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Forget eggnog and milk punch—this holiday season is transforming all eyes back to standard hot chocolate and embracing with new trends, indigenous hot cacao bombs (here's how to do those yourself) to the buzzy warm cocoa "charcuterie" board folks are fashioning up to enjoy at home. It's every about turning your quintessential cheese and salami board into a winter act extravaganza, featuring every one of the add-ons, toppings, and also hot coco accouterments one can dream of.

People room going all-out through these warm chocolate-inspired plank this vacation season, and you'd it is in silly to not obtain in top top the festive trend. Start with our favourite homemade hot chocolate mix or slow-cooker hot cocoa recipe and also then usage these five popular hot cacao "charcuterie" boards indigenous Instagram as the ultimate inspiration. 

Peppermint and chocolate walk together favor Dasher and also Dancer—just asking Chick-fil-A and also the raved-about Peppermint Chip Milkshake. Because that this one, snag every little thing peppermint-inspired, from infant mints and also peppermint chips perfect because that popping right into a mug of warm cocoa to peppermint-crusted chocolate stirrers.

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We'll take one of each, please. Everyone has a different marshmallow preference, and also this plank covers all the options. Grab an assortment the flavors and sizes to serve alongside a pot or kettle of warm homemade warm chocolate. 

Caramel and chocolate additionally happen to go together choose Comet and also Cupid. Heat up jarred caramel sauce together with soft caramel chews ~ above the side. They make the tastiest enhancement stirred right into a warm mug of hot cocoa. Biscotti and also sugar cookies room perfect for dipping right into your finished masterpiece. (This Christmas tree-shaped charcuterie plank is on major sale appropriate now.)

When you're looking to pull out all that and some snowballs, this board is the most festive inspo. Fill up your biggest charcuterie plank with chocolate spoons, marshmallows, and assorted toppings. Pirouettes and also wafers are great for stirring and dipping. (Include this adorable snowman marshmallows because that extra pizzazz.)

And then, we have the one that everyone will certainly love the most. Keep toppings straightforward with peppermint poles, marshmallows, and hot chocolate sticks from trader Joe's—because the real stars right here are the Bailey's and also assorted liqueurs and syrups folks get to choose from as add-ons. (Try peppermint, cinnamon, or caramel.)

There's no factor to be low on Christmas cheer this year. Do a hot chocolate board, revolve on a Hallmark movie, and get to celebrating.