Between Mattie finding out she had actually a ragin’ gum infection to Tiffany rushing off to be with her dad in the hospital, last week wasn’t precisely the best for our Party down South-ers. Fortunately, things started to perk up quickly for our vodka-infused friends.


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The night after ~ Tiff leaves, the corridor decides to try to shake your funk through a expedition to Nate’s.

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When friends with benefits get… friendlier

Despite an additional night invested in Hott Dogg’s arms, daddy is adamant the he is just interested in gift friends with benefits. Together such, he makes a large deal about going to the bar. “If there’s any type of marlins below in Biloxi, climate by God they’re going come be in ~ Nate’s… daddy is constantly marlin fishing, always.”

Oh, Daddy. Quit fighting it, dude.

To break the tension, Walt asks Hott Dogg to run so that can give her some swing run pointers. This does no sit well through Daddy, who is clearly totally in love just interested in gift friends through Hott Dogg. The grabs some chick and also spins her approximately haphazardly if staring at Hott Dogg the entire time.

If possible, it’s even more awkward 보다 it sounds. But apparently, it might be a winning tactic because that Daddy — Hott Dogg is entirely turned on by his high school-like jealousy level.

And, uh, things got… horny steamy after ~ that.

Explains SallyAnn Salsano,495 Productions president and also founder and also creator/executive producer of Party down South, “At Nate’s Bar, Daddy and Hott Dogg were grinding so hard on the bar the they practically got kicked out.” Well, meooow.

After also nearly doing the in the ago of the cab, they control to bridle your hormones long enough to to crawl in the bed opposite Mattie — she provides them seven minutes to obtain their business straight, which i think is pretty generous offered Daddy’s past.

The following morning, Daddy has a little of banger’s remorse and swears, “This is simply a friends with benefits situation… over there ain’t no method I’m gettin’ hitched at any time soon.”

On the various other hand, Hott Dogg feeling pretty i was sure they are headed towards a relationship because they had slow sex. Da-da-duuuuuuuuum!

Mattie think this sounds choose a pretty good sign, too, chiming in, “If they get married, I desire to be the finest woman and also instead of throwing flowers, I desire to litter a funnel.” That’s one wedding I’ve acquired to nab an invite to.

Their desires of nuptial redneckedness space cut quick and, prior to you understand it, Tiff is pulling up. Yay for an ext Tiff! She wasn’t even gone a entirety episode and I to let go her. Is the weird? (Just speak no.)

Time for some fun in the sunlight moon

They head come the beach, where they generally have to do things prefer put out beach chairs and also rake sand. Mattie is adorably excited around going top top the Jet Ski or, together she phone call it, a “four-wheeler top top water.”

Walt laments the it’s tough to gain a tan once it is therefore overcast. Apparently, though, there’s nothing for him to tension over. “That’s as soon as you get the ideal tan,” says Tiff. “The sun’s functioning the hardest.” She climate proceeds come tell Walt and also Mattie they room actually looking at the moon, no the sun. Mmm-kay.

Of course, no conversation would certainly be finish without the housemates express Daddy and also Hott Dogg’s romantic status. Walt asks Hott Dogg exactly how she feel and, as soon as she kinda admits she likes Daddy, Tiff tells her Daddy is not searching for a relationship.

In the car on the journey home, the fellas fill Daddy in top top Hott Dogg’s feeling — for this reason he vows no to hook up v her anymore.

He just had to beat the “we’re going to be good buddies” card

About, oh, 5 minutes later, they are back at Nate’s and also Daddy is having actually a tough time maintaining his distance. Either over there is a marlin shortage out there or daddy is hooked ~ above Hott Dogg.

“I think it’s open minded a combination of the two things. There to be girls the end that to be cute, but I think in Daddy’s eyes none were near as delicious together Hott Dogg. He couldn’t take it his eyes far from those fiblets,” states Salsano.

Still, he does a pretty swell job of sobering up when Hott Dogg starts talking feelings. He tries to placed her in the friend zone, informing her, “We’re going to be an excellent buddies” and also “I’m no a dude you desire to date.” Yeesh, that’s sufficient to kill any kind of girl’s lady boner.

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Thankfully, Mattie traction an Oprah and gives she pal one hell the a pep talk.

“Hott Dogg’s gotta uncover Hott Dogg and also be happy through who she is prior to she can make any type of man happy. You gotta believe in yourself, because nobody’s gonna think in friend if friend don’t think in yourself. You have the right to do this, girl, and also then you ain’t gonna need a man, you’re gonna want a guy — and also there’s a difference.”

Whaaa? where in the hell did that come from? Mattie, have the right to we be besties, too, girl?

Mud makes whatever better

The following day, the housemates figure that heading the end to dirt Fest one final time could be just what they should clear the air.

At first glance, everyone is having actually a blast. Over there are human being shotgunning beers, mud wrestling, rolling around in pontoon trucks… it’s redneck euphoria.


Image: CMT

Then daddy starts flirting v a bunch that “snappers” and makes Hott Dogg jealous, for this reason she does the just logical point — she jumps top top the back of the truck and starts twerking.

And, whattya know, it gets the project done. Daddy is conveniently “tractor beamed right into the mothership.” that didn’t take long, either.

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Explains Salsano, “Those tractor beams went into effect pretty conveniently once they acquired to the dirt pit. Hott Dogg started shaking her fiblets in the ago of the truck and Daddy barely observed anything else!”

But points escalate quickly.

“It to be pretty hot and heavy in the bed of that truck,” states Salsano. “Let’s simply say the there were definitely things we couldn’t wait on TV… thankfully, no garments came turn off or they would have been do babies.”

As far as us know, though, no babies were made throughout the filming the this episode. Still, there’s always next week!

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