If you live close to a river or lake, friend know just how frustrating the is when sand gets tracked into your house. It makes a mess, it’s dirty, and once it’s do its method into her home, there’s no transforming back. It’s there for what feels favor forever, and also let’s no forget around all the dirty lake water the finds its method into your residence too. One way to prevent this trouble altogether is through investing in an the end shower.

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Outdoor showers take it the mess out of safety the day in ~ the lake and offer her guests a committed clean-up space. The end showers are additionally a good complement to a pool, leaving the swimming pool water exterior rather than puddled in your entryway. If you live through the ocean, you know the damage that salt water can have on your home, even if it’s simply from wet feet. The end showers can rinse away every those potentially harmful salts, and leave your residence (and guests) clean — not to mention, outdoor showers room just exceptionally relaxing, too.

Depending on your needs and also preferences, the end showers come v or there is no privacy walls, for this reason you have the option to develop custom walls if you want go the route.

As for exactly how the water will certainly flow, the end showers duty a couple of different ways. Part outdoor showers merely hook as much as your garden hose, if others can be hooked up to cold and also hot water pipes. The 2nd option requires a bit much more in the method of plumbing and planning.

If girlfriend don’t desire to address hiring a plumber, a solar shower only requirements the sunlight to occupational — but you won’t have actually a steady flow of hot water i beg your pardon isn’t right if you have huge groups at her home.

Whether you’re wanting to save the inside of your residence clean, or you like the idea of feeling the warmth of the sunlight on your shoulders if you take it a relaxing shower, we’ve discovered some the the finest outdoor showers to take it your swimming pool or lakeside residence to the following level.


This garden-style lattice cedar outdoor shower is wall-mounted to maintain a minimal footprint in your space. Every the hardware is included, so every you need to include is water! Plant part tall flowers around the shower head to add a bit much more privacy and also visual interest.

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Rattan style Outdoor Shower


Perhaps you desire to construct your very own privacy wall surfaces for your outdoor shower. Consider this freestanding shower that functions a rattan-style design. It comes v a rain-style showerhead and is UV, mildew, and rust resistant.

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Bamboo outdoor Shower


Standing in ~ 7 feet tall, this sustainably-harvested bamboo shower head is right for the tallest of guests, but may not work for smaller children. The shower come pre-plumbed and also features a removable showerhead to clean off her feet and also pets. This outdoor shower head doesn’t require much in the method of setup and also attaches to her garden hose.

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Stainless Steel and also Wood out Shower


Available in either unfinished meranti or ipe wood, this outdoor shower functions stainless stole fasteners because that a sleek, modern look. The shower attributes an 8-inch rain showerhead, a removable showerhead, and a foot wash faucet because that a multi-functional choice meeting a range of needs. Both hot and cold water relationships are had with this unit.

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Free was standing Mahogany the end Shower


Crafted the end of sustainably-harvested mahogany wood, this outdoor shower features stainless steel pipes with a polyurethane end up to produce a distressed look. The basic of the shower head is made the end of wood slats come encourage drainage, when the product itself is non-slip to protect against falls.

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Cedar Lattice wall surface Mount the end Shower

For a smaller sized cedar lattice outdoor shower, take into consideration this wall-mounted option. Make in Cape Cod, this out shower attributes a modular design that enables you to download the shower door top top whichever next is best suited for your space. Hardware is included with this option. Every you need is water! something to store in mind through this unit is that the timber is unfinished, for this reason you might need to consider including a security waterproof layer.

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Simple Stand-Alone PVC pipeline Outdoor Shower

Made out of PVC pipe, this simple, no-frills outdoor shower is a functional, useful enhancement to your swimming pool or coast house. Made out of only three piece of PVC pipe, the shower can be disassembled easily to keep away for the winter. Though it isn’t one extravagant outdoor shower and also it can’t be supplied with hot water, the is a straightforward option that gets the task done.

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Teak hardwood Free-Standing Shower

Sleek, modern, and also made out of teak wood, this free-standing outdoor shower from Wayfair attributes a simple showerhead and also both cold and hot faucet dials.

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Stainless steel Sleek the end Shower

Made out of marine grade stainless steel, this outdoor shower head is rust-resistant and also will stand approximately outdoor wear and tear. With hot and cold internal plumbing pre-installed, there’s no require for extra parts, and also all you have to do is hook up the shower head to your water supply. V a removable, rain-style showerhead, and also three adjustable massage jets, this shower head is both functional and a source of relaxation.

