The wait is finally over. Those of us in the US have actually watched with watering mouths and also empty stomachs as warm Dog Bites Pizza launched very first in Asia, consisting of Japan, China, and South Korea, then UK, climate Australia, climate tantalizingly close, simply over the border in Canada. We listened come fans approximately the world rave around the stuffed-crust-cheesy-mustard-y combo: “the ingredient of dreams” raved one newspaper. “A brand-new level of cook delight” wrote an additional magazine. “Delicious but disgusting-if-you-think-about-it,” cried the buzzpatterson.coms. The roar on society media was also louder, and just when it seemed prefer America would miss out on out on every the fun…it happened.

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This week, Pizza Hut announced that hot Dog Bites pizza will be offered in restaurants nationwide, beginning June 18. Interestingly, what is maybe the many American the pizzas no originate here in the US; the mash-up got its begin in Asia, whereby customers in Thailand, Japan, and also South Korea an initial sampled the cheesy, meaty goodness that is warm dog stuffed crust. In a region where crust excitement is king, warm Dog Stuffed crust seemed like a logical step for stuffed crust fans in the region. From fried chicken strips, seafood, and mashed potato come cream cheese, jalapenos, or apple-cranberry stuffed crusts, warm dog stuffed crust discovered its home among intriguing and also delicious smell combinations.From there, HDSC pizza traveled over to ye olde good Britain, getting to hungry pan in the feather of 2012 through its currently inseparable companion, the mustard drizzle.


As one fan put it, “this hot dog stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut UK is more than likely the many delicious enjoy the meal you can gain in England.” civilization were shocked the this holiest the mash-ups not only tasted great, but likewise that it didn’t come indigenous the united state (which we’re not certain we need to take together a compliment or not). Still, us waited patiently. Our time would certainly surely come.

In possibly among the cruelest twists of fate, the next market to receive hot Dog Stuffed Crust was our cousin to the north, Canada. Tempting together it to be to cross the border trying to find this cheesy goodness—for some of us this was much more realistic 보다 others (looking in ~ you, upstate brand-new York)—the relax was limited to a few months in the autumn of 2012 before disappearing from our plates and also our lives.

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That was almost three years ago. And this year, as Pizza Hut commemorated the 30th anniversary the Stuffed late pizza, plenty of of us looked earlier and wondered to oneself if us would ever before see hot Dog Stuffed Crust arise again. Gone, however not forgotten, we remained faithful that someday, the delicious pairing that a huge 1-topping surrounding by 28 warm Dog Bites would cross the border come the US.