Age doesn’t slow down comedy legend Betty White, among the funniest and also busiest actresses in Hollywood. With a job spanning much more than 60 years, the seven-time Emmy Award-winner has developed unforgettable duties in television and also film, authored eight books and won plenty of awards, including those for her lifelong pet welfare work. She was named America’s most Appealing Celebrity and also in back-to-back year World’s most Trusted Celebrity by Reuters; she likewise holds a Guinness human being Record under the title “Longest TV Career because that an entertainer (Female).”

White’s an initial comedy collection “Life through Elizabeth” carried her her first Emmy award in 1952, followed by a day-to-day NBC talk/variety present called “The Betty White Show.” She to be a continual with end 70 appearances ~ above “The Jack Paar tonight Show” and appeared top top “The Merv Griffin Show” and also “The Tonight present Starring Johnny Carson.” She likewise subbed as host on all three talk shows. White was a continuous with Vicki Lawrence ~ above “Mama’s Family” as sister Ellen, a duty she created with the remainder of the agency on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

Her recurring function as “Happy Homemaker” Sue Ann Nivens top top the classic series “Mary Tyler Moore” carried two Emmys for outstanding Supporting Actress in the 1974-75 and also 1975-76 seasons. She got her fourth Emmy for impressive Game show Host because that “Just Men!” Nominated seven times for outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy collection for her function as increased Nylund top top “The golden Girls,” White winner the Emmy the an initial season in 1985 and later appeared in the spin-off “The golden Palace” because that one season. She earned her next Emmy award as exceptional Guest Actress in a Comedy collection on “The man Larroquette Show.”

White to be nominated for an Emmy in 2011 for she portrayal of Elka, the snarky yet lovable caretaker ~ above the TV Land collection “Hot in Cleveland,” which she stars on alongside Valerie Bertinelli, mrs Leeves and Wendie Malick. White likewise won back-to-back display screen Actors Guild Awards for superior Performance by a Female actor in a Comedy collection in 2011 and 2012. White’s various other awards include the Career achievement Award in 2009 from the Television critics Association, a Lifetime achievement Award from the woman Goodall institute in 2009, the screen Actors Guild Life success Award in 2010 and a Lifetime success Award in exhilaration in 2010 native the American ladies in Radio and Television. She was voted AP entertainment artist of the Year in 2010 and was provided the Lifetime achievement Award in enhancement to being inducted right into the Broadcasting and also Cable hall of call in 2011.

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The episode of “Saturday Night Live” she hosted in 2010 was one of the highest-rated in the show’s background and earned her an Emmy Award for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, pass White’s Emmy complete to 7 awards. She was also the executive, management producer and also host of the struggle Lifetime series "Off your Rockers."

In addition to charming sports fans with her duty in the popular Snickers commercial presented during the 2010 super Bowl, White has actually guest-starred top top “Ally McBeal,” “That "70s Show,” “Boston Legal” and also "The Middle" and also received a People"s choice Awards nomination because that guesting ~ above NBC’s “Community.” She was additionally nominated in 1997 because that an Emmy together a guest actress ~ above “Suddenly Susan.”

Her numerous television movies incorporate “Chance the a Lifetime,” “Stealing Christmas,” “Annie’s Point” and “The shed Valentine,” because that which she got yet one more Emmy nomination. White likewise hosted the new Year’s Day competition of Roses Parade for twenty years and the Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade for 10 years. She big-screen credits include the Warner Bros. Hit “The Proposal,” through Sandra Bullock and also Ryan Reynolds, and also “You Again,” “Bringing under the House,” “The Story that Us,” “Lake Placid” and “Hard Rain.”

Her eight books include “If girlfriend Ask Me: (And of food You Won’t)” (2011), the audiobook of i beg your pardon earned White a Grammy Award for Best spoken Word Recording. “Betty & Friends: my Life in ~ the Zoo” to be released in November 2011. A passionate support of pet health and also welfare, White was named Chairman of the better Los Angeles Zoo Association and has served on the board because 1974 and as a Zoo Commissioner because that eight years. In 2006, White to be honored by the City of Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Zoo together “Ambassador to the Animals” for her lifelong pet welfare work. White likewise serves as President Emeritus the Morris Animal structure and has been a trustee because 1971.

She was married because that 18 years to Allen Ludden, host of the game display “Password,” until his fatality in 1981. White resides in Brentwood, CA, through her golden Retriever Pontiac.

