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Certification obtainable (optional). Certification is forced in a very couple of places. We can do that if you need it. It prices extra. Ask united state for details if this is a need in your state.

With Certification Compliance: Certification approval obtainable if compelled
Cart body Dimensions: 28” (40" overall) in. Broad x 40” (74” overall) in. Lengthy x 60” in. High
Electrical: 12 volt brake, turn and running lights
Cart Body: Stainless Steel
D.O.T Compliance: D.O.T authorized 1/2 ton suspension. Basic to tow ~ above the highway in ~ a speed.

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Cart Weight: 325 lbs (100 Kg)
Security: Lockable suitcase latch
Pressurized Water: 12V pump
Sinks: dare comes v 1 sink, extra sinks are an optional extra
Quality built In: We develop the ideal carts in the sector
Fresh Water Tank: 5 gallons
Waste Water Tank: 7 gallons
Cooler Storage: 23 x 20 x 22” insulated top entry ice box for over sodas to add meat
Dry Storage: peak side display area plus added under respond to dry warehouse
Propane Tank: 1 x 20 lb tank basket, 2 optional
Gas Regulator: Two phase regulator
Burner: 2 x 17,000 B.T.U burner with adjustable control
Umbrella: 6-1/2 foot high wind umbrella
Steamers: 3 pans 1/3 dimension x 6 inch deep. Tons of capacity
Food tools Summary: Triple steamship Pan
Additional traditional Features: D.O.T authorized 1/2 ton suspension. Basic to tow top top the highway at a speed.
Additional equipment Options: Barbeque, griddle, char-broilerAdditional Sinks. See the Cart alternatives pages for a complete list of optional equipment and cost. These items may slow shipment of cart and also are taken into consideration customized features.
Additional Feature: Quilted stainless as presented on many carts is a $500.00 extra cost option
*We to make reservation the ideal to boost carts and alter specifications without notice. 25% tide on all components returned. Shipping is not refundable on parts returns.

The NYC allows you to take care of the larger crowds, to go beyond an easy with an amazing combination of great capacity at a competitive price. The NYC equates to performance, practicality and brand-new lower price for 2021 that is difficult to beat.


The NYC has actually loads the grunt and also power, combination with famed All American stainless quality. Include capacity, which is the most important thing because that serving crowds. Then, add to the mix, easy handling on and also off the tow vehicle. It handles and uses extremely well even for a beginner. To optimal it off, the is completely commercial quality and we have been building it for 39 years! That"s pretty lot the perfect combo for many catering, event and street locations. It"s no wonder the NYC is together a popular cart. That has been one of our better selling carts everywhere the world.

because that 2021, the NYC to be redesigned through a simpler water system, less moving parts. What this method to you is even far better reliability and also ease the use. The spells far better performance as soon as you need it. It likewise spells a reduced price because that 2021 !


There is not much not to choose in the NYC. This is a actual cart. At this price even the copycats and used carts don’t compe


The only an adverse feedback we have actually heard native anyone about the NYC is that there room some super busy occasions wherein they may have actually wanted a bigger cart. The irradiate weight and easy handling have been major likes and also it’s sturdy, all-stainless body is a good plus.

WHY YOU want THE 2021 NYC:

The NYC is one of the most popular carts of every time in the world. No other cart has done as lot to readjust the way we look in ~ the food cart industry. No other cart has actually earned such a reputation as a time-proven workhorse as the NYC dare by all American. The will never ever let girlfriend down.

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ALL AMERICAN was started in 1972 on the premise that the client is constantly king. We known that the should supply human being with their very own low-cost, reasonably easy come run rewarding business was real.