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Ten points to know for the 2021 Albuquerque worldwide Balloon Fiesta

April 28, 2021


The 49th Albuquerque worldwide Balloon Fiesta will certainly launch on October 2, 2021. The nine-day event will feature much more than 600 warm air balloons and also celebrate the sport through its nine morning sessions and also five evening sessions. Morning sessions generally feature range of balloons launching from, or into, Balloon Fiesta Park, decorating the blue Albuquerque skies, whereas night sessions showcase a wonder static display screen of balloons lighting increase the night sky. Even if it is on a hunt for a tranquil or adventurous experience, guests can expect an unforgettable visit while at Balloon Fiesta.

Here is a perform of 10 things to know when plan a expedition to this year’s Balloon Fiesta:

Safety:The safety of all our guests and also participants is always at the peak of ours list. Balloon Fiesta’s leadership continues its occupational with the State of new Mexico to develop COVID Safe methods (CSPs) that will allow outdoor festivals and in certain Balloon Fiesta to proceed to administer a for sure guest trusted event. As an the end event, with more than 350 acres for guests to self-isolate, Balloon Fiesta organizers are confident this year’s occasion will existing a safe atmosphere for all who might attend.

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The occasion staff, v guidance from clinical professionals, will proceed to determine public health measures for the existing and anticipated needs of our Event. Balloon Fiesta expects to have actually that information easily accessible by the moment tickets go on revenue July 2, 2021. The measures will proceed to be updated as conditions evolve. Visit our News and Updates web page for rojo updates on safety measures and also practices.

Relaxation: In general, brand-new Mexico has actually a call of welcome a slower pace; Balloon Fiesta complements that atmosphere, in that there is a comfortable pace for enjoying the event. During the sessions guests can freely check out the 365-acre Balloon Fiesta Park together they select or just stay put with a blanket and also coffee. Balloon Fiesta is pleasant and unassuming; the perfect place to kickback and also look up. Because that a complete rundown of the event, visit our online Guest Guide.

Weather: October is a exorbitant time the year come visit Albuquerque, new Mexico. The cool mornings provide the perfect scene to watch hundreds of warm air balloons soar through new Mexico’s glowing blue skies. After ~ the sun rises, therefore does the temperature; guests have to prepare through dressing in layers come accommodate the alters in temperatures during sessions. For much more information about the weather in Albuquerque and also why it is the ideal ar to paris balloons, visit our Weather page.

Welcoming: Balloon Fiesta is fortunate to have a longstanding and committed board of directors, staff and many volunteers to aid run this worldwide event. This event and also the memory it brings to everyone attending, is the passion of the Balloon Fiesta team and its surrounding community. While preparing because that Balloon Fiesta and also attending the event, guests can rest assured the there will always be a trusted face available to help make the experience the ideal it deserve to be. For more information on just how to enjoy this year’s event visit our rapid Facts page.

Getting Around: Balloon Fiesta uses an accommodating environment for all guests. Guests who room interested in see every inch of Balloon Fiesta Park have the right to roam freely, seeing not just the balloons, however enjoying few of the many food and also merchandise concessionaires, booths and entertainment. For guests who choose to self-isolate, they have the right to sit earlier and enjoy the scenery, there are a variety of places to view the launch from Balloon Fiesta Park. To learn more about options obtainable to Balloon Fiesta guests, visit the ticket page.

Surrounding Scenery: One of the biggest things around the Balloon Fiesta is that morning sessions start and end early, leaving many of time for travelers to do the many of your visits to brand-new Mexico. Whether it is exploring a surrounding attraction, scenic byway, town or pueblo, the event and also its ar lend well to those seeking adventure. To learn much more about Albuquerque and brand-new Mexico, visit ours Travel assist page.

Accessibility: Here is a perform of the many choices guests have actually when accessing Balloon Fiesta Park:

General Parking at Balloon Fiesta is $20 every session, visit this page for more information on steering to and also parking at the event.

Fiesta refer Park and Ride is a an excellent way to protect against traffic, leaving your vehicle at a convenient location and also getting shuttled to Balloon Fiesta Park. Visit the Park and Ride web page for an ext information.

Ride Share: Balloon Fiesta team members space working with neighborhood ride share suppliers to run a convenient location and process for guests to it is in dropped turn off at Balloon Fiesta Park. More details to which our Travel help page.

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Bike Valet: Guests that ride your bikes to Balloon Fiesta Park deserve to store lock for cost-free during their visit in ~ the bike Valet. For more information on the program visit the bike Valet Page.

Atmosphere: Watching numerous balloons float through clear, blue, brand-new Mexico skies is magical yet there is for this reason much much more that renders Balloon Fiesta the most fun and also popular hot air balloon festival in the world. Morning and also evening sessions in ~ Balloon Fiesta room packed with entertainment, food and merchandise, ballooning competitions, fireworks and much more and through a background of the Sandia Mountains, it create the perfect opportunity to explore and escape. For a full rundown of what takes ar at each session, visit the occasion Schedule.

New Experiences: Strolling amongst hundreds of warm air balloons around to launch at dawn or glowing at sunset is a breathtaking experience. Through pilots visiting from virtually every U.S. State and also around the world, the social flair is unmistakable. Whether it’s city hall woodcarvers produce a masterpiece, attending the America’s an obstacle Gas gyeongju inflation or cheering ~ above pilots throughout competitions, there is always an opportunity to view something new. Inspect out the to chat Schedule and also Event Schedule for an ext information.

Food & Cuisine: Enjoy a local production or a fair favorite on Balloon Fiesta’s main Street, which is lined with plenty of options. Famed breakfast burritos special authentic brand-new Mexican red and green chile are constantly in abundance and also can twin as hand warmers! A complete list the food concessionaires will certainly be exit closer to the event.

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