an initial judging."

Representatives for Hollywood, Leith, and Toksvig did not automatically respond come"s request for comment.

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