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Who wants to it is in a Millionaire began out as a breakout 1999 prime-time program, paving the method for several other glitzy, huge production before its syndication in 2002. The present features a variety of contestants answering a series of increasingly an overwhelming questions precious increasingly much more money until they answer a final million-dollar question. If castle answer correctly, possibly with the assist of among three lifelines, they will certainly win a examine for $1,000,000.

However, the true delight of the show comes from the communication each of the program's hosts had with that is guests. And while WWTBAM has actually been up and also down in popularity since it first made a huge splash, it has seen a number of different hosts along the means who've breathed new life into the 17-year-old show. 

Casual fans of "Who desires to it is in a Millionaire" can most likely name the two most renowned hosts that the show, but did you know that there have actually been 4 hosts therefore far? here are all of the individualities who have actually hosted the show, from first to most recent.


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Before its main announcement in 2015, chris Harrison was already famous because that hosting the wildly successful reality display "The Bachelor" and every one of its spin-offs. Harrison took over for season 14 that the show and has been the acting host ever before since, garnering a brand-new set of popularity because that the program. 

The display narrowly avoided cancellation after damaging ratings native the 2014-2015 season. Fortunately, Harrison turn the negative slump around. The display has right now been renewed with the 2018 season, and Harrison has signed ~ above to organize for at least that long. 

A show Winding Down, or moving Up?

Since its start in 1999, Who desires to it is in a Millionaire has actually been on a kind of ratings roller coaster. While it started out through a bang, ratings started to sink in element time by 2002. In syndication, the show started out strong and then started to fade. Currently that we're seeing a bit of sales in hosting duties, it's difficult to call if the display is going come wind under or if it will reap a brand-new resurgence.

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However, through its solid layout (even after many changes) and history, I absolutely hope the "Who wants to it is in a Millionaire" is as soon as again on the means up. So, remain tuned and also keep the town hall — viewership determines its longevity.