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Solar it is provided Outdoor Shower

If showering with cold garden water tap water isn’t your thing, take into consideration this solar it is provided outdoor shower. To fill the reservoir through water, and also let the sun heat the water because that you. Something to save in mind, though, is the while this shower is heated, it can only organize as much water as the reservoir will allow. Therefore if you’re making use of your shower mainly for washing turn off dirty feet, you can want to stick through a garden hose option. This shower comes through a rain-style showerhead and also (as mentioned) a foot to wash for spraying turn off sandy or muddy feet.

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Deluxe wall Mount out Shower

This outdoor shower from Cape ko Shower kits is memory of a backyard shed, however offers so lot more! v all the essential hardware included, this cedar wall-mounted shower just needs water hookups to obtain going. Other to think about with this unit is the it’s a bit bigger at 8 feet large by 7 feet long, for this reason if you’re short on an are in her backyard or garden, it may not it is in the choice for you.

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Pure Clean Portable the end Shower

If you’ve gained a bucket the water and one that these, you’ve got yourself a portable outdoor shower! It functions a integrated rechargeable battery, so just plug your Pure Clean right into a car’s tobacco lighter come charge. The trigger-activated nozzle spray strength the showerhead, making that energy and also water efficient. It’s a good outdoor shower solution for pool owners and also avid campers alike! If you’re looking for a an ext permanent option, though, you might want to go with another outdoor shower as this one is definitely intended because that on the go, travel use.

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Retro wall Mount out Shower

This wall-mounted, retro-style outdoor shower features a polished chrome finish and also stainless steel hardware to stand up to corrosion. This outdoor shower is extremely customizable through a built-in flexible temperature border stop and also temperature regulating module, and a push balance module. However, if you’re searching for an all-in-one unit, this may not be the ideal alternative for you. As soon as you desire a exclusive shower, you’ll need to install your own walls or curtain.

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Vinyl Outdoor shower head Kit

This outdoor shower kit from Wayfair is made out of weather-resistant vinyl and is obtainable with or without in-ground mounts. Finish with a pergola-style roof, this shower head kit provides plenty that privacy while preserving a stylish look. Be mindful that this is simply the enclosure, for this reason you’ll need to add your own plumbing and also hardware to get your shower up and also running. Purchase the vault unit along with this enclosure, add water, and also you have a totality system prepared to go!

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PVC wall Mount the end Shower

Made the end of PVC, this outdoor shower head is a finish kit through all the important hardware included. It is registered to the side of your residence or garage, this wall-mounted shower features a modular style that enables you to install the door to suit her space.

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Dark Brown Freestanding out Shower

Crafted the end of eucalyptus hardwood, this dark brown the end shower functions a rainwater showerhead and also a slatted base to encourage drainage. A integrated shelf offers you through a ar to store your soap or towel. Special stainless stole hardware, this shower head is supposed to stand approximately outdoor wear and tear.

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Minimalist Stainless stole Outdoor Shower

Featuring a basic showerhead and foot sprayer, this minimalist stainless stole outdoor shower have the right to be either free-standing or wall-mounted. Made out of maritime grade steel, this outdoor shower won’t rust and can withstand outdoor weathering. The shower head system has actually both hot and cold plumbing, and also everything you have to install the system is included.

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Poolside free Standing outdoor Shower

This portable, poolside, free-standing outdoor shower head is a simple and functional alternative that features a detachable showerhead and also a flex hose v an on/off valve. This outdoor shower doesn’t require lot setup and also can be conveniently moved to offer a range of purposes. When the season ends, you deserve to easily breakdown this shower and also store the away because that the winter. It is a an excellent option if you’re trying to find a seasonal out shower, however may not be the best an option if you want a an ext permanent option.

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Propane Water Heater and also Shower Pump

Now probably you like the idea the a portable shower, however want to action it approximately the following level. Take into consideration this portable propane water heater and shower pump. No only have the right to this unit be provided for warm showers, however the enclosed faucet provides you with hot water because that washing dishes, make coffee, or prepare freeze-dried camping foods.

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Battery-Powered Hanging outdoor Shower

Similar to the ahead option, this battery-powered out shower uses you the luxuries the a warm shower in the an excellent outdoors. This unit also features a faucet you can use because that kitchen chores. It’s an investment your fellow campers will certainly appreciate!

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