Also read our recap of "Women top top Top,"Hot girls Wanted: rotate On"s look in ~ the erotic photography industry.

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In critical year"s Oscar-winning film La La Land, Mia, a 20-something native Nevada, sings and also dances her means through soul-crushing work of barista work-related until she lastly lands that huge Hollywood break (with a little help from she jazz-obsessed boyfriend) she"s been chasing her whole life. Determination and also swirling colors offsets the indulgent fantasy -- we"re happy to see Mia succeed... At ending up being a rich-and-famous movie star.

As ns watched the third installment of Netflix"s docu-series Hot girl Wanted: turned On, ns wondered: would audiences have actually judged Mia differently if she to be an amateur erotic star looking to make actual money in girl-on-girl videos? Yes, that"s a actual question.

"Owning It" follows three young women who move to Los Angeles for their item of the pornographic pie. Twenty-four-year-old Bailey Rayne, an adult entertainment entrepreneur by day and camgirl by night, is the surrogate mom of their makeshift erotic sorority. Under the roof the a little LA apartment, rented out by your talent agent, man Stevens, the girl swap stories and share trepidations. Eighteen-year-old Bonnie hula-hoops because that the group -- she, favor others, feels comfortable and complimentary for the very first time. Bailey is there because that them every step of the way, parading the girls approximately town for producers, explaining just how to begin LLCs, and also teaching them exactly how to squirt ~ above cue.

The civilization behind Hot girl Wanted: rotate On may be equally conflicted over Belle Knox. While "Owning It" celebrates Bailey and also the various other girls" success and lingers long sufficient on flashes of bare skin come silently identify the very nice of looking in ~ naked young people, the episode additionally concludes with criticism. Bailey is shaded together a little bit of a performance addict, shooting ago vodka during her camer sessions and also watching advice drop into her account choose they"re quarters at a slot machine. Though guided through Bailey, a brief stint in porn transforms Bonnie from innocent hula-hooper who just wanted girl-on-girl jobs to "Kylie Page," a party monster yearn Twitter attention and also prepping because that her an initial girl-guy shoot. Uneven Mia in La La Land, the fantasies of erotic star hopefuls end in the second act.

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And unequal Mia, success because that these girl still bring shame. As they discover when they an initial gather in ~ the house, only Bonnie had actually the courage come tell her mom that she to be leaving residence to seek a career in the adult entertainment industry. She still didn"t tell she father. "That"s no a surprised you may want that to find on his own," Bailey says. It"s a funny moment that reverberates right into a haunting one asHot girls Wantedplays the involved parent.

"Owning It" sheds irradiate on the trials and also tribulations of being a erotic professional, yet until the young ladies of the market are amounts to to budding starlets dreaming of life in La La Land, they"ll never have a real minute in the spotlight. At the beginning of the episode, Bailey steady states: "I to be empowered." Can"t we think her?

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