Jane Leeves has actually made her mark in the entertain world, acting in television, theater and also film end the previous 20 years. Leeves stars as pleasure Scroggs ~ above the TV Land collection “Hot in Cleveland.” The sitcom complies with three fabulous friends indigenous Los Angeles (Valerie Bertinelli, Leeves and also Wendie Malick) whose Paris-bound airplane is forced to make an emergency landing in Cleveland. After finding out that they’re still “hot” in Cleveland, they decision to relocate there and also start end together; they rental a Victorian residence that comes with a sharp-tongued caretaker played by Betty White.

TV audiences know Leeves indigenous the hit television series “Frasier,” on which she played Daphne Moon, the warmhearted physical therapist native Manchester, England. The component won she a screen Actors Guild Award and nominations because that both one Emmy Award and also a golden Globe. She is likewise known for her recurring duty as Marla penny on “Seinfeld” and as Audrey, the girlfriend of mile Silverberg top top the struggle television series “Murphy Brown.” Leeves has appeared on a multitude of various other television shows consisting of “Desperate Housewives,” “The Starter Wife,” “20 good Years” and also “Misconceptions.”

She graced the world of theater starring as Sally Bowles in the Roundabout production of “Cabaret” top top Broadway. In addition, Leeves deserve to be watched in Eric Idle’s stage shows “What around Dick?” and also “An Evening there is no Monty Python.” Leeves has also lent she voice to miscellaneous animated television collection including “The Penguins that Madagascar,” “Phineas and also Ferb” and “The Simpsons” and the significant motion picture “James and also the giant Peach.” Leeves likewise appeared in the movie “Music that the Heart,” i beg your pardon co-starred Meryl Streep.

Leeves is no stranger to honors. In June 2011, she -- together with co-stars Bertinelli, Malick and also White -- was presented the key to the city that Cleveland by the mayor. Earlier that year, “Hot in Cleveland” to be nominated because that a display screen Actors Guild award for superior Performance by one Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

She stays in Los Angeles v her husband and also two children.

An adored actress, Valerie Bertinelli’s long and celebrated career has increased to include equally beloved duties as a TV personality, spokesperson and also best-selling author. She stars as Melanie Moretti ~ above TV Land’s hit sitcom “Hot in Cleveland.” The sitcom complies with three fabulous friends indigenous Los Angeles (Bertinelli, mrs Leeves and Wendie Malick) who Paris-bound airplane is required to do an emergency landing in Cleveland. After learning that they’re still “hot” in Cleveland, they decision to move there and also start over together; they rent a Victorian house that comes through a sharp-tongued caretaker played by Betty White.

Bertinelli has actually shared in countless honors. In 2011, “Hot in Cleveland” was nominated because that a display screen Actors Guild award for exceptional Performance by one Ensemble in a Comedy Series. In June that that exact same year, Bertinelli -- along with co-stars Leeves, Malick and also White -- was presented through the key to the city the Cleveland through the mayor. In respectable 2012, she obtained her star top top the Hollywood to walk of Fame.

In 2007, she dared to overcome the Rubicon of weight and body image, declaring publicly, “I’m fat!” and complicated herself to lose weight. Lo and behold, she not only lost more than 40 pounds, but likewise realized new and impressive success together the challenge of Jenny Craig, writer The new York time number one best-seller “Losing It: and also Gaining mine Life earlier One pound at a Time” and inspired millions of civilization to shot to come to be their best and healthiest selves. In 2009, she wrote a follow-up, “Finding It: and also Satisfying mine Hunger because that Life.” Valerie likewise released a fitness DVD entitled “Losing It and also Keeping Fit” at the finish of that year. In October 2012, she released a cookbook dubbed “One food at A Time,” a play on the surname of the TV show that an initial made her a household name.

As among Hollywood’s brightest and most-liked young talents, Bertinelli helped develop and also produce and starred in the very rated TV movies "I to be a letter Order Bride" and "The Seduction that Gina." She stayed exceptionally busy as among prime time’s go-to actresses because that movies and miniseries including “Silent Witness,” “Shattered Vows,” Judith Krantz’s “I’ll take Manhattan,” “Rockabye,” “Murder that Innocence,” “In a children Name,” “What She no Know,” “Pancho Barnes,” “Ultimate Betrayal,” “Two mother for Zachary” and also “Night Sins.” She co-starred in “True Confessions that a Hollywood Starlet” and also guest-starred top top “Boston Legal” in a component David E. Kelley wrote especially for her. Her other forays right into the television people include certification for 2 years ~ above the hit collection “Touched by an Angel,” “Cafe Americain” and “Sydney,” which she additionally executive-produced. A two-time golden Globe-winner, she do her exhilaration debut in TV commercials, public company announcements and also the TV series “Apple’s Way” before landing her huge break at period 14 as Barbara on “One Day at a Time,” Norman Lear’s 1975 acclaimed series about a divorced mom raising her two daughters. The collection ran ~ above CBS for nine years, finishing in 1984.

