hot Air balloon rides space a beautiful method to suffer the world from a completely different perspective. You deserve to fly end the gorgeous see of Texas and gaze in ~ the breathtaking cityscape. It is peaceful, majestic, and also a once in a lifetime experience.

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SourceHere’s our guide to the top warm air balloon rides in Texas.

Top 10 warm Air Balloon Rides in Texas

1. Waiting Texas Balloon Adventure

SourceAt Texas air Adventure you can see the hot air balloon come to life appropriate in former of you. They also let you participate in setup up the balloon. Her balloon ride will certainly take you to a ride through the gorgeous Houston sunrise.The ticket price includes your warm air balloon charter, floor transportation, post-flight champagne ceremony, digital photographs that the ride, and a very first flight certificate. Each flight lasts for an hour.The staff at Texas air Adventure is professional and friendly and you are guaranteed an excellent service. They take all necessary safety precautions. Lock offer hot air balloon rides all year in Houston.Address: 1029 Hwy 6, Houston, Texas, USAPricing: Mon-Fri: exclude, 2 human being Basket Charter for 900 USD Sat-Sun: common Basket Charter for 290 USD per personNote-The common Basket Charter is only accessible on weekdays. Every basket will certainly have roughly 4-8 passengers.The to exclude, 2 people Charter is easily accessible only ~ above weekends and also accommodates 2 civilization for 900 USD.

2. Bear Creek Balloons

SourceBear Creek Balloons is the oldest and also most experienced company to offer warm air balloon rides in Houston. They have actually over 3 years of suffer so you have the right to be assured your trip will be safe and also enjoyable.Bear Creek Balloons offer plenty of different species of flight packages. The basic Flight package has a 30-45 minute lengthy flight and an alcoholic/non-alcoholic toast in ~ the end. The Deluxe trip package accommodates 1 or 2 civilization maximum and lasts for one and also a half hours. The drive is adhered to by a champagne toast and also a complete French brunch. The Group flight accommodates 3 to 5 passengers and also is forty-five minutes to one hour-long, complied with by a champagne toast.Hours: Sunrise, Mon-Sun all year (Weather permitting)Address: 5330 Addicks-Satsuma, Suite B700, Houston, Texas

3. Austin Aeronauts hot Air Balloons

SourceAustin Aeronauts is a prime location for warm air balloon rides in Texas. They sell private and group flights.Austin Aeronauts have various private trip packages. The Night Flights start early on in the morning as soon as the sky is tho dark and also you get to angry the sunrise first hand up in the sky. In your Lake trip package, the balloon slowly drifts end Lake Travis and the ride is serene and calm. In group flights, a best of 5 human being can be accommodated at once.Austin Aeronauts also has special services such together Wedding Flights and Proposal flights. They have corporate balloon rides together well.Hours: Mon-Sun 8 to be – 8 pmAddress: 3300 E Palm sink Blvd, ring Rock, Austin, Texas

4. Rohr Balloons

SourceRohr Balloons offers countless different varieties of flight packages to suit her needs. They have shared flights, private flights, flights for unique occasions such together marriages, proposals, and also birthdays.The trip is approximately an hour long. They also offer a champagne toast and also hors d’oeuvres post the balloon ride. The trip price contains the one-hour long ride, champagne and hors d’oeuvres, photos native the flight, and a trip certificate.Hours: Mon-Sun 7 to be – 7 pmAddress: 16 manors RdPricing:1. Common FlightsWeekday shared Flights- 219 USD per passenger, 199 USD because that children between the ages 6-10 and also under 100lbs (approximately 45 kgs)Weekend mutual Flights- 249 USD every passenger, 219 USD because that children between 6-10 years and under 100lbs (approx. 45 kgs)2. Private Flights2 passengers- 795 USD3 passengers- 995 USD4 passengers- 1195 USD

5.San Antonio warm Air Balloons

SourceAt san Antonio hot Air Balloons, you gain a scenic view of the san Antonio skyline as you lazily drift with the sky in your hot air balloon. Their hot air balloons are piloted by trained and also experienced professionals and they monitor every safety and security precaution.Address: 849 E commerce St, san Antonio, Texas

6. Large Country Balloon Fest

SourceTowards the finish of September, the large Country Balloon Fest is organized in Texas. The fest has hot air balloon rides for every ages.Apart native the warm air balloon rides, big Country Balloon Fest likewise has various other attractions such as pony rides, rides, blow up castles, dragon flying, and much more. Over there is likewise live music and delicious food. From taco to popcorn to hamburgers, huge Country Fest has it all.It is one of the most fun locations to gain a hot air balloon drive in Texas.

Hours: 7:30 am, 7:00 pmAddress: 3125 S 32nd St, Abilene, TexasPricing: 250 USD every person

7.Balloon Adventures the USA

SourceBalloon Adventures USA will certainly take you on a beautiful and also serene hot air balloon ride over the piney woods that northeast Texas. As you drift v the sky, friend will check out gorgeous lakes, vast hayfields, and lush trees.Their sunrise and sunset balloon rides are accessible throughout the year. Half of the ride is prior to the sunlight rises and also for the remainder of it, you can see the sunrise firsthand.Hours: Sunrise and also SunsetAddress: 801 N 2nd St, Longview, Texas, USAPricing:650 USD for 2 people275 USD per passenger because that 3 or much more passengers

8. Wait Adventures Aloft

SourceAir Adventures Aloft is another good location in Texas for experiencing a hot air balloon flight. They have over 28 year of suffer in this ar hence your safety and security is guaranteed.Air Adventure Aloft uses awe-inspiring see of Texas throughout your balloon ride.

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Ph. No. : (214) 801-7038Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am - 5 pm, sunlight 12 afternoon - 5 pm

9. Altitude Adjustment

SourceAltitude adjustment offers great hot wait balloon solutions in Texas. The pilots are experienced and also friendly. You have the right to take component in setting up the balloon together well. Every balloon ride is around an hour and a fifty percent long. Altitude Adjustment additionally offers a champagne toast and cookies come sweetly finish your balloon flight.
SourceHot wait Balloon rides is a wonderful activity that girlfriend must try at the very least once. Us hope our overview to the top hot air balloon rides in Texas helped you.