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The compensation money provided to the winner that the yearly Nathan"s warm Dog Eating challenge is nice, but we all understand the prize of this event is the shameless pride linked with being able to consume one absurd quantity of food in a 10-minute period.

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Chances are, the prize money and the Mustard Belt that comes v it will certainly go come defending men"s Nathan"s warm Dog Eating challenge victor Joey Chestnut yet again. The same have the right to be said for defending women"s champion Miki Sudo.

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With the exemption of 2015, when he was upset through Matt Stonie, the 36-year-old Chestnut has won every men"s edition of the Nathan"s hot Dog eating Contest due to the fact that his very first victory in 2007. ~ above the women"s side, Miki Sudo, 35, has actually a similar streak in place, winning the last 6 contests.

Which means Chestnut and Sudo have racked up solid amounts of compensation money end the last several years from your Nathan"s hot Dog Eating dispute exploits. That"s good, because it enables them to buy every the antacid tablet computers they need.

Below is all you should know about the compensation money for the 2020 Nathan"s hot Dog eating Contest, which because of COVID-19 is being hosted in a private, indoor location rather 보다 its timeless spot on the edge of Surf and also Stillwell methods in Coney Island, N.Y.

Nathan"s hot Dog Eating contest prize money

Major league Eating has not indicated that the compensation money offered to the winner the the 2020 Nathan"s hot Dog Eating dispute will be different than in years past in spite of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

So the winner of both the men"s contest and the women"s dispute will leave brand-new York $10,000 richer.

The linked purse between the men"s and women"s competitions traditionally is $40,000, v each winner earning $10,000. Listed below is the traditional malfunction of the earnings for the top five finishers in every contest.

First place: $10,000Second place: $5,000Third place: $2,500Fourth place: $1,500Fifth place: $1,000

It"s worth noting that each contest in 2020 will function just five rivals rather than the traditional 15 to permit for social distancing between the COVID-19 pandemic. Major league Eating has not announced any type of updates to the payout because that the hot dog eat contest.

From MLE"s release: "This year, the contest will be dedicated to increasing funds for food banks and also to elevating awareness the food financial institution needs. Significant League Eating and individual eaters will certainly make donations come food banks and also use the contest as a platform to to mark the occupational of this organizations."

What is Joey Chestnut"s net worth?

Nobody has actually won an ext Nathan"s hot Dog eating Contests — and also therefore collected an ext prize money from the vain — than Chestnut, a 12-time winner who quiet holds the civilization record of 74 warm dogs and also buns eaten in 10 minutes.

As of critical year, Chestnut"s net worth to be $1.5 million, follow to Celebrity network Worth. Per the site, a top competitive eater choose Chestnut "can quickly earn $250,000 (to) $500,000 per year from prize money and also sponsorships."

Chestnut additionally has his very own line of condiments for warm dogs, brats, sausages, wings and also sandwiches. The products he sells include grilling sauces and also wing sauces.

Nathan"s hot Dog Eating contest list of previous winners

Neither Chestnut no one Sudo set records with their winning performances in critical year"s Nathan"s warm Dog eat Contest, yet they both extended personal streaks. Chestnut has actually won 12 of the critical 13 Nathan"s hot Dog eat Contests ~ above the men"s side, and Sudo has actually won the critical six women"s contests.

Chestnut"s personal best is 74 hot dogs and buns (2018), and also Sudo"s an individual best is 41 warm dogs and buns (2017). Both will complete in the 2020 Nathan"s warm Dog eating Contest.

Below are all of the contest winners dating ago to 2000.

YearWinnerHot dogs eatenTime
2019 men"sJoey Chestnut7110 mins.
2019 women"sMiki Sudo31
2018 men"sJoey Chestnut7410 mins.
2018 women"sMiki Sudo37
2017 men"sJoey Chestnut7210 mins.
2017 women"sMiki Sudo41
2016 men"sJoey Chestnut7010 mins.
2016 women"sMiki Sudo38.5
2015 men"sMatt Stonie6210 mins.
2015 women"sMiki Sudo38
2014 men"sJoey Chestnut6110 mins.
2014 women"sMiki Sudo34
2013 men"sJoey Chestnut6910 mins.
2013 women"sSonya Thomas36.75
2012 men"sJoey Chestnut6810 mins.
2012 women"sSonya Thomas45
2011 men"sJoey Chestnut6210 mins.
2011 women"sSonya Thomas40
2010Joey Chestnut5410 mins.
2009Joey Chestnut6810 mins.
2008Joey Chestnut5910 mins.
2007Joey Chestnut6612 mins.
2006Takeru Kobayashi53.7512 mins.
2005Takeru Kobayashi4912 mins.
2004Takeru Kobayashi53.512 mins.
2003Takeru Kobayashi44.512 mins.
2002Takeru Kobayashi50.512 mins.
2001Takeru Kobayashi5012 mins
2000Kazutoyo Arai2512 mins.

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According to MLE archives, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating challenge has occurred each July 4th in Coney Island, N.Y., due to the fact that 1916, the year Nathan Handwerker opened the restaurant.