Hot wait balloons have become an ext popular and also many people have gained to enjoy the endure of tenderness hovering numerous feet above amazing landscapes.

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Looking at your favorite place in a warm air balloon provides you a brand brand-new perspective v a bird’s eye view.

You are better able to view how large and beautiful natural features are and also can even gain a new appreciation because that cities and towns you thought you were acquainted with.

Whether you setup on using a warm air balloon to simply obtain away native it all for a few hours or reap a romantic interlude, right here are some great rides to walk on in the joined States.

finest Hot air Balloon Rides in the US

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1: Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico


Mass Ascension of hot Air Balloons in ~ The Albuquerque worldwide Balloon Fiesta | Dreamstime/Rinus Baak
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Home the the worldwide Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque is well-known as the Ballooning capital of the World, so naturally is a fabulous place to take a drive in a hot-air balloon.

From aloft, one can see the city, the Rio Grande, Sandia Crest, and also desert flora and fauna.

A sunrise balloon journey in the Rockies will give you an unforgettable memory, if a sunset ride will give a different, however equally enchanting experience.

Address: 5000 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

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2: Quechee, Vermont


Dreamstime/Daniel Logan
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In Quechee, the hot-air balloon enthusiast can float about the roll hills of main Vermont, and also glide end Lake Pinneo so low one can watch birds catching their breakfasts.

Soaring over Quechee Gorge, “Vermont’s grand Canyon,” affords an impressive view the the Ottauquechee river below and also a picturesque bridge that spans the Gorge.

The Quechee spanned Bridge is an additional sight to be watched for together the balloon drifts end the village.

Quechee is one unincorporated town in the city of Hartford and is near the Vermont/New Hampshire border.

In the fall, one can expect to see the gorgeous fall colors that vermouth is so famous for. What much better way to enjoy nature’s spectacular display than from above in a hot-air balloon?

Address: 70 village Green circle Quechee , VT 05059

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3: Napa Valley, California


Wine nation in Napa valley California in spring through mountains, sky and also clouds and hot wait balloon | Dreamstime/Michael Warwick
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Gliding high over the vineyards of northern California’s Napa valley is a delightful method to invest an hour or so of a heat California day.

Several ballooning service providers are there vying to offer you the journey of her life. Through multiple balloon start sites, you’re sure to discover one that pleases you.

Sights to look for include California’s Old Faithful Geyser, Mt. St. Helena and also the Palisade Cliffs. The hot-air balloon providers offer a variety of amenities native a pre-flight breakfast to a post-flight champagne brunch.

Address: 4086 Byway E., Napa, CA 94558

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4: Letchworth State Park, new York


Hot air Balloon over the Middle falls at Letchworth State Park in brand-new York | Dreamstime/James Vallee
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Just a couple of hours away from Niagara Falls, Letchworth State Park is home to its very own gorgeous waterfalls as well as a gorge and area known as the ‘Grand Canyon the the East.’

The best method to obtain to check out the whole state park and also all its herbal beauty in just a few hours is in a warm air balloon.

This provides you the distinctive experience of paris just over waterfalls, the peaks that trees, and even snow-covered peaks depending on the weather.

Address: 6773 Halvorsen Road, Portageville, NY 14536

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5: cool Canyon, Arizona


Hot wait balloon floating over the cool Canyon with a beautiful landscape | Dreamstime/Wollertz
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Spanning a distance of 277 miles, over there is no great way to see every one of the cool Canyon in a brief amount of time without a warm air balloon.

From up over in a be sure balloon ride, you have the right to follow the winding route of the canyon the water carved away ages earlier and knife a true appreciation because that this organic wonder.

Many flights will certainly cross the widest area the the canyon so you deserve to see the from both sides and also truly check out the details the the ever-changing color of the absent formations.

Address: 21705 N. 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027

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6: Rocky Mountains, Colorado

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The Rocky mountains are truly one of the natural wonders in the unified States, however it have the right to be exhausting to shot to view them indigenous below.

Riding in a warm air balloon allows you merely stand ago and enjoy the 3,000 mile big of mountains interspersed with lakes and also streams across several states and into Canada.

In some cases, you may even have the ability to see some wildlife down below or small dots which space hikers or boaters gain the Rocky hill National Park.

Address: 5075 W Alaska Pl, Denver, CO 80219

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7: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

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The town of Lake Geneva and also the lake itself is positioned in the southeastern component of Wisconsin. It’s a popular vacation location for Milwaukee and Chicago residents.

The lake covers about eight square miles and also is nine miles long and also three mile wide. Elegant mansions native yesteryear elegant the shoreline.

The hot-air balloon passenger have the right to look down on houses that as soon as were owned by such American organization scions together Montgomery Ward, Richard Sears, william Wrigley, and also Allan Pinkerton.

Several of this magnificent houses are listed on the national Register of historic Places. This will truly it is in an unforgettable balloon ride.

Address: P.O. Box 484, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

8: Newberg, Oregon

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Located around 40 miles south of Portland, Oregon, the town of Newburg’s case to fame is that former president Herbert Hoover live there for 4 years as a boy.

The residence he lived in is now a museum. A hot-air balloon journey takes passengers over a portion of the Willamette Valley and also the Willamette River.

You’ll have the ability to see 10 hill peaks on a clear day including the beautiful Mt. Hood.

You may also see various other balloons in the air flying nearby. Your balloonist might dip down to just over the waters of the Willamette river in what is recognized as a splash ‘n dash.

Address: 1050 business Parkway, Sportsman Airpark, Newberg, OR 97132

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9: Winter Park, Colorado

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Hanging virtually two miles in the air over the Rockies, the only sound you will hear is the regular blast of propane into the balloon.

Located around 1½ hrs from Denver, Winter Park is perfect location to indulge in a hot-air balloon experience.

You’ll watch snow-capped peaks as far away together 100 miles as you monitor the Fraser flow ways.

Watch because that bears indigenous the safety and security of the balloon gondola. You will certainly be awed through the grandeur of the scenery of beautiful Colorado.

Address: 220 ar Rd 522, Fraser, CO 80442

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10: Asheville, phibìc Carolina

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Located in beautiful western phibìc Carolina, Asheville is the residence of the Biltmore Estate, the biggest private residence in America. Hot-air ballooning about Asheville is a treat come the senses.

The great Smoky hills offer one gorgeous vista after another as the balloon soars around the treetops among the birds.

Marvel in ~ the colorful foliage that the Pisgah National forest in the autumn, or enjoy pastoral see of rustic barns. In springtime, the dogwood, azaleas, rhododendron, and a myriad of other wildflowers will put your senses into overload with their beauty, uniquely watched from above.

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Address: 909 Smoky Park Hwy, p o crate 2319, Asheville, NC 28715

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