This bubbly hot Mexican street corn (elote recipe turn off the cob) dip is creamy, cheesy and a bit spicy. Make it v fresh sweet corn for the most amazing flavors! it is the absolute ideal Mexican street corn dip friend will ever before try.

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There room no words that can define just exactly how amazing this mexican street corn dip is. However alas, i shall try! Let"s view if I have the right to do that justice.

It every starts through fresh corn on the cob kernels roasted through some chopped jalapeños then tossed through sour cream, mexican crema, mayo, miscellaneous cheeses, chili powder and also lime juice. Topped with shredded pepper jack cheese. When you traction it indigenous the stove it is hot, bubbling and also delicious!


Serve it v tortilla chips. It makes the perfect appetizer to this barbacoa tacos, blackened ko fish tacos and also chicken tinga tacos. Basically, it"s great to serve through tacos!

It reheats really easily, so you can enjoy it all week long and serve it through multiple dinners. That is, if there is any left!

This warm corn dip is an easy means to do elote in ~ home but as a shareable, dinner table appetizer the whole family can enjoy. Everyone loves a great dip!


Mexican Street Corn Vs. Elote Vs. Esquites

I"ll start with a little back story that what mexican street corn is and I"m not advertising to it is in the world"s greatest resource on the exact history but I"ll share what i know.

Mexican street corn much more traditionally walk by the surname Elote. Elote in spanish method corn and the well-known elote from street vendors and restaurants is grilled corn top top the cob, slathered in mayo, mexican crema, chili powder and also cheeses. It"s amazing.

Esquites, is the surname it go by as soon as the kernels are removed, for this reason elote in a cup. Elote en vaso is the correct term.


Hot mexican Street Corn emboldened Ingredients

corn top top the cob - new is best if girlfriend can acquire itjalapeños - to add spice to the dipoil/butter - because that sautéing the corn and jalapeñossour creammexican crema - not as acidic together sour cream, this is type of choose sour cream and also cream in one, if friend can"t obtain mexican crema then you have the right to use all sour cream however it"s encourage to usage cremamayonaiselime juicecotija cheese - cotija cheese is a salty, crumbly mexican cheese (sort of choose a parmesan)queso fresco - a mexican cheese that has actually a soft texture and also subtle flavorchili powderchicken broth - only if necessary, if her dip looks to special you might need a splash the this or if you desire a diluent dippepper jack cheese

How to Make warm Mexican Street Corn Dip

Start by cutting off the kernels indigenous the corn ~ above the cob. And dice the jalapeños, remove any kind of seeds. Saute every one of this with a drizzle that oil in a pan, to obtain it nice and warm. 5 minute is every it needs.

Pour this right into a big bowl and add everything else! line it every together and also pour right into a baking dish. Optimal it with pepper jack cheese and also let it get hot and bubbly in the oven.

Serve with chips!



Can I use frozen corn?

Yes. It will certainly be around 3 1/2 cup of frozen corn, since this recipe uses fairly big corn top top the cob. Scoop out what you need and let that thaw, shot to drainpipe out as lot liquid and also wetness as possible on a file towel.

Dinner Ideas

Looking for dinner ideas to make through this warm mexican street corn dip? Tacos room my favorite point to have this with. The tacos room a little bit healthier and also a pretty balance come this indulgent dip. Girlfriend can"t walk wrong through barbacoa tacos, chicken street taco or chicken tinga tacos.

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If friend want an ext side dish choices or appetizers to fill up the table, or because that a party then I"d go with pico de gallo (or this pineapple avocado salsa), tomatillo salsa or this 10 minute avocado and also corn salad. The one is technically called a salad but it additionally works to dip chips into.