Rohr Balloons supplies the ideal hot wait balloon flights in Texas! From shared flights with other passengers and private flights for couples, to tethered rides at events and big group accommodations, we sell a variety of options for anyone wanting the hot air balloon experience.

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Rohr Balloons warm Air Balloon Rides
Jason and Allison were absolutely fantastic! They make this experience so fun and stress free. They went above and past from the minute we pulled as much as the moment they dropped united state off. I might not introduce this agency and duo enough! likewise brian helped coordinate proposal together well and it went so smoothly and also definitely introduce this company!

Had an impressive time! everyone was an extremely professional, knowledgeable and made you feel comfortable transparent the entire experience. Very recommend. Say thanks to you for the amazing memory Rohr Balloons!

If you or someone you know is interested in a hot air balloon ride, I highly recommend Rohr Balloons. They space friendly, professional, experienced, and an extremely knowledgeable. It was a wonderful experience that i look forward to law again.

Best job ever!! Brian Rohr and also his crew make our expedition absolutely amazing! The entire procedure was so simple from booking the tourism to receiving confirmation the work before. Our family members of 5 had a beautiful morning in the air. Happily we had perfect weather and were not faced

Another one turn off my bucket list! This to be such a wonderful experience. Ns went alone because that my 66th Birthday, mine cousin to be there to see me turn off celebrating she 72nd Birthday. The pilot and staff were Awesome. Action out on confidence forget her FEARS...Celebrate Life ...THE finest IS however TO COME! The Champagne, treats and bonding with the group, was the Cherry on the cake...Rohr Balloons your a 10!

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This to be such a an excellent experience. My friend (now husband) who is afraid of heights chose to make two big decisions every in one day. That attempted to attend to his fear of heights and also propose. From his suffer with setting up the procedure and native our suffer of the surprise no being ruined. The fulfill up and also the prior to time was great everyone to be nice and also sort of maintained to their selves. We of course knew why us were there. Ns let it it is in a lot of an suffer as feasible though. It was a quite landing and the light snack and also mimosas after to be a treat. An excellent crew who work-related well together and an great pilot.

“One that the most amazing experience of my life. I chose to suggest to mine girlfriend and also wanted to make it a memorable endure for her. So ns booked the proposal package with Rohr. The website made booking the flight very easy and straight forward. I had actually a few questions about logistics and also received a quick solution for my email. Every little thing was collection and all set to go! regrettably the work of my trip had unexpected negative winds, however Brian (The Pilot) referred to as me two days before and was maybe to get us in ~ above an earlier flight. Brian was an extremely professional and also had a an excellent personality. He to be a delight to fly with. Brian additionally had his ground crew Chino along, that did wonderful job help us v everything. If friend have ever before thought about going top top a Balloon ride, go v Rohr!”~Garry Douthitt