After a long wait, the restrictions preventing us from launching within the Park have been lifted. We space still required to enforce masking and social distancing guidelines problems by the State, yet we look front to a complete flying season in 2021 after missing the whole 2020 season as result of COVID. All existing bookings will proceed as booked (weather permitting) and we room accepting new bookings now.

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Few warm air balloon ride areas rival “The cool Canyon that the East.” The Letchworth Park alleyways is magnificent, and also provides an tremendous backdrop because that memorable hot air balloon rides. The check out is spectacular, and the suffer breathtaking!

Our launch website is located nearby to the center Falls, among the many picturesque areas within the park. The beautiful western new York countryside bordering Letchworth is an remarkable flying area. It provides a terrific setting because that your warm air balloon drive experience.

Letchworth journey Availability

We schedule morning and evening flights Monday v Saturday, year-round. We can frequently accommodate passenger groups even at quick notice. We have balloons ranging in size from 4 come 8 passengers. We are proud to sell a personal experience. You may even reserve whole balloon for her party with a personal flight. Ours pilots space all FAA-certified commercial hot air balloon pilots. We deserve to fly up to 4 balloons per flight period. If you have actually a huge group, we deserve to accommodate approximately 20 people for a ride.

About us

We room a local, family-owned, full-time hot wait balloon business. In the spring of 2019, us purchased Balloons over Letchworth native its longtime owner, our friend Sean Quigley. Back we have been flying about the Park area for many years, all our Letchworth flights currently originate from within the Park itself. For much more information or to request a day for her Letchworth Park balloon ride, please contact us today. We are excited to accomplish you, and to hold your warm air balloon experience!



IMPORTANT! you re welcome read prior to booking.

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Balloon flights are extremely weather sensitive and must generally be postponed due to weather conditions. If you room traveling indigenous a distance, we strongly introduce booking your flight at an early stage in your continue to be in case your trip is postponed. We cannot overstate the importance of being functional in your planning when booking a hot air balloon ride.