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Summer is almost here and also I’m prepared for all the summer feels favor grill’n, gatherings and deep-fried foods. Deep fried foodstuffs like these Cheetos Flamin’ warm Crunchy Fried Mac and also Cheese Balls. These space going come be one of your biggest summer hits, so simple to make and perfect for effortless entertaining!

Admittedly, I offered these a test operation last week throughout the basketball championship, due to the fact that game work eats is a large deal around here. If you room a continuous reader here, you understand Matt and also I are always trying come out execute one another. However for this one, we chose to collaborate.

Sure we’ve both make deep-fried mac and cheese balls before, but never prefer this—never through Cheetos Flamin’ warm Crunchy . We space so excited around these because: (1) lock taste fabulous (2) Cheetos Flamin’ warm Crunchy are a on regular basis stocked item in our pantry, for this reason spinning them right into a recipe means we now have actually another way to enjoy them (3) and we are never ever going back to any kind of previous execution of fried mac and cheese.

You deserve to serve these as a enjoy the meal or as an appetizer. I like serving them with a next of blistered and also charred shitsito peppers because they space a present obsession because that Matt, but additionally because that does a great job in ~ balancing the richness of the mac and cheese and the scorched flavor is a good counter-point come the fiery zest of the coating.

I have the right to hardly wait to offer these Cheetos Flamin’ hot Crunchy Fried Mac and Cheese Balls at our Memorial day BBQ. It’s going to be the unstoppable favorite—I’m betting ~ above it!

A couple of notes:

To easily form the mac and also cheese balls, make certain you start with well chilled mac and also cheese therefore it conveniently comes together as you type it.Depending on the size of your pot, deep fried food the mac and cheese balls in batches to avoid over-crowding. Additionally, any type of size pot will certainly work just make sure that the oil level gets rid of the mac and cheese balls at least ¾ of inch.These are ideal served the job they room made, however if castle cool down more than friend prefer, girlfriend can quickly reheat


Cheetos Flamin’ hot Crunchy Cheetos Flamin' warm Zesty Fried Mac and also Cheese Balls


Preparation: Clip a deep fryer thermometer come a huge heavy bottom pan filled through oil over medium high heat. Line a baking paper with paper towels;set aside.

In a large bowl combine the crushed Cheetos Flamin’ warm Crunchy and Panko crumbs. In a little bowl beat together eggs and also milk until simply combined.

Scoop out about 2 heaping tablespoons that mac and cheese and also roll it right into a 2-inch ball. Place formed ball top top a baking sheet. Repeat with remaining mac and also cheese.

Working one in ~ a time, dip mac and cheese balls in the egg mixture, climate dredge it with the Cheetos Flamin’ warm Crunchy and also Panko mixture, pressing to coat.

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Working in batches together needed, gradually lower the balls right into the hot oil and also deep-fry till the Panko crumbs are visibly golden and the coating is crispy, around 1 minute. Transfer to a paper-lined baking sheet.