Bertinelli has additionally served as a correspondent because that the “Rachael beam Show.” Bertinelli’s best and favorite production, though, is her son Wolfgang, who achieved his own fame as the bassist because that the legendary rock group Van Halen on your 2007-2008 north American tour.

She has ongoing to aid and accumulate millions of civilization through her job-related with Jenny Craig, also being recognized by human being Magazine for she stunning “bikini bod” in ~ 48 years old. Her website continues to chronicle her journey both physically and also professionally. Bertinelli stays in Los Angeles with her husband Tom.

Wendie Malick stars as previous soap star actress Victoria chase on TV Land’s struggle sitcom “Hot in Cleveland.” The series follows 3 fabulous friends from Los Angeles (Valerie Bertinelli, mrs Leeves and Malick) who Paris-bound airplane is compelled to make an emergency landing in Cleveland. After finding out that they’re quiet “hot” in Cleveland, they decision to relocate there and also start over together; they rental a Victorian home that comes v a sharp-tongued caretaker played by Betty White.

For seven seasons, Wendie Malick starred together Nina van Horn, the outrageous ex-model and fashion editor ~ above the hit NBC sitcom “Just shooting Me!,” a role that earned her a gold Globe nomination and also two Emmy nominations. She climate joined the final season that “Frasier” together Ronnie Lawrence (Frasier’s stepmother). Other collection roles encompass “Big Day,” “Good Company” and HBO’s groundbreaking comedy “Dream On” (for which she received four CableACE Awards). Malick has additionally guest-starred on “CSI,” “The X-Files,” “L.A. Law,” “NYPD Blue,” “Seinfeld,” “Cybil” and “Law & Order,” come name just a few. She starred in plenty of movies because that television including “Take mine Advice” (playing both Ann Landers and also Abby valve Buren), “Hello Sister, good-bye Life,” “Will You merry Me?,” “Apollo 11,” “Dynasty: The Miniseries,” “Paper Dolls” and “North coast Fish” in a role she source on the stage.

Malick’s function film credits incorporate “Adventureland,” “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” “Racing Stripes,” “The American President,” “The Emperor’s new Groove,” “Jerome,” “On Edge,” “Trojan War,” “Bugsy,” “A little Sex,” “Funny about Love,” the cult standard “Mr. Mike’s Mondo Video,” “The Goods,” “Alvin and also the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel,” “I to be a saturday Grade Dragon Slayer,” “About 50” and “After every These Years” because that the Hallmark Channel.

Malick’s theatrical Off-Broadway credits incorporate “North coast Fish” and “Burleigh Grimes.” In Los Angeles, Malick showed up in Victor Bumbalo"s “Questa” and Oliver Hailey"s “Round Trip,” because that which she obtained an artistic Director"s award nomination as finest Lead Actress. Likewise in Los Angeles, she showed up in “The Vagina Monologues,” “Santaland Diaries” and also Steve Martin’s “The Underpants.” Her local theater credits encompass “The Guys” (Studio Arena), “Don’t blame Me, i Voted for Helen Gahagan Douglas” (Wooly Mammoth) and “Blithe Spirit” (Williamstown).

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Malick has actually shared in countless honors. In June 2011, she -- along with "Hot in Cleveland" co-stars Bertinelli, Leeves and White -- was presented with the crucial to the city that Cleveland by the mayor. “Hot in Cleveland” was likewise nominated because that a display Actors Guild award for outstanding Performance by one Ensemble in a Comedy series in 2011. In 2000, Malick to be honored by women in Film as "A woman of Vision" along with Tipper Gore, Gwen Ifill and Roseanne Barr. She is on the plank of director of both the ecological Media Association and the an imaginative Coalition (which lobbies because that the arts), the board of proponents for plan Parenthood (which honored her in 2006 together a “Champion the Choice”) and the Advisory plank of The Humane society through your charitable gift fund "A autumn in the Bucket." In addition, she and also her husband Richard Erickson support a medical center in the Congo. They live in the Santa Monica hills with two horses and also a dog.