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Making a Murderer is the hottest thing on Netflix right now and also the hottest thing buzzed about online… but who is the hottest person in do a Murderer you ask? great question. The conflict that has almost ruined thousands of friendships have the right to now be put to rest, v this, the definitive list of the optimal 10 many Attractive human being in Making a Murderer.

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Sure judging human being by their looks while your eyes space tearing up from crooked justice isn’t easy, but it had to be done. Obtain ready to it is in the king that your following tv dinner party. You’re welcome.

10. The smoking cigarettes Girl

Lean. Ginger. Winter cute. Girlfriend pretty much simply see her smoking in different scenes. She additionally drinks hill Dew.

9. Richard Mahler

The Steven Avery juror, that was dismissed from the jury (allegedly because his mam demanded the come home), doesn’t appear until episode nine the Making a Murderer. He is tall and has every his hair and has a landlocked beach bum Jack Kerouac point going. Would make a good soil or nature model. That’s sufficient to gain him the number 9 spot.

8. Steven Avery



Though he frequently resembles one otter through curious, and also probably innocent, blue eyes, Steven Avery no seem choose a hottie at all, till we capture this courtroom glimpse the him in ~ 6:20 in the finale episode. This stylish fratboy carry out is so Robert Redford. Anyone is act his hair in prison, stay WITH lock STEVEN.

7. Barb Janda (Brendan Dassey’s Mother) Barb is seen right here in episode 4 in what was more than likely the most stylish blouse in the whole documentary. This rural blond is a real looker, but it’s her heartfelt phone call chats through her incarcerated son, Brendan, that show she is the finish package.

Barb can also do she hair straight.

6. Jodi Stachowski

She has actually this whole “female Brett Michaels” thing about her that has all the men’s root hard. It to be heartbreaking to see that her love with Steven didn’t host up, but UPDATE she is currently listed as solitary on her facebook page.

Jodi today…

5. Dean Strang

A modern day Atticus Finch, this sweet gent proves that SMART IS SEXY. By the finish of this film even straight males can’t help but desire to bone this lighthouse of great sense, even though he seems prefer he most likely doesn’t talk throughout sex, or if he does the totes in courtroom layout “Who’s your Daddy? have the right to you please state for the court who your dad is?”

4. Stephanie valve Groll

Though she doesn’t behind her head until the last episode together the victim of Calumet ar D.A. Ken Kratz’s dirty texts, Stephanie van Groll has the girl next door vibe that every male covets.

3. Ryan Hillegas

Teresa Halbach’s ex is a paler Lance Armstrong, with a beady sexy watch in his eyes. He kinda has that Punxsutawney Phil thing happening. And let’s it is in honest, the theory that the ‘may have done it’ renders him also hotter.

Ryan today…

Oh no! the deer’s life may be in danger. So hot.

2. Aaron Keller

Wayyy too good looking because that this documentary. And for the state that Wisconsin in general.

The “Silver Fox” Aaron Keller bring away the cake! Keller, operated at NBC26 in green Bay indigenous 2004 come 2007. After stops at various other TV stations, he went top top to acquire his law degree and he’s currently an English/Communications professor in ~ NHTI, Concord’s community College in new Hampshire. I bet a lot of Wisconsin inmates would have much rather have this slice of sex show up in prison than Avery or Dassey.

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1. Angenette Levy

With to mark looks and striking questions, Angenette Levy made a lot of males pause their party watching come ‘deliberate’ themselves. The no-BS reporter was a basic assignment reporter at green Bay’s WFRV-TV native 2004 to 2010. She’s been at WKRC-TV in Cincinnati because leaving Wisconsin. She is the HOTTEST human being in Making a Murderer.

But if any of you bros room looking come score a day with Angenette you far better make your relocate soon:

Angenette Today

But if you’re interested in scoring a day with Angenette, better make her move…