Fly in a warm air balloon and soar over the beautiful black Hills. Make memories that will last forever!

Black Hills Balloons was established in 1984 and has to be flying warm air balloons in the black color Hills because that over 30 years. The distinct flying area and also their competent pilots have actually earned the organization multiple awards and National recognition. Most recently, nominated through USA today as a contender for “Best warm Air Balloon flight in the US” and also annually receiving a TripAdvisor Certificate that Excellence, black color Hills Balloons take away the suffer to the next level, creating unique memorable experiences because that all.
Located in Custer, the Custer Valley and also world-renowned Custer State Park is the heart of your flying area; simply miles from mount Rushmore nationwide Monument, Crazy equine Memorial, Wind cavern National Park and South Dakota’s Badlands national Park! A trip over mountains, valleys, lakes and prairies, is just one of the best ways to watch the black color Hills; residence to elk, antelope, whitetail deer, bison and also mule deer. If you lucky, you could even see a hill lion from the secure hot air balloon gondola! The beautiful black Hills is the only ar in the civilization where you have the right to witness together historic, wild landscape and abundant wildlife indigenous a hot air balloon.

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Adults – $325 per adult. Youngsters 4-12 – $270 per child.Flights take place everyday at sunrise, weather permittingFlights take location near Custer SD; May 1st through Oct 31stGuests can expect an hour flight over the historic and beautiful black color HillsCelebratory champagne, irradiate snacks, and also a souvenir trip certificate is includedLocated simply miles from crazy Horse, mount Rushmore, fast City and also moreReserve one off-season Winter flight by phone call direct. One-of-a-kind appointment only
Reservations room required. Black Hills Balloons meets passengers each morning at the black color Hills Balloons Hangar, an updated historic structure located on the main street of Custer, SD. Passengers park your vehicles and also travel to the launch ar in an insured van. Once at the field, the crew it s okay to work-related unloading and also preparing the plane while passengers room briefed and also take photos. The hot air balloon take away 20 minute to prepare because that flight prior to passengers are requested to board. The flight is roughly one hour, determined by weather and easily accessible landing locations. Upon landing, the soil crew package up the balloon if passengers and also pilot storage the trip with cost-free champagne, light snacks and a story about the beginning of warm air ballooning.
Black Hills Balloons fly’s daily at sunrise when the winds room calm and also consistent. Flights space weather dependent and at the discretion the the pilot.

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